Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 581 - the Little Devil had just appeared  

Chapter 581: Chapter 581 the Little Devil had just appeared

Seeing his wife’s anxious look, Rong Yan hugged her and patted her back gently, coaxing her, “Don’t worry, we’ll go back immediately. With mom and grandfather around, nothing will happen to Little Shuai…”

“I hope so…”


Rong mansion.

In the incomparably luxurious nursery, there was a snow-white handsome boy on the crib. Although his facial features were not fully developed, one could already tell from his brows that he was a handsome young master who could charm thousands of young girls.

Beside the crib, the old man Rong, who was still dignified and domineering despite his age, and the elegant Jiang Peihua, as well as butler Zhang and a group of servants, surrounded the crib tightly, their faces were filled with helplessness, anxiety, and worry.

Even the old man Rong, who had been the overlord of the Shang family for decades, could not do anything in front of this pink-like baby great-grandson. His old face was wrinkled with worry.

“Aiyo, my baby, why aren’t you drinking milk? Ah? My good grandson, you have to be good. Just drink a little, okay? Here, let me feed you.”Jiang Peihua took the warm milk bottle from the servant’s hand, she carefully put the pacifier to his little red mouth and looked at him with anticipation.

Just like that, little handsome could give him a sip of milk as if he was giving face to his mother.

Who would have thought that Little Shuai would lazily pull his drooping eyes away a little. He glanced at the people surrounding the bed and finally glanced at the pacifier on the side of his mouth. He stared at it for three seconds.

It was these three seconds that gave grandfather Rong and Jiang Peihua Hope. Grandfather Rong stomped his cane and turned to Jiang Peihua excitedly and joyfully. “Our Little Shuai is so obedient. Isn’t he going to drink it now?”

“That’s right. An Ning’s son is the same as her. He’s very sensible and adorable!”Jiang Peihua smiled and secretly let out a sigh of relief.

It was good that the little guy was willing to drink milk. Otherwise, after starving for an entire day, something would definitely happen to his body.

For the entire day, everyone was helpless against this little baby. He didn’t drink and forced the pacifier into his little mouth to let him drink it. In the end, he drank it, but in less than two seconds.., the little guy was so arrogant that he spat it all out.

Suddenly, when he saw that the pacifier still wanted to be stuffed into his mouth, he opened his little mouth and cried out loud.

This cry scared grandfather Rong and Jiang Peihua!

This little guy didn’t like to cry since he was born. If Luo Anning was present, she would give him face and reveal a few sweet smiles from time to time.

However, if he left Luo Anning, what else would go against his wishes? The little fellow would not give him any face and would cry at the top of his lungs!

No matter how much he tried to coax him, no matter how much he begged, if he did not give him face, he would not give him face.

He would cry when he wanted to, and he would not stop when he was in a bad mood!

Unless Mama personally coaxed him..

“That’s great, Madam still has a way. The young commander is finally willing to drink milk…”butler Zhang and the servants said excitedly.

Just as everyone was still immersed in the tormenting young marshal was finally willing to drink milk, the handsome little guy turned his head, pouted his little mouth, and closed his black eyes with extreme disdain.

It was so quiet that a needle dropped to the ground could cause a storm.

The servants gasped. Butler Zhang nervously pulled the white gloves on his hand, but the young marshal still refused to drink it? He didn’t give face to anyone? However, a child would drink milk even if he was hungry. This was something that didn’t require much thought. Why was it so difficult to serve the young commander?

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