Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!

Chapter 10: Lu Xinran got a great beating!

Chapter 10: Lu Xinran got a great beating!

Lu Xinran, gladly, took her position in the Martial Arts Field. She bowed her head, her body slightly shivering.

Meanwhile, Li Ran took his place opposite her with his hands behind his back, appearing to be fully relaxed. The both of them formed two sharp contrasts.

This time’s fight seemed to have caused a great uproar, attracting almost all disciples from the main peak.

Among the noise, the crowd gathered around the ring.

“What’s going on?”

“Sheng Zi is going to fight with Junior Sister!”

“Ahem! Why? Isn’t this a small worm shaking a big tree!?”

“Junior Sister Lu angered Sheng Zi just now. She is really unlucky this time around.”

“Before that, I have already told her not to pester Sheng Zi or she will regret it!”

“Junior Sister Lu is very talented. I hope that Sheng Zi will show mercy and not cripple her cultivation.”

“With Sheng Zi’s merciless personality, Junior Sister Lu this time will… alas!”

At this time some female disciples who had a good relationship with Lu Xinran had already rushed to call the elders.

The reason for that was, that no one that angered Shen Zi in the past ended well.

Only the elders could possibly save Lu Xinran now.

Nearby, a graceful figure slowly floated down. Her eyes tightly locked onto Li Ran.


In the ring, Li Ran raised his index finger and lightly said, “The gap between our realms is too large. I won’t bully you. I will not use my cultivation base nor will I use spirit weapons. I will only use this finger.”

“Within the time of a stick of incense, you can use any method. As long as you can hit me once, I’ll consider it as your win.”

Not using cultivation and just using one finger? Such contempt for me!

“Am I so bad in the eyes of Sheng Zi?” Lu Xinran felt a little aggrieved.

“Are you ready?”


Lu Xinran slowly clenched her fists, her eyes firm.

Even if she knew she was not his opponent, she must do her best to prove herself to him. She was qualified to stand beside him!

“Let’s start then.” Li Ran hooked his finger and stood in a lax and unguarded way.

Lu Xinran exhaled, and her cultivation base began to circulate rapidly.

“Instant Shadow Kill!” From one moment to the next she disappeared from where she stood just moments ago. In the blink of an eye, she appeared behind Li Ran. Her hands slashing towards his neck akin to a knife.

Instant Shadow Kill, one of the top-secret attack skills in Youluo Temple.

One’s body could transform into a shadow, ending the target’s life in one blow!

But as soon as she moved her hands, Li Ran’s slender index finger already touched her throat.

Lu Xinran’s eyes widened in shock.

“Screaming so loudly, are you worried that others won’t know your move? Come again.” Li Ran said in an uninterested tone, retracting his finger.


Lu Xinran adjusted her state of mind, again she turned into a shadow and attacked Li Ran. But no matter where she appeared, that finger, just like a ghost, always reached the flaw in her movement first.


Li Ran’s finger struck her flying, “Can you move faster?!”


“You’re too slow!”


“Still too slow! Is this all of your strength?”


Lu Xinran got sent flying again and again, she fell heavily back down on the ring. She struggled to get up, staggering. Her clothes were covered with dust, blood dripping from the corners of her mouth, she looked very much embarrassed.

She felt sharp pain radiating from the places Li Ran’s index finger had poked during the battle. It felt as if her muscles would tear and bones would break if this kept going.

Li Ran had his hands behind his back. His white clothes were still pristine, not even containing a speck of dust on them.

The disciples around the stage covered their eyes.

Awful. This is too awful!

Is this the result of the offending Sheng Zi?

“Sheng Zi, please let her go!” Elder Sun arrived at the spot in a hurry at this moment.

Lu Xinran was very talented. She was second only to Li Ran in Youluo Temple and was Elder Sun’s most proud disciple.

Her current realm was low simply because she hadn’t cultivated for long.

“To preserve the inheritance of my cultivation method, I can’t afford anything happening to her. Please have mercy!” Just as Elder Sun was about to fly onto the stage, a wave of terrifying pressure forced her back down to the ground.

She turned her head in amazement and saw Leng Wuyan standing behind her.

“Sect Master!” Elder Sun hurriedly knelt on one knee.

An invisible force held her up, and Leng Wuyan said lightly, “Don’t interfere, look carefully.”

“But…” Elder Sun tried to say something but swallowed her words before she could finish.

Even the sect master doesn’t care about you… Xinran, no one can save you this time.” Elder Sun sighed silently.

On the ring, Li Ran shook his head and disdainfully said, “Can’t hold on anymore? You have ten breaths left. You can also choose to give up.”

“Xinran, please give up!”

“The other party is the Sheng Zi. It’s not a shame even if you lose!”

“Yes, don’t hold on, you have reached your limit!”

The disciples around the stage shouted anxiously.

Lu Xinran was cute and had a charming personality. She was obviously very popular among the disciples.

No one wanted her to have an accident.

“I haven’t reached my limit yet. There is still a chance!” Lu Xinran wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth, her eyes burning with determination, “Sheng Zi, I will definitely let you recognize me!”

“Oh, let’s continue then,” Li Ran said indifferently.

“Great.” Lu Xinran circulated her cultivation technique to the extreme, and her whole body blurred as if she was about to merge with the shadows.

“Instant Shadow Kill. Purgatory!”

Her body exploded and covered the sky in shadows before sweeping down towards Li Ran.

Her real body was hidden in these shadows, and even using the divine consciousness she wasn’t easy to detect.

The disciples around the ring had their eyes straightened. They didn’t expect that their cute junior sister would have such strong combat prowess.

“An insignificant move!”

Li Ran casually pointed with his finger. A muffled snort immediately rang out in the air.

The wind stopped abruptly. Lu Xinran’s body froze midair. Li Ran’s index finger was pointed straight at the center of her forehead.


Lu Xinran coughed up a bit of blood, afterwards, she fell to the ring akin to a kite that just had its string cut.

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