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Chapter 583 - the Little Demon King appeared

Chapter 583: Chapter 583 the Little Demon King appeared

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The servant knew that he had misunderstood, he explained in fear and trepidation, “It’s not like that, Young Master Rong… We just saw that the young commander refused to drink milk and were worried that something might have happened to him. In desperation, Madam agreed to let us try to stuff the pacifier into the young commander’s mouth and force the milk into his mouth for him to drink… but that’s all. Even if you lend us ten guts, we wouldn’t dare to hurt the young commander in the slightest…”

It was not unreasonable for the servants to be terrified. Young Master Rong was proud and arrogant. If he really got angry, he would destroy the world to dissipate his anger.

Now, if he did not explain clearly, it was hard to guarantee that young master Rong would not throw all of them into the sea in a fit of anger!

Hearing this, the gloomy look on young master Rong’s face gradually turned into an expressionless face. At least they were tactful. If they really dared to do anything to his son while he was away.., he could not guarantee that those people would still be able to see the Sun tomorrow and Breathe Fresh Air.

He snorted coldly and Strode into the nursery.

When Grandfather Rong and Jiang Peihua saw Luo Anning come in, they immediately let out a sigh of relief, but at the same time, they felt relieved, “Anning girl, it’s good that you’re back! Hurry up and coax little handsome. He hasn’t had milk for a whole day, so don’t make any mistakes with his body!”

Finally, there was someone who could control this family’s precious baby.

“Little handsome, Mommy’s Back!”Just as she walked into the nursery and followed the path that the servants automatically made way for her, she quickly walked to the side of the rocking bed and half-knelt by the bed, looking at the tender and fair precious baby.

Luo Anning’s mind was completely focused on that child. She didn’t hear what grandfather Rong and Jiang Peihua were talking about at all. She reached out to pick him up, but just as her hand was about to touch him, she suddenly retracted it.

The little guy saw the familiar mummy and his little face that had been smelly for the whole day finally eased up a little. His dark eyes stared at Luo Anning for more than ten seconds before his little mouth suddenly opened, he closed his eyes and started crying at the top of his lungs.

That loud and clear cry was so powerful that it almost blew the roof off!

Luo Anning was stunned for a moment, then her heart started to Clench, her mouth kept coaxing, “Baby, Don’t cry anymore. Isn’t mommy already back? Don’t Cry Anymore, okay? Mommy’s feeling terrible. Can you stop making a scene? Drink your milk.”

The little fellow didn’t buy it and cried until his heart was torn apart.

Luo Anning stood up anxiously. She wanted to wash her hands and change her clothes. The Little Fellow’s immunity wasn’t as good as an adult’s, so she couldn’t be easily contaminated by the gray layer and bacteria. Otherwise, she would get sick.

Just as she stood up, she saw that the room was full of servants. She frowned and said in a deep voice, “Leave three people to serve. The rest of you can leave.”

After that, she looked at grandfather Rong and Jiang Peihua. She glanced at little handsome, who was still crying, and said to the two of them, “Grandfather, mother, please comfort little handsome first. I’m going to wash my hands and change into clean clothes. I’ll come over immediately.”

Grandfather Rong nodded. “Go.”

Jiang Peihua said, “We’ll pacify little handsome. Don’t worry too much. Take your time. Once he’s back, little handsome will be fine.”

Luo Anning ran back to the bedroom to change. When Young Master Rong came in, he saw that the maid had not left yet. He frowned again and looked at his crying son. His eyes and nose were red from crying, and his little body was still twitching, that look was so heart-wrenching.

His heart was aching.

Young Master Rong was filled with regret at that moment. Look at what a bastard he had done. He had stayed for one more day for his own selfish desires and let his son suffer so much!

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