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Chapter 278 - Prepare The Princess Gown

Chapter 278: Prepare The Princess Gown

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“Your ‘filters’ are too thick! Does Ye Ling even have amorous eyes?” Tong Hua retorted.

“… It got out of shape!” Ye Yifan said. “No, my brother is so hot he’s out of the world. His eyes had turned from almond-shaped to… now resemble the stars.”

“Lol!” When you met someone who could not stop boasting about his brother, you really had no way to deal with them.

“Don’t you agree?” Ye Yifan smiled and said. “Doing the walk for AG would do you no harm at all.”


“OK!” Ye Yifan said in triumph. I can prepare the princess gown now, hahahahahaha!

His brother would definitely be over the moon.

Lin Xiaojuan shook her head by the side. This rich man is really here to give us money. He sends us money and resources and all sorts of things.

AG and Brilliant Entertainment were both broadcast companies in the nation. AG only did movies while Brilliant Entertainment had more varieties covered. They were going in different directions, but they were also somehow rivals.

Lin Xiaojuan thought, How can the third master from a rival company send so much money to a celebrity from Brilliant Entertainment? Are you sure you’re not being a traitor now?

I bet the celebrities in AG Entertainment would be crying now.

After Lin Xiaojuan had signed the contract, it was officially announced immediately.

She was in control of both Shen Qianshu’s and Tong Hua’s accounts, so she announced them immediately.

This caused an uproar.

The fans were screaming in anticipation of seeing Tong Hua in a princess gown.

“…” Tong Hua was speechless.

He felt that the 10 million had bought him his dignity, yet there were so many people who wished that he would drop it.

He was mad!!!

Why was he so popular?

Tong Hua thought, Being so popular can be a pain in the *ss!

Two of the great resources Tong Hua had were sent by the Third Master of AG Entertainment, and that made others envious and unhappy. They came up with many speculations. The people who were unhappy were usually child stars that started working in this industry at the same time as Tong Hua.

The speculations were, is this rich son, the infamous loser, really trying to woo Shen Qianshu?

This time, he had another method, which was by pleasing Tong Hua.

There were always weird rumors about Shen Qianshu even if she did not step foot out of her home. They appeared out of nowhere, and when Lin Xiaojuan realized, it was already a huge deal all over the internet. People were shipping Shen Qianshu and Ye Yifan, and there were all sorts of silly speculations. Shen Qianshu’s and Tong Hua’s fans were all supporting them just because of their looks, and loyal fans like these loved seeing rumors about their relationships. This was especially so since Ye Yifan was an incredibly handsome young lad. With all the netizens who were so great at editing photos, there were even photoshopped wedding pictures of them.

“This is…” Shen Qianshu was in shock by all the silly antics circulating all around the internet.

The crazily cool and domineering yet arrogant Ye Yifan pointed at Shen Qianshu’s chin and said, “Woman, you have successfully got my attention. Be mine, and I’ll make your son more famous than before.”

“Why am I being attacked when I did not even provoke anyone…”

Tong Hua was gloating over it. “Mommy, you’re definitely not the one dealing with the biggest sh*t.”

The one who must be feeling the worst was definitely Ye Yifan!

Ye Yifan had been bawling and crying for his charming brother to pick up his phone. “Bro, I have no intentions to do anything to my sister-in-law. You have to believe me. If you want to feel more in touch with sister-in-law, that really has nothing to do with me.”

Ye Ling humphed coldly and hung up his phone arrogantly.

Ye Yifan was on the verge of crying.

Zhong Ran thought, Third Fool, are you sure this will not turn into another news about how confusing wealthy families are when it comes to relationships?

No matter how things were circulating around the internet, on the night of the Jewelry Party, two elegant young ladies and a precious little one entered the fashion circle.

Fashion show, eye-catching jewelry, celebrity gathering.

This was a big event.

Other than showcasing works from Li Chen, Luo Jingshu, and Xie Xiaomei, there were also product launches for the next season from AG, Dream Star, and GK. They were all beautiful. Popular female celebrities from AG Entertainment modeled for AG products, and Tong Hua was the only child star there.

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