Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 11: Perfectly Completed!

Chapter 11: Perfectly Completed!

Lu Xinran’s face was deathly pale, and her heart ground to ashes. The pain in her heart was far stronger than that of her body.

“The gap is so insurmountable, I can’t even reach the hem of his robe!”

“His attacks were filled with ruthlessness without a shed of mercy. In his eyes, I must be no different than others.”

Lu Xinran felt like her heart was being pricked by a thousand needles.

“Xinran!” Elder Sun exclaimed and flew into the ring.

However, Li Ran stood to block her.

Elder Sun was anxious, “Sheng Zi, she’s already beaten like this. Your anger should already be appeased, right? Please go easy on her!”

Li Ran ignored her and stared at Lu Xinran.

“Now, are you convinced?”

“Yes.” Lu Xinran’s voice was so hoarse as if she lost her soul.

“The path to immortality is difficult; we need to tread the path with caution. If you don’t want to be forgotten like those ordinary cultivators in history, you would have to put in the effort that surpasses them. Although talent determines the upper limit, the level of effort will determine your lower limit.” Li Ran’s voice was distinct.

“I accept Sheng Zi’s teachings.” Lu Xinran nodded.

“Your meridians were blocked before, which causes the circulation of your Qi to be sluggish. This was why you have been unable to reach the Foundation Establishment Realm,” Li Ran continued, ” Do you still remember those acupoints I hit on your body?”

“Acupoint?”  Lu Xinran was stunned for a moment and said, “I remember…”

“Run your cultivation method by the acupoints I hit again,” Li Ran said.

“Ok.”  Lu Xinran did not question him.

She forcefully endured the pain in her entire body as she sat cross-legged and began to circulate her cultivation method.

She was shocked just after circulating her Qi once. Her originally obstructed meridians were now opened, and her Qi flow was doubled!

The surrounding spiritual Qi was attracted by her and poured into her body.


Elder Sun glanced at Li Ran in surprise.

So it was like this! No wonder the sect master didn’t let me interfere!

Lu Xinran circulated her cultivation method for forty-eight cycles. The spiritual Qi in her body had already been compressed to the extreme, and her robe fluttered without the presence of wind.

“Open your mouth.”

Li Ran quickly shot a pill from his hand.

Lu Xinran obediently opened her lips, and the pill just happened to fall into her mouth. Next, the pill transformed into a stream of heat that navigated along her meridians.


The spiritual Qi in her body was instantly ignited, soaring her into the sky!

After ten minutes, all of the spiritual Qi stopped leaking and started to gather into her body.

Lu Xinran opened her eyes. A faint light flashed through her eyes as she cried out in disbelief, “My Qi has liquefied. I’ve entered Foundation Establishment!”


“Junior Sister Lu has reached Foundation Establishment?”

The disciples around the stage were dumbfounded.

Hadn’t she been beaten by Sheng Zi? Why did she suddenly break through to the Foundation Establishment realm?

Elder Sun walked forward with a smile. “If it weren’t for the fact that the Sheng Zi opened up your blocked meridians and used a precious Marrow Cleansing Pill, how could you have reached Foundation Establishment so smoothly? What are you standing there for? Quickly thank Sheng Zi for his assistance!”

Elder Sun was very surprised. Dredging one’s meridians was something that one could only slowly refine on their own. External help would only destabilize one’s foundation.

However, Li Ran was actually able to accurately find the blockage without using his spirit Qi. This method was truly terrifying!

“He’s indeed worthy of the title of Sheng Zi… is this a sign that Sheng Zi wants to draw me over to his side? Should I start to support him in the sect affairs now?”  Elder Sun glanced at Li Ran and became even more cautious.

“Thank you, Sheng Zi!”  Lu Xinran’s smile bloomed like a flower.

Her heart felt like a honeypot. It turned out that even though Sheng Zi seemed to be teaching her a lesson, he was actually trying to help her break through.

For this reason, he even used a precious Marrow Cleansing Pill on her.

“You don’t need to thank me. It’s because I can’t bear with your bad talent any longer,” Li Ran said expressionlessly.

Lu Xinran: o(〃▽〃)o

He was clearly concerned about me, yet he still refused to admit it.  

So proud and adorable!

I really wanted to bite him.

Li Ran said, “Also, I didn’t give you the pill for nothing. Remember to repay me twofold!”

Lu Xinran said, “Yes! My entire body belongs to Sheng Zi. You can come and take it anytime!”

Li Ran: “……”

The other female disciples also looked at him in a daze. It seemed that the Sheng Zi was not the same as the rumors. His cold face but soft interior were just too fascinating!

The entire arena was filled with pink bubbles.

At the corner, Leng Wuyan was like a piece of ice emitting a bone-piercing coldness.

“Hehe…” The corner of her mouth twitched, “These rebellious disciples, should I banish them all from the sect?”

Li Ran couldn’t help but shiver.

At this moment, the mission had been completed. He immediately slipped away in a flash.

Houshan Manor, back of the mountain.

Li Ran heaved a sigh of relief.

The girls of Youluo Temple were just like wolves and tigers, their gazes focused on him as if they wanted to eat him up.

Fortunately, the mission was completed.

Li Ran opened the system interface.

【Mission was completed.】

【Degree of completion: Perfect】

【Obtained High-grade Treasure Chest x2. 】

“Only two high-grade treasure chests? There were three super treasure chests last time.”

From this, it could be seen how difficult it was to confess to Leng Wuyan last time…

Li Ran opened the treasure chest.

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the “Maiden Spirit Body”!】

【Congratulations to the host for obtaining the “Mysterious Light Sutra”】

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