Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 50: Xiao Qingge's Misunderstanding!

Chapter 50: Xiao Qingge’s Misunderstanding!

“You have someone you like?” Xiao Qingge’s eyes were filled with disappointment. She had lost her slightest bit of courage.

“Perhaps she and I are brought together by fate.” Li Ran shrugged.

“Then she… What kind of person is she?” Xiao Qingge asked.

“It’s quite complicated,” Li Ran thought carefully. No one else dared to approach her, but he was the only one who knew that she was not what the world expected her to be. “She’s both gentle and cute. She’s a treasure!”

Of course, he was referring to Leng Wuyan. However, he didn’t dare to say too much. He was afraid that Xiao Qingge would guess the identity and it would bring unnecessary trouble for them.

Xiao Qingge’s heart ached. She said, “But I remember that Youluo Temple has a rule forbidding disciples from marrying. Aren’t you afraid of being punished by the sect master?”

“Of course not.”

His lover was the sect master. What the hell would he be afraid of?

However, these words could not be spoken to Xiao Qingge.

“There’s a huge gap between our status. If we were to show up together, we’ll face gossip,” Li Ran said after a moment of deliberation. “But I don’t care about these things. I’ll try my best to become stronger and protect her.”

“That’s good… then, bless you both,” Xiao Qingge whispered.

Looking at Li Ran’s bright eyes, she suddenly felt the urge to cry. Now, there was no use in revealing her identity…

“That’s right, when did you meet each other?” She couldn’t help but ask.

Li Ran thought about it, “Probably… when I was eight years old?”


Xiao Qingge seemed to have been struck by lightning. The spirit herbs in her hands were scattered all over the ground.

“Eight years old?” She stared blankly at Li Ran, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Li Ran nodded. “Yes, the first time I met her, I was still very young and didn’t understand anything. Only recently did I understand my feelings.”

“I came down this time to settle some of my family matters, so I can be with her in the future.”

Once the marriage was annulled, he would be able to peacefully fall in love with his master!

“……” Xiao Qingge’s heart was about to leap from her chest!

Met at the age of eight.

She and Li Ran were playmates when they were young. They probably met when they were seven or eight years old.

No one dared to approach her.

She had lost her cultivation base and fell from the clouds. Countless evil devils were coveting her, so no one dared to approach her.

Our identities were very different. If he was with her, they would face gossip.

These words were correct. Li Ran’s status was noble, and she was only a mortal. If the two of them were to get together, they would indeed be pointed at by the world.

The most important thing was that ‘he had to settle some of his family matters to get along with her.’

He was talking about the marriage between the two families!

He was going to fulfill the engagement so that the two of them could be righteously together.

Every single one of them was right!

“So it turns out that Li Ran didn’t forget me. He always liked me!” Xiao Qingge’s nose was sour.

Her heart was both sweet and warm. Her lonely and oppressive heart had finally found a place to accommodate.

Aggrieved, confused, excited… She couldn’t help but pounce into Li Ran’s embrace and cry.

Li Ran: (⊙_⊙)

“What I said… was it that touching?” He couldn’t help but scratch his head.

What a strange girl.

Xiao Qingge’s eyes were filled with tears as she raised them, “Li Ran, it’s me!”


“I am actually Xiao… Wu!”

Her words came to an abrupt stop. Li Ran covered her mouth and raised his eyebrows.

“Don’t say anything. Someone’s coming!” A wave of energy streaked across the sky and someone flew towards their direction, landing not far away from them.

Li Ran quickly caught on the azure figure.

“Yue Jianli?” the corners of his mouth twitched. “Looks like I’ll be able to collect herbs again.”

A mountain valley.

Yue Jianli lightly landed on the ground.

She took out a square-shaped stone slab. The stone slab was dense and filled with symbols making it resemble a compass. In the middle, there was a golden needle that was slightly vibrating.

“It’s here. According to the Myriad Disk’s direction, there must be immortal materials here.”

Apart from experience and eyesight, one could also rely on other heavenly artifacts to search for treasures.

The Myriad Disk in her hand was one of them. This magical artifact could capture the immortal qi from the treasure, thus pinning down its location. This method of treasure hunting was extremely practical.

Yue Jianli had already gathered quite a few immortal materials. Even in top sects, this Myriad Disk was a rare treasure.

If Song Qingsong relied on his own ability to harvest herbs, Yue Jian’s method could also count as relying on her ability too…

She carefully searched the mountain, and in the end, her gaze locked onto a crooked tree.

This tree was withered and aged as if it was about to wither to death. It was in stark contrast to the surrounding lush green spirit herbs.

Yue Jianli took a closer look and saw that there was not a single leaf but a bright red fruit on the withered tree.

The fruits were round and its fragrance was indistinct.

“It’s a spirit fruit formed from immortal qi!” Yue Jianli’s eyes lit up.

This is great!

Normally, its medicinal properties could be considered like poison to cultivators, but when one was seriously injured and on the verge of death, this fruit could provide them with a second life.

Not to mention that there were other miraculous effects through the spirit fruit refinement. She cautiously reached out her hands and tried to take the fruit.

Suddenly, a killing intent came from behind her!

“Who is it?!” Yue Jianli dodged the attack with a flip, then her pupils shrank!

A silver spear landed in front of her, and the tip of the spear vibrated slightly.

Li Ran stretched and walked into her view. “Hey, you’re in trouble.”


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