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Chapter 279 - Jewelry Party

Chapter 279: Jewelry Party

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For such grand fashion events, almost every popular person in the jewelry industry of City A would get an invitation.

When Shen Qianshu arrived at the venue, it caused quite an uproar. She was a famous person in the fashion circle and was very popular. She was on good terms with several chief editors of fashion magazines, and recently, she had also been shipped with Ye Yifan all over the internet. What’s more, she had a ‘national son’ Tong Hua. When she entered the venue with Lin Xiaojuan and Tong Hua, the reporters made a beeline for them and rushed to snap photos of them.

Shen Qianshu was wearing a constellation gown, and it seemed as if the dazzling constellations were shining brightly. Her hair was all tied up, revealing her petite and delicate face. It was pale like snow, and her eyes shone brightly like the stars. She had pearly white teeth, and her lips were bright red. She looked absolutely stunning, clearly like an angel.

Lin Xiaojuan and Shen Qianshu had similar body figures, but Shen Qianshu’s body had a more refined shape. She had a small build, and her skin was in a healthy color, making her youthfulness show even more. She had an oval face, and her facial features were very warm. She was wearing a beige long dress, and it was rare for her to be wearing a long dress. Whenever she attended a party, she would be in a suit and did not look feminine at all. Now that she was wearing a long dress, she looked exceptionally beautiful, combining soft and tough right on point.

Tong Hua was wearing a custom-made suit. With an earth-shattering face, he was clearly a fine and young gentleman. When he smiled, his almond-shaped eyes curled, and it was really attractive. Everyone in the entertainment industry knew that Tong Hua had two mothers. Shen Qianshu and Lin Xiaojuan were both his defenders.

The three of them were very good-looking, and the moment they entered the venue, they caught everyone’s attention.

This was the only group that could attract everyone’s attention simply just for their looks.

People who were jealous of them referred to them as ‘the flower vase trio.’

“That mother and son got to where they are because God gave them beautiful faces to survive. They look so amazing.”

“Yeah, the constellations gown looks so much better on Shen Qianshu than on the official endorser. She is so good at picking her clothes. Last time, her eye-catching gown made her seem very angelic too. She has a good fashion sense.”

“See, that’s Shen Qianshu. Pretty, huh?”

“Wow, what an angel. What a beauty. Pretty woman, she looks so much better in real life!”

The good thing was that it was not their show today. As time went by, more celebrities began entering, and the reporters around them began to disperse. Tong Hua was brought backstage.

Shen Qianshu met Shen Xiong, Fang Xia, Shen Lin, and Lin Xuan inevitably. Shen Lin was holding onto Lin Xuan, looking pitiful as if she was recovering from a serious illness. It looked really moving, and she earned a lot of sympathy. The moment she appeared, the reporters flocked to her and expressed their sympathy for her tragedy.

“Miss Shen, if the President of AG, Ye Ling had not made things difficult for you and you had not fainted, could you have gotten the champion title for this competition?” A reporter asked.

Shen Lin smiled shyly. “Mr Ye did not make things difficult for me. As a judge, he had the right to question all of my works. I believed that I would be up for the challenge. I may have let the opportunity slip this time, but I’ll definitely win it back again.”

“How open-minded you are, Shen Lin. You don’t blame Ye Ling in the slightest bit.”

“Indeed, you are a genius designer. You are talented and open-minded. A deserving champion.”

“How rare. Pretty on the outside and on the inside. Really rare. Mr. and Mrs. Shen have indeed raised a beautiful child.”

Shen Xiong and Fang Xia were surrounded by compliments. Shen Lin had her arm around Lin Xuan, and she smiled shyly. Lin Xuan’s eyes searched around for traces of Shen Qianshu, and noticing that, Shen Lin was feeling hurt deep down. Yet, she felt pleased as if she had gotten revenge.

When she got together with Ye Ling, she would kick Lin Xuan out of her life.

For the moment, I’ll just accept him as a spare tire.

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