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Chapter 584 - the Little Devil had just appeared

Chapter 584: Chapter 584 the Little Devil had just appeared

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At this moment, Young Master Rong was filled with regret. Look at what he had done. He had actually stayed for one more day for his own selfish desires, causing his son to suffer so much.

“Who told you all to squeeze in? Can’t you see that there’s no place to stay? How much carbon dioxide would be spewed out by so many people squeezing in here? Do you know how many bacteria will grow if the air isn’t flowing? Are all of you deaf? Retreat immediately!”The anger in his heart.., young Master Rong naturally wouldn’t vent it on himself. Ideally, he would roar at this group of frantic servants.

Hearing Young Master Rong’s angry roar, the servants acted as if they were facing a great enemy and immediately scattered like birds and beasts. They only followed Luo Anning’s instructions and left behind three experienced servants to serve them at any time.

On this end, the crying little handsome heard the low roar and his crying was immediately covered. The little guy opened his red eyes and looked at his father with his black eyes. For a moment, he forgot that he had to continue crying.

As soon as the servants left, Young Master Rong walked to the French window and opened a small crack. As it was winter, it was extremely cold outside and the temperature in the room was constant all year round, the servants were afraid that the cold wind would pour in if they opened the window, therefore, the window door was tightly shut.

The air in the room was really turbid!

Fresh cold wind poured in from the small gap and flowed out from the door. In a moment, the air in the room began to gradually become fresh.

After opening the window, Young Master Rong turned around. When he saw that his son was no longer crying or making a scene, he fixed his gaze on himself and was delighted.

Heh, this kid didn’t raise him for nothing. He actually knew his father! And he even gave his son so much face. As soon as his father stepped out, he immediately stopped crying.

Young Master Rong’s pride and fatherly love arose spontaneously in his heart. There was also this tendency of swelling up. On the other side.., jiang Peihua cried out in a low voice, “Little handsome, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Isn’t mommy coming back already? Let’s not cry anymore. Be Good. Mommy will come to accompany you in a while.”

Along with Jiang Peihua’s voice was the familiar wailing sound.

Rong Shaojun’s proud expression had yet to be removed when his face turned black again. His long and narrow eyes looked at his crying son. You Little Brat, were you playing with me just now?

He took a few steps forward and wanted to see that person’s timid but not timid son. Before he could reach out to touch him, his arm was knocked to the side by a palm. Young master rong growled in annoyance, “Grandpa, what are you doing?”

He was already so old, yet he still casually hit him with his palm. There were still servants here!

Moreover, he was humiliated in front of his son!

How could he establish his father’s prestige in front of his son in the future!

“What are you doing? Of course, you’re not allowed to touch little handsome!”Old Master Rong blew his beard and glared at him. “Look at you. Little handsome cried even more when you came here, so don’t even think about touching him! “If your delicate voice breaks from crying, let’s see how you’ll pay for it!”

“I’m your grandson! How can you hit your own grandson like that?”Master Rong growled in dissatisfaction.

What was a grandfather? It was a classic case of having a great-grandson, and a grandson was nothing!

“I’m still your grandfather, so what if I hit you?”Master Rong’s face was stern, and he glared at him with an expression that said, “If you don’t like it, hit me back.”.

Young Master Rong was furious. There was no need to provoke people like that! He knew that he wouldn’t be unfilial enough to hit him back, Alright?

At some point in time, the little guy who was crying happily in the rocking bed gradually stopped. His black eyes looked at the grandfather and grandson who were arguing by the bed. The more he looked at them, the more interesting they became. In the end, he actually raised his two delicate arms.., his small palms started to slap them repeatedly.

His handsome little face had curved brows and eyes. His small mouth cracked into a giggle.

That laughter was as clear and melodious as a silver bell. It made the grandfather and grandson who were bickering instantly freeze.

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