Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 46: Both of us will suffer losses?

Chapter 46: Both of us will suffer losses?

“How do you want to die?” Li Ran took a step forward and boundless Qi surged out, forming a raging flame on his body.

The raging flame was akin to a bottomless abyss, scorching fiercely.

The Yunling spear seemed to sense the current atmosphere, and it trembled as it let out a “hum”.

The atmosphere immediately became solemn.

Song Qingsong felt a chill rising in his heart.

“How could Li Ran not hold back? Too anxious…” Like Li Ran, he was also in the late Golden Core realm.

However, this year, he was already almost forty years old, while Li Ran was only eighteen years old. Between them lies a huge gap, like heaven and the earth…

Song Qingsong didn’t want to become enemies with such genius.

However, the more the matter was like this, the less he could show his weakness.

Song Qingsong said in a high voice, “Li Ran, you want to attack me? I urge you to reconsider!”

“This is only the first trial and the later trials will be filled with difficulty! If we both were to suffer any injuries in this battle, won’t we just be doing others a favor?”

“We are all here for the sake of inheritance. It is not a wise decision to fight here.”

“He’s right. Senior, don’t waste your time,” Xiao Qingge also advised.

She didn’t want Li Ran to miss this rare opportunity because of her.

“Yes, you’re correct, but I have a small question.” Li Ran smiled and narrowed his eyes. “Why do you think that you and I will suffer loss?”

“Huh?” Song Qingsong was stunned for a moment as his heart rang with alarm.

Li Ran’s figure blurred and suddenly appeared above him.

“Fast!” He wanted to leave, but it was too late. His gaze was replaced by a large hand.

Li Ran grabbed his head and ruthlessly smashed it into the ground.


Song Qingsong was blasted into the ground. When the smoke and dust slowly dispersed, Li Ran’s figure stood tall with a huge crater beside him.

Song Qingsong laid in the pit, his entire body flickering with protective light. After all, he had the strength of a Golden Core cultivator, and he used a protective skill at the last moment.

“Li Ran, how dare you touch me?!” Song Qingsong couldn’t speak.

“I would’ve been upset if you died with just that!” Li Ran raised his foot and pressed it down.


The protective light flickered, blocking his kick. Before Song Qingsong could let out a sigh of relief, Li Ran’s Qi surged out like crazy, and it caused him to continuously descend.


With a soft sound, cracks started to appear on the shield. Then, it shattered.

Song Qingsong was instantly horrified. He quickly bit through the tip of his tongue and transformed into divine light, escaping for his life.

“Spirit Seal!” Li Ran’s right hand formed a seal, causing the air to freeze. Song Qingsong was forced to the ground.

“I am the direct descendant of the Supreme Dao Palace. You can not touch me, or the sect leader will not let you off!” Song Qing’s expression was fierce.

His Qi circulated, trying to resist the pressure.

Che, who are you trying to scare? Do you think my sect doesn’t have a sect leader?” Li Ran snorted coldly.

These days, who wouldn’t have any background?

Song Qingsong’s heart skipped a beat when he thought of Leng Wuyan. She was a demoness who could wipe out a sect with a wave of her hand, and she was extremely protective of her disciples.

“From the disciple to the master, neither of them are easy to provoke!” He wanted to cry but no tears would come out.

He couldn’t beat them, and his background wasn’t that comparable to them…

If the heavens gave him another chance, he would stay as far as possible from Li Ran.

“Didn’t you say that both of us are going to be injured? That’s it?” Li Ran’s palm moved slightly. The Yunling spear soared into the sky and pointed at Song Qingsong from afar.

Song Qingsong grabbed a talisman, he was prepared to flee at any moment.

At this moment, a calm voice sounded. “Let’s stop here.”

A young girl dressed in green landed between them, she was holding a long sword.

The Myriad Sword Pavilion, Yue Jianli!

Song Qingsong’s expression was filled with joy as if he had found a backer. “Fairy Yue, this devil wants to kill me. We are fellow righteous path cultivators. You must help me!”

Yue Jianli glanced at him, a trace of disgust flashing through her cold eyes.

She turned around and said to Li Ran, “It’s only the first trial. Even if you’re trying your best, there’s no need to be in a hurry. It’s better to preserve your strength. It’s almost time for the inheritance to appear.”

Li Ran pinched his chin and sized her up. “So you two are together?”

Yue Jianli shook her head. “I’m not familiar with him.”

“Then why did you stand up for him? Seeing us fight to the death, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to sit back and reap the benefits?” Li Ran said.

“You’re right. I originally thought the same thing,” Yue Jianli said unabashedly, “But I’ve discovered that he can’t even force you to use your trump card. Not to mention injuring you?”

Song Qingsong’s face turned red, and he wished he could find a hole in the ground to bury his face in.

Yue Jianli looked at Li Ran seriously. “You’re very strong, so strong that I don’t have the confidence to face you alone. This is why I don’t want him to die for now.”

No matter what, Song Qingsong was still in the Golden Core realm, so he was still able to resist to a certain extent.

Although she also looked down on Song Qingsong, with him around, she could at least maintain the balance of the situation and not clash with Li Ran so soon.

“For now?” Li Ran raised his eyebrows. This person has plans.

“That makes sense. I’ll let him live a little longer.” Li Ran nodded.

He could feel that Yue Jianli was very strong. Since the content of the next trial wasn’t made clear yet, he didn’t want to use too many of his trump cards. It wasn’t a good choice to fight against the two at this stage.

Yue Jianli nodded and said, “A wise decision.”

Song Qingtong heaved a sigh of relief. Although the process was humiliating, he was still alive…

Just as he was about to leave, Li Ran’s voice rang out again, “I said I wouldn’t kill you, but did I said that I am letting you go?”

Song Qingsong was speechless. “……”

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