Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 47: Toolman Song Qingsong!

Chapter 47: Toolman Song Qingsong!

Song Qingsong’s legs were about to go limp.

What is this guy going to do?!

Li Ran said, “You beat up my sworn brother and wanted to leave unscathed? How could such a good deal exist in this world?”

“Sworn Brother?” Song Qingsong glanced at Xiao Qingge and thought to himself, “I would be a ghost if I were to believe that. This is clearly your lover!”

“Then, what do you want?” He asked in a trembling voice.

Li Ran thought for a moment and said, “Leave the demon bone you just collected.”

“What?” Song Qingsong was taken aback. “No! You want me to get eliminated in the first trial!?”

Yue Jianli frowned.

This Li Ran had planned it all!

If Song Qingsong were to be eliminated now, that would not be good news for her!

“Who do you think I am talking to if not you? Don’t tell me you really thought that I wouldn’t dare to kill you with this little girl supporting you, right?”

The air instantly became tense.

A trace of anger flashed in Yue Jianli’s eyes. Little girl?

She was one of the top three geniuses on the Genius Rankings.

No one ever had dared to call her that before!

However, she still couldn’t figure out the strength of this demon at present…

In the end, rationality still had the upper hand.

“Give it to him. The trial isn’t over yet, you should go hunt with all your strength. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to enter the top eight,” Yue Jianli said.


“It’s better than dying here, right?”

Song Qingsong fell silent.

After a moment of hesitation, he tossed his storage ring and said, “All of the demon bones are here.”

Li Ran caught it and scanned it with his qi. He confirmed that there were no problems.

“Alright, let’s go.” Song Qingsong did not say anything else. He turned around and entered the dense forest.

Yue Jianli didn’t say a word as she flew away.

Tch, why are you pretending to be cold…” Li Ran muttered in dissatisfaction.

All Beautiful women seemed to be quite cold. Master was the same at first, but now…

She had already transformed from an iceberg into a pool of spring water.

“Thank you for saving my life,” Xiao Qingge said gratefully. “I can’t repay this kindness!”

“It’s a small matter. There’s no need to be so pretentious.” Li Ran waved his hand.

The two of them had gotten along quite well during this period of time.

Xiao Qingge had already given him the map before entering the secret realm. This was a type of trust.

Li Ran did not want to watch her die here.

“You’ve dealt a critical blow against Song Qingsong this time. What if he plans to stab you in the back?” Xiao Qingge had a worried expression.

Li Ran shook his head, “Who told you that I intend to kill him?”

“Ah?” Xiao Qingge was stunned.

When she thought about it carefully, he seemed to have only used hand-to-hand combat, and not any divine abilities.

“I knew from the start that Yue Jianli was hiding nearby.”

“She wanted to see my trump card, and I wanted to test her attitude… As for Song Qingsong? He’s just a toolman.” Li Ran’s expression was indifferent.

“A Toolman?” Xiao Qingge was a little confused.

Li Ran said, “To be exact, a deadweight.”

With Song Qingsong around, the three of them would be able to maintain a considerable gap.

No matter whether it was he or Yue Jianli who wanted to attack, they had to consider whether they would be attacked by a third person.

Li Ran continued, “This time, the secret realm is full of dangers. Yue Jianli and I have the same idea. In the subsequent trials, we will have to depend on their own strength. When the final inheritance surfaces, we’ll meet again.”

“But what if they join forces to deal with you?” Xiao Qingge asked.

“Join forces?” Li Ran smiled and shook his head. “Only one person can get the inheritance.”

“That person might be me, or Yue Jianli. However, it’s definitely not Song Qingsong.”

Yue Jianli wasn’t a fool. When the final inheritance came, Song Qingsong would be the first to get eliminated.

“Oh…” Xiao Qingge tilted her head, not quite understanding of the situation.

Li Ran knocked her on the head and laughed, “You’re just a mortal. Why are you following me around?”

Xiao Qingge rubbed her head. “I hope you can obtain Immortal Destinies~”

“Immortal Destinies or whatever it’s called, I actually didn’t really care much about it… But did you get what you wanted?” Li Ran asked.

Xiao Qingge had risked her life to enter the secret realm. She definitely had something she wanted…

“That’s right, the Spirit Fruit! It’s over! I’m too late now!” Xiao Qingge patted her head in annoyance.

She only cared about Li Ran and forgot about it.

“Spirit Fruit?”

Li Ran thought for a moment and said, “Although there are quite a few spirit herbs here, immortal herbs are still very rare. Perhaps the second trial has something you want.”

“But I can’t advance further…” Xiao Qingge lowered her head in disappointment.

“Who said that?” Li Ran tossed a storage ring at her.

She caught the ring in a flustered manner. “This is?”

Li Ran said, “These are the demon bones collected by Song Qingsong. According to the rules of the Secret Realm, as long as this ring is in your possession, it should be considered as your spoils of war.”

“In any case, it’s useless to have too many demon bones. Else, it’ll just be wasted.” With the number of bones Song Qingsong had gathered, it was quite easy for her to advance to the next trial.

“……” Xiao Qingge lowered her head, her eyes growing misty. “Li Ran, how can I repay you for treating me so well?”

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