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Chapter 277 - Young Uncle and Young Nephew

Chapter 277: Young Uncle and Young Nephew

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Xu Ning thought to himself.

If this was not the reason, then it would be really hard to explain.

But, when did this begin?

How could I not have known at all?

The problem is… Xiaojuan barely knows you, bro. What kind of crush do you have?

This is too… no way. Xu Ning needed to swallow some pills to calm himself down.

Gu Xie was on his computer. He took off his sweater and threw it to the side. Unbuttoning his sleeves, he folded them up slightly. His beige shirt made him seem even more good-looking, but still cold and distant. His two arms floated swiftly above the keyboard, and rows of codes appeared on the computer screen swiftly as if he was invading into some place.

He picked up the phone and phoned a number.

“Make a trip down to Yan Jianming’s house and remove all the traces of Lin Xiaojuan.”

“Yes, Sixth Master!”

Shen Qianshu had been resting at home comfortably for the past few days and returned back to work. Gubelin was peaceful and quiet. The boss sent an invitation letter over for a jewelry party. There was going to be a huge fashion show after the jewelry design competition, and the designers who got into the finals were able to pick models to showcase their products. Other than showcasing designs made during the competition, they were also allowed to showcase their other works. This was a prestigious event.

Due to some private matters regarding his daughter, the boss of Gubelin had to fly out of town that night, so the invitation letter landed on Shen Qianshu’s hands. There were more people in Gubelin who were more qualified than her to attend this event, but since she was an appraiser for the competition and also the best looking one in Gubelin, the boss considered for a bit and decided to pick her for it. This angered Zhou Lulu badly. No matter how she tried to sob and hint to the boss, he never changed his mind. Although the boss was a player, he never fumbled with the ball when it came to serious matters.

Coincidentally, when she got the invitation, Ye Yifan had also convinced Lin Xiaojuan to accept the invitation from AG to let Tong Hua be the model for AG’s children’s accessories products. Ye Yifan did this through a series of sugar-coated words and assurance of giving high returns for them.

“Female accessories?” Tong Hua’s voice raised by an octave. He stared with his round eyes that were full of life, and it was as if he was on the verge of beating someone up. “You were sent by your brother as an undercover, huh?”

Ye Yifan rubbed his palms together and smiled like a salesperson promoting health supplements. He said sincerely, “Precious, you are so good-looking. I bet you would look even better with female accessories. Furthermore, my brother is not in town.”


“You’ll be paid 10 million for your appearance.” Ye Yifan stuck up his pointer finger and smiled at him. Tong Hua’s fees for his appearance were all starting from ten million. It was 10 million for him to film a show. But now, he was only still a child star, and it was hard for him to be the main lead. This guaranteed high returns. Furthermore, Tong Hua was unique when it came to endorsements for children’s products. In the nation, no one was a more appealing spokesperson than he was.

In terms of fashion, Lin Xiaojuan had not been able to open up the market for him. Now that AG had opened up their doors, Lin Xiaojuan would surely not miss out on this.

Tong Hua bit his lip and seemed to be hesitating. He looked really cute.

Seeing this made Ye Yifan melt in his heart. How cute, my nephew is so adorable. What can I do? I really want to bring him home and rub his face every day.

“If the directors wanted you to wear girl’s fashion in the shows you are filming for, you would do it too. Enough said. Our precious child looks great in both male and female fashion.”

Tong Hua sulked. “Are you sure this is a compliment for me?”

“It is indeed a compliment. You look so great. So many child stars wished they had a face like yours.” Ye Yifan pinched his chin and pondered. “Those amorous eyes of yours look just like my brother’s when he was younger.”

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