Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 49: If you cannot beat them, Join them!

Chapter 49: If you cannot beat them, Join them!

“Take care.” Song Qingsong let go of his storage ring as he watched Li Ran leave.

After Li Ran’s figure had completely vanished, his face instantly grew twisted, infuriated to the point of exploding.

“Why me! Ugh… f*ck!”

“Damn it, you’re bullying honest people!”

“Robbing me! Do you know who I am? I am the Supreme Dao Palace’s direct disciple, Golden Core expert, Song Qingsong!”

“When we leave the secret realm, I’ll make you pay the price!” After venting his anger, Song Qingsong finally calmed down.

In truth, he was just saying that Li Ran had to pay the price to vent his anger. Not only did he not have that strength, but he also did not have the status to back it up.

The Supreme Dao Palace was a top-tier sect, but the Youluo Temple was not just any sect either.

Song Qingsong was only a direct disciple, but Li Ran was the Sheng Zi, the future sect master of the Youluo Temple.

Moreover, he had a terrifying master…

A sect couldn’t afford to offend Leng Wuyan. That was why he could only swallow these words.

“Forget it. It’s not the time to think about this. Fortunately, only an incense stick’s worth of time has passed. I still have enough time.” Song Qingsong calmed down and continued on his journey to pick more herbs.

The Herb Mountain was extremely vast. There were countless spiritual plants and flowers. Ordinary people would be dazzled by the sight, let alone to look for immortal herbs.

As a result, most of the people’s strategies were to collect whatever they saw. They didn’t have enough knowledge to assess the herb’s quality.

As for Song Qingsong, he knew that immortal herbs’ value was simply not something that ordinary spirit herbs could compare to.

Therefore, his attention was focused on solely high-grade herbs.

“Divine Ning Flower? Good stuff! It’s as valuable as the Thousand-year-old White Vine!”

“Evil Mist Grass? This thing is extremely rare and can be used to refine poison pills!”

“F*ck, Black Blood Lotus?!” Not long after, Song Qingsong once again obtained several immortal herbs with his extraordinary eyesight and gathering techniques.

This was indeed his home ground. No one can collect medicine better than him!

“You think you can stop me from advancing like this? You’re dreaming!” Song Qingsong had a relaxed expression.


Suddenly, the wind behind him sounded.

Song Qingsong’s body stiffened. He slowly turned around and saw that Li Ran was smiling at him.

“You’re here again…”

“To rob you.” Li Ran nodded.

Song Qingsong felt like dying.

But what could he do?

With tears in his eyes, he could only hand over the immortal herbs once again and pray that Li Ran would let him go.

However, Li Ran was addicted to this act.

After the time for an incense stick to burn…



Another cup of tea had passed.

“I’ve collected the herbs!”


Li Ran turned the trial into a penguin farm… In the end, Song Qingsong was on the verge of collapse.

“Big brother, you can’t just take one sheep and repeatedly shear it! Please rob someone else too!” Tears flowed down his face.

Li Ran felt a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and said, “Because you know how to collect herbs.”

“…What a sin!”

Song Qingsong finally understood that Li Ran would never let him go.

If he continued to collect herbs, he would be giving them to others, so he simply gave up on picking the herbs and joined in the robbery.

“I cannot beat Li Ran, but does this mean that I cannot beat anyone?” Song Qingsong was specifically looking for someone with lower cultivation than him. He didn’t care what they had picked. He stuffed them all into his ring.

He no longer cared about immortal herbs. He only hoped that the trial would come to an early completion and enter the next round of the trial to end this nightmare.

Those who were robbed also wanted to rob others. More and more people joined the ranks of the robbers. At this moment, the entire Herb Mountain was filled with resentment.

At last, the group started fighting…

Li Ran, the one who had caused all of this, was currently walking around the mountains leisurely with an Immortal Pear.

Beside him, Xiao Qingge was searching for traces of the Spirit Fruit. Li Ran glanced at her and said, “You shouldn’t be a mortal, right?”

“Ah?” Xiao Qingge immediately became nervous.

Could it be that he had discovered her identity?

“Why, why are you asking this?”

Li Ran shrugged. “Mortals wouldn’t know about the secret realm, nor would they know about the Spirit Fruit. You know too much.”

Xiao Qingge fell silent.

After a while, she said in a low voice, “I’m sorry. There are some things I hid from you…”

She did not want to lie to Li Ran.

However, when she saw how free-spirited and arrogant he was, she did not dare to reveal her identity.

Their difference was simply too great. It was so great that it caused her to feel despair.

“Needless to say, everyone has their secrets. If I reveal my secret, I’ll probably scare you to death.” He was not interested in prying into the privacy of others.

Xiao Qingge shook her head, feeling bitter in her heart.

“But my secret has something to do with you! I’m standing right in front of you, but you can’t recognize me…” her thoughts surged.

After a while, she carefully said, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Go on, but I might not answer all,” Li Ran said.

Xiao Qingge’s face turned slightly red. “That… Do you have anyone you like?”

Li Ran was stunned.

It was this type of question?

He nodded with seriousness. “Yes!”

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