Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 50 - Setting Luo Xinya Up (3)

Chapter 50: Setting Luo Xinya Up (3)

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Rong Yan glanced at her coldly and ignored her sultry smile. He pushed her head away and said, “Why should I tell you?”

He took a seat on the couch and began rubbing the middle of his forehead. Upon sight of what he was doing, Luo Anning hurriedly rushed forth to help massage his shoulders. “Young Master Rong, don’t be that petty. It won’t hurt to tell me.”

“Move towards your right,” he ordered.

Luo Anning raised her fist behind his head before continuing. I will let you be smug this time on the account that I have something to ask of you!

Glad to see that she was being obedient, Rong Yan decided to tell her. “There are two surveillance cameras in the office.”

“That explains it!” Luo Anning clapped her hands together and continued, “I was wondering how it was so precise as to capture all the essential parts!”

Rong Yan smiled, causing Luo Anning to be curious again. She took a seat beside him and asked, “However, how did the photos from the surveillance camera footage of your office, get leaked to the media?”

“What do you think?” Rong Yan asked with a sinister smile.

“What do I think? I think you accidentally gave me a hand out of boredom because you happen to know that I wanted to set Luo Xinya up, right?”

Rong Yan smiled without saying a word. He looked at his watch while Luo Anning grinned smugly. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

Rong Yan expressed assent reluctantly.

Everyone knew that he was a clean freak who hated letting other women get near him. Yet, Luo Xinya still did it out of her own accord. Hence, he was giving Luo Anning a little gift.

Coincidentally, he knew that Luo Anning detested Luo Xinya and was planning to release the news of the incident to the press.

Hence, he decided to do her a favor by getting someone to send the photos to Chen Yi’s email address.

That was how simple things were. However, she was rather smart to have come up with that conjecture.

It seems my wife is still rather brainy, he thought.

After taking a look at the time, Rong Yan stood up to leave while Auntie Li called after him anxiously. “Young Master Rong, dinner is ready. Aren’t you going to have some before leaving?”

The only response Auntie Li got was the sound of his car engine.

Not long after Rong Yan left, Luo Anning’s mobile phone began to ring. Mo Qiange had read the reports and was aware that everyone was criticizing Luo Xinya now.

She had finally achieved her agenda. Hence, he decided to ask her out for a celebratory meal and at the same time, thank Chen Yi.

Luo Anning agreed without hesitation. She scurried upstairs to change into a fresh set of clothes, grabbed her car key and left.

Auntie Li was extremely upset to see that the two of them had left without having dinner. She wondered, did the head cook become worse at cooking? Otherwise, why are Young Master Rong and Young Madam not eating the food?

As usual, she met them at Xijiang Private Clubhouse.

It was a symbol of wealth and plenty of wealthy and powerful individuals liked having gatherings at the clubhouse because of how private it was.

Luo Anning arrived at the private room to see that there were plenty of people who had already begun drinking, most of whom she did not know.

Lu Momo pulled her down onto the seat while Mo Qiange sat down beside her after noticing that she had arrived.

“I happen to have a business deal to discuss tonight. Anning, if you don’t like it, why don’t we move to another private room?” Mo Qiange asked meticulously.

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