Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 49 - Setting Luo Xinya Up (2)

Chapter 49: Setting Luo Xinya Up (2)

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There were two whole pages to the report and a few photos were attached in the article, some of which were of Luo Xinya stripping herself down and walking towards the man in front of her in a luxurious office, with a lustful expression on her face.

There were also some photos of Luo Xinya being brought away mercilessly by some men in black who dragged her away from the office to the entrance of Baina International. She was photographed stark naked in a pathetic state.

Rong Yan’s face was blurred out in the photo. However, the luxurious decor of the office as well as the prestigious office tower of Baina International was valid proof.

Luo Xinya was in low spirits. Apart from her private areas, the rest of her body could be seen clearly because they were not censored.

Luo Anning was extremely perturbed about the photo of Luo Xinya in the office. She could not figure out how it came about since there was no one else in the office apart from Luo Xinya, Rong Yan and herself. She reckoned that Luo Xinya would not be so silly as to take photos of herself.

Besides, the angle did not seem right either. At the time when the photo was taken, Luo Xinya was just about to seduce Rong Yan and hence, there was no time for her to take the photo at all.

However, she was extremely satisfied after she read the reports and thought to herself, Mo Qiange’s friend is really reliable!

He has expressed everything I wanted to!

The reports caused an uproar amongst the citizens and Luo Xinya’s reputation was greatly ruined, especially since she was the daughter of a wealthy man and a public figure.

Luo Xinya smashed everything in sight when she was reading the reports at home. Luo Zhiquan flew into a rage and rushed home to teach her a lesson while Li Yulan persuaded him not to, even though she chided her too.

Chaos broke out in the Luo Family home all of a sudden.

Luo Xinya’s management agency was panicking as well. Her mobile phone was flooded with missed calls from her manager and the agency had no choice but to release a public clarification.

They clarified that the matter was not true and that the photos could have been photoshopped by Luo Xinya’s haters because technology is so advanced now after all. They requested that the public be fair to Luo Xinya before the truth came to light.

Members of society proceeded to berate and criticize Luo Xinya on the internet for being shameless. Many also shared the reports and circulated them.

There were also some members of the professional photo industry who stood up to say that the photos had not been digitally altered.

There were also some netizens who claimed to have passed by the Baina International office tower on the day of the incident and caught sight of the naked Luo Xinya being thrown out of the building.

Luo Xinya’s fans actively defended her against the criticism.

In the end, the accounts of the fans got hacked at night and there were no longer traces of them on the internet.

Luo Xinya became a viral topic in Asia because of her scandal which caused her to become the subject of hate and criticism. There were even some netizens who petitioned for Luo Xinya to cut her wrist in order to atone for her mistakes.

Rong Yan and Luo Anning suddenly became an enviable model couple, all because of Rong Yan’s ability to remain composed and loyal to his marriage despite being faced with a gorgeous babe who was throwing herself at him!

On that night, Rong Yan returned to Luxury Mansion. Luo Anning spoke to him in a nice manner and asked, “Young Master Rong, who was the one who took those photos of Luo Xinya when she was in your office that night? The angle is very professional!”

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