Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 8: What should I do in this relationship?

Chapter 8: What should I do in this relationship?

The final reward was a Qi manifestation skill called “Dragon Elephant Zetian”. The skill was shrouded with mystery.

As for the skill’s effects, it could vary depending on the usage (such as one of them permanently strengthening the user) and could not be explained in a word or two.

Currently, Li Ran didn’t want to test out the skill here yet. If he had alerted the experts in the sect, he would have no explanation on the skill’s origin.

“I’ll go to sleep first, I hope that after tonight, Master will forget everything that happened today…” With that, Li Ran stored the Yunling Spear inside his body and went to bed.

In the meantime, the amethyst-like figure in his sea of consciousness was still cultivating tirelessly, and a large amount of Qi was guided towards Li Ran’s body.

Sect Master Palace, Demon Peak.

Leng Wuyan sat on the bed in a daze, her eyes empty as if she had lost her soul.

I can finally bid farewell to being single.

But… the object of love is actually my disciple…

Her fair and delicate cheeks flushed.

I was too impulsive, how could I accept Ran’er’s confession?

Even though he is indeed good-looking and talented and his feelings for me are sincere…

…He’s my disciple!

Leng Wuyan could already imagine the uproar inside the sect if this matter were to be exposed.

Once the rumors broke out, her reputation inside the sect would change from “an old woman who no one wants” to “a pervert who sexually harassed her disciple”!

Though she had nerves of steel, she absolutely couldn’t accept this title.

Besides, the most important thing was how she would face Li Ran in the future if that happened.

For hundreds of years, Leng Wuyan concentrated on cultivation and didn’t know anything about men and woman relationships.

Her relationship with Li Ran was completely beyond her cognitive range.

“Oh~” Leng Wuyan rubbed her eyebrows, looking melancholy, “Why did I agree with him at that time…”

But it’s too late to say anything now. According to Li Ran’s earlier actions, if she broke up with him, he would directly choose to commit suicide, right?

Thinking back on Li Ran’s firm eyes and tone at that moment, Leng Wuyan’s heart fluttered, and she rolled around on the bed shyly, showing nothing of a sect master in her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A knock on the door alarmed her.

At an instant, Leng Wuyan sat in an upright manner.

“Come in.”

The door was pushed open, and a deaconess walked in and said respectfully, “Master, excuse me. I am here to get the results of the pill assessment.”

“Assessment?” Leng Wuyan couldn’t help but think of Li Ran’s confession, and started to be shy again. “I haven’t finished checking the pills yet. I’ll hand the results to you tomorrow.”

Her heart was so messy today, how could she have the time to check those pills?

“All right.” The deaconess did not question her, she only said, “I will take my leave, Master.”

“Wait!” Leng Wuyan stopped her in an unconscious manner.

The deaconess stopped. “Is there anything else, Master?”

Shyness flashed through Leng Wuyan’s eyes, but she pretended to ask, “Have you ever been in love?”

“Huh?” The deaconess was taken aback, then she broke down in a cold sweat and knelt on the ground with a plop.

“Master, I have always abided by the sect’s rules and am not interested in men. If I have ever done anything beyond those scopes, please teach me a lesson!”

“……” Leng Wuyan rubbed her eyebrows helplessly, “Get up now, when did I say you did something wrong?”

The deaconess was still not at ease, “Then why are you asking that?”

Leng Wuyan said with a poker face, “Know yourself and the enemy, and you can always win. Although I have cut off myself from worldly affairs, I can’t be ignorant of them. This is not conducive to cultivate.”

“Er…yes,” the deaconess nodded.

Ahem,” Leng Wuyan said solemnly, “I’ll ask you again. If you have a boyfriend, what do you want to do with him most?”

The deaconess hesitated and dawdled to answer.

Leng Wuyan added, “We are discussing cultivation. Just voice out your thoughts, I will not punish you.”

“Ok.” The deaconess no longer hesitated, she looked forward and said, “There are many things we can do, such as dating, listening to music together, eating desserts together…”

“Dating, listening to music, eating desserts.” Leng Wuyan took a small notebook and secretly jotted down the information.

The deaconess continued to fantasize, “If the relationship is one step closer, you can hold hands and kiss. Of course, you have to sleep together in the end…”


Leng Wuyan unintentionally squeezed the corner of the bed into powder and stammered, “S-sleep together?!”

The deaconess was shocked and hurriedly said, “I only heard of it from others. Whether that is necessary, I don’t know at all!”

“I see, you can leave.” Leng Wuyan turned her head and said.

“Yes.” The deaconess breathed a sigh of relief. For some reason, she felt that the sect master was strange today.

The sect master is not as cold as her past self. She has a bit more worldly characteristics, just like a girl next door’s premature love.

“Is Master in love?”

“No, no, impossible! It must be my imagination, yes, yes that cannot be it…” The deaconess was shocked at her own thoughts.

At this moment, Leng Wuyan cupped her hot cheeks. “Dating…”

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