Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 12: Sect Master, you are jealous!

Chapter 12: Sect Master, you are jealous!

Maiden Spirit Body.

This was a top-grade physique that was exclusive to female cultivators.

A female cultivator with this physique would not only improve at a divine speed, but would also continuously produce essence energy.

Although this essence energy didn’t have any effect on the woman herself, it could greatly assist her partner’s cultivation.

It was a physique made solely for dual cultivation!

As for the Mysterious Light Sutra, although the cultivation method sounded like it  originated from a Buddhist sect, it was actually a first-rate dual cultivation method.

When arriving at the deep stage of this cultivation method, the user’s body could shine with light, and it was extremely useful to the dual-cultivating partner. It was even able to deepen the other’s comprehension of Dao.

These two could be called invincible existences once combining them to cultivate in the dual cultivation world.

“Dual cultivation set? Oh god…”

Li Ran was speechless.

Both of these rewards were good. The question was who was it for?

If Youluo Temple was a dual cultivation sect, Li Ran would definitely be the most diligent one.

However, the opposite happened. The quintessence behind Youluo Temple’s cultivation method emphasized on clear-mindedness and one’s firm resolution to pursue the Dao. Dual cultivation here was the unorthodox path.

Moreover, he had just confessed to Leng Wuyan yesterday. If she discovers him secretly dual cultivating with other girls, he could imagine what’s waiting for him.

“However, what if I cultivate with the sect master?”

Thinking back to Leng Wuyan’s exquisite face and her mature figure hiding beneath her white robe, Li Ran couldn’t help but feel his mouth getting dry.

Although this matter was not very realistic, if a person had no dreams, what was the difference between them and a salted fish?

“The higher the cultivation, the more effective the physique is. As an Emperor-level expert, blades wouldn’t be able to injure the sect master the slightest bit… I wonder if that part is a tempered glass,” Li Ran muttered in a low voice.

“What’s tempered?”  Suddenly, a familiar voice rang behind him.

Li Ran’s expression instantly stiffened. He slowly turned around and saw the gorgeous woman standing behind him, and his throat tightened.


“Yes,” Leng Wuyan answered, then asked curiously,” You haven’ t answered my question yet. What part is a tempered glass?”

“……”  Cold sweat covered Li Ran’s back.

“This… It’s a demon. Because its body is as hard as steel, it’s called a tempered demon, another nickname is tempered glass.” Li Ran made up his mind.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this. It should be an unremarkable little demon,” Leng Wuyan thought for a moment.

“That’s right. It’s very unremarkable. Master doesn’t need to care.” Li Ran nodded like a pestle.

“Yes.”  Leng Wuyan didn’t ask any further.

She was still dressed in plain white. Under her white robe, she wore a thin dress, revealing a swan-like neck and a fair and delicate collarbone.

Apart from that, the dress she wore today was much shorter than usual. Her slender and round legs were jade-like.

She looked unusually feminine today.

“Master, you look beautiful today.” Li Ran changed the topic.

“It’s just a casual dress. What’s there to look at?” Leng Wuyan spoke casually, but her eyes flashed with joy.

She carefully dressed up for an hour. Although she didn’t say anything, she hoped that Li Ran would notice.

“By the way, you seem to have a very good relationship with that female disciple? She’s called Lu Xinran, right?” Leng Wuyan casually asked.

Li Ran shook his head. “It’s just a normal relationship. I recently learned of her name.”

“Since that’s the case, why would you spend so much effort to help her break through?” Leng Wuyan’s eyes were burning.

Li Ran’s heart skipped a beat. The sect master seemed to be very concerned about this matter.

“We are fellow disciples from the same sect. She’s only one step away from the Foundation Establishment Realm, so I casually helped her,” Li Ran replied.

However, Leng Wuyan was clearly not satisfied with this answer.

“I wonder when you have become so helpful since you always disdained other disciples before?”

Li Ran’s previous personality was very cold. Not to mention instructing his fellow disciples in cultivation, not mocking them was already him being generous.

Today was indeed strange.

“Er…” Li Ran scratched his head.” If it had been before, I wouldn’ t care for them at all, but it’s a bit different now.”

“Oh?” Leng Wuyan asked curiously, “What’s the difference?”

“Now that I have a new goal, I feel that the air has become fresher and my days are filled with life.” Li Ran continued with a smile,” Because of Master, my cold heart has been thawed.”

Leng Wuyan’s heart began to beat wildly.

What is going on with him? Such honeyed words, how can he speak out as a matter of fact?!

“Be careful, if someone were to hear these words…” Leng Wuyan said shyly.

With her cultivation, how could she be eavesdropped on? However, she completely forgot about this at this moment.

“Yes,yes, master, I was too reckless.”

“But, why do you care so much about Lu Xinran, Master?”

Before she could answer, Li Ran said in a daze,” You’re not jealous, are you?”

Leng Wuyan: ∑(⊙▽⊙a

Her face instantly turned red like a burning cloud on the horizon.

“W-who’s jealous? Don’ t talk nonsense. With my status, how could I be jealous of my disciple!” Leng Wuyan hurriedly explained.

“Then why is your face so red?” Li Ran tilted his head and asked.

Leng Wuyan flusteredly said, “That’s because it’s too hot!”


The cold breeze carried by the snowstorm blew past them.

Li Ran nodded seriously. “Master is right. It is indeed very hot.”

“……” Leng Wuyan’s face turned even redder, and she wished she could bury herself in a hole at this moment.

She glared at Li Ran in embarrassment and with some annoyance, “Come, let me test your combat level!”


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