Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 7: Mission Reward: Super Treasure Box!

Chapter 7: Mission Reward: Super Treasure Box!

Was Leng Wuyan attractive?

Of course!

A lustrous black hair and a white and delicate cheeks that had a pink hue on it. Beneath the red lips were a pair of tidy and white jade-like teeth. Her beautiful eyes sparkled with soulful vibrance.

When she returned with a smile, even the sun and moon would be eclipsed by her beauty.

Even if her body was being covered by a large robe, it still couldn’t hide her breathtaking figure. Instead, it gave her an impression of cold and aloof beauty.

All right, in short…

Li Ran had never seen such a beautiful girl in both of his lives!

But if anyone thought it’s a lucky matter to be in a relationship with such beauty, they would sadly find how wrong it was.

Who was she?

She was Leng Wuyan!

The sect master of Youluo Temple!

An existence standing at the peak of the entire vast land!

She had once pressured an entire righteous sect alone just because one of their disciples killed her disciple. She eradicated the whole sect with one sword move because they refused to hand over the murderer.

A famous first-class righteous sect was directly eradicated in this way!

All members… dead!

This incident shook the entire vast land.

For this reason, several major righteous sects held a Demon Slaying Conference for this event. The conference’s sole purpose was to suppress the Demoness Leng Wuyan.

However, regardless of which righteous sect the experts belong to, they all ended up dead one way or another. Their bodies and skeletons were fully piled up the road of the Youluo Temple. Their blood painted the entire Demon Peak crimson. Leng Wuyan, on the other hand, didn’t even get a scratch.

Since then, the name “Demoness Leng” has become a taboo existence in the vast land. If Li Ran was a little devil, then Leng Wuyan was the ultimate boss!

To fall in love with such a girl, his life was no longer his own, but in Leng Wuyan’s grasp.

The pressure was huge!

At this moment, could Li Ran say, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I didn’t want to confess to you?”

Of course not. That was purely seeking death.

“Forget it, let’s take one step at a time…” Li Ran was dejected.


Leng Wuyan’s face blushed. This was originally a normal appellation, but under current circumstances, it made her feel indescribably shy.

“The immortal path is boundless. If you want us to stay together forever, you have to be standing at the peak.”

“You must cultivate hard and never slack off.”

“I… I will wait for you at the top.”

Leng Wuyan didn’t wait for Li Ran before disappearing into the snowstorm.

Li Ran was stunned for a moment, then nodded. “That’s right, the road to immortality is boundless. But one day, I will climb to the peak and stand on top of the entire vast land!”

“But of course, before that, I have to live well under my master’s ‘care’…” Li Ran sighed before he turned around and walked down the mountain.

However, he didn’t know that inside the snowstorm, a figure reappeared in the place he had just left.

Leng Wuyan looked at his back, her eyes seemed moist.

Thinking of Li Ran’s shocking remarks and his determination to die for her, Leng Wuyan’s cheeks became hot.


“Is this what it feels like to be liked?”

Li Ran returned to his dwelling.

His back was still sweating when thinking back about the talk with his Master today.

“Although the process was thrilling, the results were fortunately good. Not only did I restore my cultivation base, but I also got three treasure chests.”

Li Ran focused his attention on the system. Three golden treasure chests appeared in front of him; these chests were the rewards for over-fulfilling the task this time.

【Do you want to open the Super Treasure Chest?】

“Yes.” Li Ran rubbed his hands in anticipation.

The lid of the treasure chest opened, and a brilliant golden light flashed in front of him.

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the “Heaven Seizing Cultivation Method”!】

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the “Yunling Spear”! 】

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the “Dragon Elephant Zetian”!】

The “Heaven Seizing Cultivation Method” was an ancient book. Inside the book were different symbols and words that are incomprehensible. Li Ran couldn’t recognize any of them.

He tried to sink his mind in the book, immediately, a bright light flashed in front of his eyes.

These mysterious symbols exuded golden light and poured into his mind like a tide.

“Seize the profound mystery of the heavens, Achieve the Dao!”

“Plunder the heavens, Become the indestructible supreme true god!”

“Replace heaven’s law with my law, Supplant heaven’s will with my will!”

“Seize the heavens!”

As if there were many Dao’s melodies ceaselessly ringing in his ears, it shocked Li Ran’s mind into a kind of unstable state, and soon his consciousness plunged into darkness.

He didn’t know how long it passed, and a golden light lit up in the darkness. Then, it instantly lit up his whole sea of consciousness just like how a spark ignited the whole forest.

The next moment, a small figure that was translucent like an amethyst appeared cross-legged in his sea of consciousness. Its figure was engraved with myriad golden symbols.

The text on the ancient book shined brightly as a golden tattoo.

“Amazing!” Li Ran opened his eyes, and golden light shone out.

This ancient book was not only a great cultivation method but also could change his physique.

That tiny figure stayed in his sea of consciousness and continuously absorbed Qi. His body, dantain, meridians, and even spirit were constantly tempered by the tiny figure

In short, Li Ran could cultivate without meditating now.

“What great luck, this is simply a cheating treasure for lazy people to cultivate! It’s too suitable for me!” Li Ran’s mouth couldn’t stop his mouth from grinning.

The second reward was the Yunling Spear. This was a high-level artifact, which could be stored inside the owner’s body, and its power improved alongside the owner’s strength.

Theoretically, as long as the user was sufficiently strong, there was no limit to the grade of this weapon. Besides, the spear came with a Spear Cultivation Method. which included four spear moves; all of them were extremely powerful.

Li Ran pinched his chin and looked at the two-meter-long silver spear in front of him. “To one day fly with a sword is a man’s romance, but to fly with a spear… Besides, a rough weapon such as this doesn’t match my appearance.”

“Forget it, let’s bear with it for now. If the spear doesn’t fit me, I can change it later.” Li Ran put the silver spear away.

If Yunling Spear had appeared in the central mainland, a war would have happened.

But a weapon of this caliber was actually disliked by Li Ran…

How insatiable!

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