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Chapter 48: No one can collect herbs better than me!

Chapter 48: No one can collect herbs better than me!


A sound of chime rang out in the secret realm.

Everyone’s eyes blurred as they reappeared in an empty area.

Some of them were still maintaining their combat stance. Clearly, they were taken while fighting with the demon beasts.

At this moment, ripples appeared in the sky, and imposing words appeared once more.

【The end of the first trial……】

【Eight people advanced, one died, one eliminated.】

“A single person died?” Li Ran’s brows jumped.

The ones who entered this secret realm were all sect geniuses. All of them had profound cultivation bases and countless trump cards.

The demon beasts here weren’t strong enough to reach the Foundation Establishment Realm. Even if they weren’t able to defeat them, they would definitely be able to safely escape.

Unless… Someone had attacked!

Li Ran glanced at Song Qingsong, only to see blood on the hem of his clothes as if he had been injured.

He instantly understood. The murderer must be Song Qingsong.

He was afraid that he would not have enough time to advance, so he chose to snatch the spoils of war from others.

“This guy is really ruthless.”

Yue Jianli also looked at Li Ran from afar.

Clearly, the two of them had thought of going together. Then, beams of white light shot out, enveloping everyone.

The eight people enveloped by the white light gradually dispersed and headed towards the second round of the trial.

As for the remaining person, he was sent out of the secret realm with an annoyed expression.

When everyone opened their eyes, they were already in a new world. In front of them was a lush little mountain. The mountain was filled with numerous immortal herbs and spiritual plants, and their grades were several times higher than before.


“Such rich Qi? It’s simply better than a Qi Gathering Formation!”

“The ground is full of Immortal Herbs! Is the entire lawn made up of Immortal Herbs?”

“This is too shocking! As expected of an Ancient Emperor’s inheritance!”

The geniuses let out waves of exclamations, like children who had never seen the world.

Compared to this place, the place just now was like a small Magus. Even if they couldn’t obtain the final inheritance and harvest the immortal herbs, their trip was already worth it!

The air trembled once more.

【Second Trial: Herb Picking】

The contents of this trial were very simple.

Everyone had to collect the herbs from the Herb Mountain in front of them. The time limit was two hours.

Finally, according to each person’s herb quality, six people will be selected for the next trial.

Compared to the previous round, this trial looked much more peaceful. Everyone seemed to be focused on collecting medicine.

Of course, the number of immortal herbs was limited, so conflict would definitely arise.

【The trial starts now…】

Following the order, everyone could not wait to enter the mountain.

Li Ran and the other two entered the mountain as well.

Collecting herbs was a skill itself.

First of all, the precious immortal herbs might not be the most eye-catching ones. The method to distinguish them from each other was a problem.

Secondly, the picking method was also very important. If the method wasn’t correct, it might even destroy the medicinal effects and leak out the immortal qi.

Li Ran knew nothing about this topic, but he wasn’t worried at all.

“Although I cannot pick herbs, I’m good at robbing. I can go rob others later.”

After making up his mind, he leisurely strolled around Herb Mountain.

As for Xiao Qingge, she followed beside him, carefully searching for traces of the Spirit Fruit.

After the time of a burning incense stick, Li Ran stretched out.

“You can take your time and wander around. I’ll go collect vegetables.”

After saying that, he soared into the sky.

“Collect vegetables?” Xiao Qingge was confused.

Song Qingsong was walking through the Herb Mountain.

Amongst these cultivators, he was the oldest and the most experienced. Apart from cultivation, he was also involved in numerous study fields.

As for foraging herbs, it was his specialty.

“Heh, I’ve read the ‘Pill Scripture’, the ‘Herbal Scripture’, and the ‘Picking Technique’. Nobody knows how to pick herbs better than me!”

He began to search for herbs with confidence. Soon, he found some time near a stone wall.

“Thousand Year White Vine! “

“This is an immortal herb. It can be used to refine into a Soul Cleansing Pill. The pill has the effect of concentrating and purifying one’s soul!”

“Good treasure!” He carefully collected them with the most delicate techniques.

After taking two steps, his eyes lit up again.

“Extreme Yang Grass, another immortal herb!”

“This herb has the appearance of ordinary immortal grass, but the tips are slightly red. Those who don’t study the Dao of Medicine won’t be able to perceive this difference!” Song Qingsong’s smile grew brighter and brighter.

Not only was he able to advance steadily in this round, but he was also able to obtain so many treasures.

It was simply a treasure realm.

Just as he was enjoying himself, a figure appeared behind him and patted him on the shoulder.

“Who is it?!” Song Qingsong was startled. He suddenly turned around.

As soon as she saw the person who had arrived, he became nervous.

“Li Ran? Why did you come looking for me?”

Li Ran scratched his head. “I’m not good at collecting medicine.”

Song Qingsong’s brows jumped, and a bad premonition arose in his heart. “So you’re here to…”

“To rob you.” Li Ran added the latter part.

“……” Song Qingsong’s face turned pale.

“You, you can’t do this. You’re violating the rules. I am collecting the herbs with my own strength…”


Li Ran clenched his fist, his joints cracking, his expression slightly impatient.

“I can’t collect herbs, but I can fight you. However, I’m not an unreasonable person so I’ll give you two choices.”

“Which two choices?” Song Qingsong gulped.

“First, you can take the initiative to give me the herbs.”

“What about the other one?”

“Second, I’ll beat you up, and then you’ll give me the herbs.”

“……” Song Qingsong trembled as he reluctantly handed over his storage ring.

“You’re too polite, please accept this…”

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