Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 6: Please, I really didn't want to fall in love with my master!

Chapter 6: Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

“Y-you … what nonsense are you talking about?!” Leng Wuyan said in a flustered tone.

Bright red crept from her ears to her pretty cheeks.

“Hmph! Even if you are sincere, the gap between us is too big. Stop your wishful thinking! ”

Li Ran nodded.

Indeed, compared with his status as Sheng Zi, his junior sister wasn’t a girl worthy of him. But if he wanted to restore his cultivation, what other choice did he have?

“I understand everything you said, master, but I believe that even if there are mountains and seas between two lovers, they still can be removed and filled up as long as the two are sincere!”

Leng Wuyan was stunned.

To pursue me, Ran-er dares to remove mountains and fill up seas!

“But do you understand the prowess of rumours? It will ruin you! If I really agree, you are likely to be universally condemned!” Leng Wuyan said.

Li Ran said sincerely, “Even if everyone condemns me, I’m not afraid at all. For this is true love, I don’t care about any rumours!”

“You …” Leng Wuyan bit her lip, endless thoughts were battling in her mind.

Even though she had hundreds of years of experience, facing his fiery heart, she still didn’t know how to deal with it.

Love? The word made her feel strange, but she also had a faint longing for it.

Leng Wuyan’s eyes were complicated, and she whispered, “What if you lose your life because of this?”

Li Ran did not hesitate, “As long as I can be with the one I love, even if I die, I won’t regret it!”

Leng Wuyan was silent. Li Ran looked at her nervously.

After a while, she turned her head and said, “Since that’s how it is, you can go die!”

“What?” Li Ran didn’t have the time to react before the skies suddenly began to spin, and a strong sense of weightlessness engulfed him, and the fierce howling of the winds resounded in his ears.

He was in a free fall!


He was thrown down by Leng Wuyan from the top of the Demon Peak!?

“Fuck, I went too far, this girl doesn’t play by logic! This time, I’ll really end up dead meat!”

Li Ran’s cultivation base was sealed. If he fell from a precipice of over thousands of meters, he would die!

He closed his eyes looking at the ground that was rapidly drawing closer in despair.

But just before he hit the ground, he smelled a fragrant light breeze, and then both his feet had stepped on the stable ground again.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw that he was still standing on the top of the mountain; It was as if he had never moved.

Leng Wuyan’s eyes had a complicated look in them. “Why didn’t you channel your cultivation? Did you really want to die?!”

Channel my cultivation? Do you think I don’t want to?

Li Ran’s lips were pale, and with the last bit of his strength, he grabbed her beautiful wrist.

“If I can’t be with my lover, what’s the meaning of being alive to me?”

“…” Leng Wuyan’s psychological defence was completely broken.

Li Ran is really willing to die to be with me!

Although there is a big identity gap between us now, with his talents, he will reach the emperor level one day.

The most important thing is that for this feeling, he isn’t afraid of gossip, and dares to trample anything in his way. Even if he’d have to lose his life, he won’t show a moment of hesitation.

How could Leng Wuyan refuse such fierce emotions?

“Master?” Li Ran looked at her expectantly.

Leng Wuyan shyly didn’t dare to look back at him. Her pair of phoenix eyes were filled with water, and she replied in a low voice. “Don’t stare at me in that way. I … I accept.”

“Long live Master!” Li Ran hugged her excitedly.

Unexpectedly, not only did his master not punish him but permitted the relationship between him and his junior sister instead. Wasn’t she pointing out that he could pick up girls without fear anymore?

“You … you stop. You’re so impatient. As soon as I agree with you …” Leng Wuyan blushed and broke free from his arms, flying away.

Li Ran scratched his head, “I’m sorry. I got too excited.”

“Although I gave you my permission, this rule is set by me after all. This matter must not reach others’ ears!” Leng Wuyan ordered.

“Don’t worry, I have tight lips.” Li Ran nodded.

He couldn’t wait for a second more to take down his Junior Sister!

At this moment, a system notification rang in his head.

【Mission complete】

【Confession Target: Leng Wuyan】

【Difficulty: Purgatory】

【Success rate: 0.0001%】

【Degree of completion: Perfect】

【Congratulations to the host for completing the mission perfectly. Updating reward…】

【The seal on the cultivation base is removed, super treasure chest x3.】


Li Ran: ”???”

“The confession target … Leng … Leng Wuyan?!”

Before that, he was confessing to his junior sister, why was the current target his master?

Suddenly, Li Ran remembered something and asked carefully, “Master, who gave you this Shadow Stone?”

Leng Wuyan said shyly, “You’re still pretending? Wasn’t it you that put the stone in the pillbox and gave it to me …? Don’t do something like this in the future. If someone else finds out, our relationship will be exposed.”

Li Ran: ”…”

He immediately understood everything.

His junior sister didn’t snitch but had mistakenly given the box to his master.

Because he didn’t say her name throughout his confession, his master thought he was confessing to her.

And they weren’t even on the same channel right from the start!

I just wanted to woo the Junior Sister! I never expected to woo the Master instead! Li Ran wanted to weep but had no tears.

“Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!”

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