Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 582 - the Little Devil has just appeared  

Chapter 582: Chapter 582 the Little Devil has just appeared

Looking at the frozen smiles on grandfather Rong and Jiang Peihua’s faces, the servants cried out in their hearts, young madam, come back quickly! We need you! The young commander needs you even more!

The little one did not cry, did not make a fuss, and did not drink milk. Jiang Peihua was very helpless. After teasing and coaxing for a day, she still refused to drink. If this continued, what should she do?

Grandfather Rong looked at his precious great-grandson’s disdainful look and made up his mind. He stomped his cane and said, “Give me the phone to an ning. I’ll tell her personally.”

Butler Zhang did not dare to hesitate. Although he sympathized with the young Madam’s hardships from pregnancy to childbirth, she and Young Master Rong went on vacation. It was to enjoy the two of them and relax at the same time. At such a time, he should not have disturbed the two of them, however, the situation now forced him to make a call!

The call was quickly picked up. Old Master Rong informed Luo Anning of the little fellow’s situation in a few sentences. It was exactly what he had thought. He could not stay for even a moment longer and said that he would be back soon.


The entire night at Rong residence was as bright as day. In the entire manor, no one dared to rest. They were all tensed up and did not dare to slack off.

When the sky slightly lit up, the guard at Rong residence called the inner room and said that young master Rong and Young Madam had already returned home.

After hearing this news, the sleepy people all perked up.

Once they got out of the car, Luo Anning rushed upstairs without caring about her image. Young Master Rong followed behind and carefully held her hand, afraid that she would suddenly fall or hit it.

“Anning, don’t worry. Little handsome will be fine. He just misses his mother. He won’t really starve himself.”He tried to comfort his anxious wife.

Luo Anning was deeply worried, her footsteps quickened. “If we didn’t have to stay for another day, little handsome wouldn’t be so stubborn and refuse to drink milk… it’s been an entire day, and he’s still just a baby. I really don’t dare to imagine the consequences…”

Young Master Rong pursed his lips. Compared to her obvious worry, he wasn’t feeling any better.

Even though he was criticizing the little guy for taking over his wife, he was still his biological son after all. It was the crystallization of his love with Luo Anning’s blood. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t worried or worried if he didn’t love her!

However, he was a grown man. If even he was anxious and confused, what would Luo Anning do?

Who would properly take care of her?

Their footsteps were fast, and neither of them spoke. Just as they reached the corridor, a servant rushed out from the nursery and saw the two of them walking towards each other, she was so excited that it was as if she saw her savior. “Young Master Rong, Young Madam, you’re finally back!”

Luo Anning was in a hurry to enter the nursery as she asked her son about the situation. “Where’s Little Shuai? How’s the situation?”

The servant followed suit and replied, “Little handsome hasn’t had any milk for a whole day. He sleeps most of the time. When he wakes up, he’s not happy to not see you. He doesn’t laugh no matter how you tease him. No matter how much you coax him, he won’t drink any milk… Old Master and Madam can’t do anything to him either. Now That You’re back, little handsome will definitely drink milk. This is great!”

“Forced?”Hearing these two words, young master Rong immediately frowned. His handsome face was filled with dark clouds.

These people were so bold. They actually dared to force his son. were they pouring it into the little guy’s mouth that was not even as big as his finger?

Thinking of this possibility, young master Rong’s face became even more gloomy. It was as if a storm was coming.

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