Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 48 - Setting Luo Xinya Up (1)

Chapter 48: Setting Luo Xinya Up (1)

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“I… I didn’t.” Luo Anning cringed and tried to dodge the kiss.

“Luo Anning, you did.” Rong Yan’s body was burning hot and he was pressing his body tightly against hers while she quivered.

“I didn’t do it on purpose, I’m sorry… ”

Fine, it was indeed my fault. I should not have provoked him first. I should be fine since I apologized.


Rong Yan did not stop. Instead, he kissed her forehead, brows, nose and chin.

“Rong Yan, don’t do this. I was wrong, alright?” Luo Anning felt like crying, for she did not expect to get into such trouble after drinking some alcohol.

“Luo Anning, have I ever told you before that you’re very fragrant and soft?” Rong Yan asked smilingly while grabbing her face.

“No… you haven’t.”

Oh dear, must he be so shocking? He is always so angsty and easily frustrated. It is really rare for him to be so gentle. How astonishing!

“Is that so?” Rong Yan asked with an alluring smile. He then pinned her down beneath him and sucked on her red and rosy lips in a bid to find that sweetness.

She was the one who started it and he had already reached his limits of trying to hold himself back. If he were to stay still and not do anything about his alluring wife, he would not be a man.

After the cooks were done with preparing breakfast, Auntie Li headed upstairs to ask Rong Yan and Luo Anning to come down for breakfast. She blushed when she heard them moaning in pleasure and immediately ordered the servants not to disturb them.

The servants could not understand what she meant and hence, she chided them for being insensitive.

Soon, all of the servants in the mansion, including the cooks, head cook and gardeners, all knew that Rong Yan and Luo Anning had become intimate with each other in the morning.

Luo Anning wailed in misery while glowering at the energetic Rong Yan angrily. Her legs and back were really sore!

Rong Yan stood by the bed in a poised and lofty manner while staring at Luo Anning who was all flushed. In high spirits, he stroked her head like she was a pet and said, “Due to the fact that things are special today, you’re allowed to rest at home for the rest of the day.”

“Scram! You beast, jerk, bastard!” Luo Anning barked before throwing the pillow at him.

Rong Yan caught the pillow and placed it back onto the bed. He then stared at her with a sinister smile before chiding, “Since you still have the energy to hit me, shall we go again?”

Luo Anning remained silent.

Again, my foot! My body is coming apart!

Rong Yan took a look at the time on his watch to see that it was already 11AM. As the CEO, he definitely had to go to the office in the afternoon since he had missed work for the entire morning.

“Rest well,” he said while patting her head. He then stood up and said before leaving, “Train yourself hard. You’re too weak, you can’t match my rhythm.”

Luo Anning wished she could slap him!

What does he mean I am too weak? He is just way stronger than everyone else, alright?

Before the rumors of there being a strain in the CEO of Baina International, the wealthiest corporation in Asia, Rong Yan’s and Luo Anning’s marriage had even died down, the news of Luo Xinya brazenly seducing her cousin’s husband broke.

The report was shrewd and obviously criticizing Luo Xinya for being so shameless and immoral as to seduce her own cousin-in-law, despite being a public figure and daughter of a rich family.

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