Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 804 - 804 He Was Qualified!

804 He Was Qualified!

In the Zhao family of Shangyang City, the Thirteenth Elder had just left for a period of time when the Zhao family received a message from the Thirteenth Elder. Even the usually calm patriarch, Zhao Chuanxi, could not help but feel excited.

“Quick, quick, gather the elders immediately!”

When the many elders rushed over, Zhao Chuanxi still could not suppress the excitement on his face. This surprised all the elders. When had the usually calm and composed Patriarch ever become so excited?

“Patriarch, what’s so exciting?”

An elder could not help but ask. Even when the 800 Qilin Guards were destroyed, Zhao Chuanxi had never been so excited.

“Elders, this is a joyous occasion. Just now, the Thirteenth Elder sent back a message, saying that he has already arrived at Red Phosphorus City and met the mysterious Chaotic Perfected Person, Lin Feng. Lin Feng has also agreed to go to Shangyang City.”

“Oh? Lin Feng is willing to make peace? That’s great.”

The elders heaved a sigh of relief. No one would feel relaxed when facing a Chaotic Perfected Person.

However, even if Lin Feng was willing to make peace, the Patriarch would not be so agitated.

“There’s another great joy. Zhao Chuanlong isn’t dead, and… and he has successfully metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform!”

The patriarch released an important piece of news. Not only was Zhao Chuanlong not dead, he had also become a Chaotic lifeform, a true Chaotic Perfected Person. Wasn’t this what the Zhao family had always dreamed of?

“No wonder the Patriarch is so excited, but… how is this possible?”

“Wasn’t Zhao Chuanlong captured by Lin Feng? He can actually metamorphose into a Chaotic lifeform when his life is in danger?”

“Could there be a trap?”

“That’s right, Patriarch. You must be careful with this news.”

However, Zhao Chuanxi shook his head and said, “I’ve already confirmed it with the Thirteenth Elder several times. The Thirteenth Elder saw it with his own eyes. When he arrived at Red Phosphorus City, he happened to see Zhao Chuanlong undergoing metamorphosis. There shouldn’t be any mistake. Moreover, according to his observation, not only did Zhao Chuanlong and Lin Feng not become mortal enemies, they seemed to be on very good terms.”

Zhao Chuanxi was also bewildered.

“If that’s really the case, it’s simply a blessing among misfortunes for our Zhao family. With Zhao Chuanlong, the new Chaotic Perfected Person, even without the 800 Qilin Guards, the Zhao family will still be the hegemon of Shangyang City! It might even become more illustrious!”

“That’s right. No matter what method Zhao Chuanlong used to survive and convince Lin Feng, this is a blessing for our Zhao family. Patriarch, if that Lin Feng is really convinced by Zhao Chuanlong and is willing to make peace, we shouldn’t be stingy with some benefits.”

Zhao Chuanxi nodded and said, “Of course. If we can rope this Lin Feng in as well, our Zhao family will have two Chaotic Perfected Persons. Our prestige will definitely far exceed that in the past! However, for the sake of caution, let’s wait until Lin Feng and Zhao Chuanlong return. This Lin Feng killed 800 Qilin Guards. He’s very strong. Even if we make peace, there must be conditions. It won’t be too late to discuss them after we hear the conditions for the time being.”

“As Patriarch says.”

In reality, Zhao Chuanxi still left out something. If Lin Feng’s conditions were too harsh, with the Zhao family’s array and that peak Chaotic artifact, it was not impossible for them to keep Lin Feng here.

After all, Lin Feng was ultimately an outsider, and would always be a hidden threat. Previously, Zhao Chuanxi did not dare to take the risk because the Zhao family could not.

But now, the Zhao family had a Chaotic Perfected Person like Zhao Chuanlong. Things were completely different.

In the Chaotic spaceship, Zhao Chuanlong, who was in front of Lin Feng, had a solemn expression.

“You said that the Zhao family has a powerful array and a peak Chaotic artifact that can contend with advanced Chaotic lifeforms?”

“That’s right. The Zhao family has a deep foundation. Naturally, we don’t just rely on the 800 Qilin Guards. However, be it that peak artifact or array, they can only be left in the Zhao family and can’t be taken outside it. Hence, unless the Zhao family encounters a life-or-death crisis, no one knows how powerful our Zhao family’s artifact and array are.”

Lin Feng nodded. The current Zhao Chuanlong was completely under his command. Even if he asked Zhao Chuanlong to commit suicide, he probably would not hesitate at all.

Zhao Chuanlong’s words were trustworthy.

“Interesting. Chuanlong, what are you going to do when you return this time?”

“To convince the Zhao family to open the library, of course. There are 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls inside. You can browse through them at will.”

“Oh? What if the Zhao family refuses?”

“No? If anyone refuses, they’ll be making things difficult for you, Perfected Person, which would be the same as making things difficult for m. Moreover, it will be against the interests of the Zhao family, which would be short-sighted. I’ll take action to clean up the mess. Perfected Person, please give me a few days. I’ll definitely take care of the Zhao family’s matters. When the time comes, I’ll turn off the array and control the peak Chaotic artifact. I won’t let the despicable people in the Zhao family make things difficult for you, Perfected Person, and ruin the 100,000-year foundation of the Zhao family!”

Zhao Chuanlong appeared to be acting righteously for the benefit of the Zhao family now. However, perhaps only he himself believed these words without a doubt.

Lin Feng shook his head. Actually, the safest method was undoubtedly to let Zhao Chuanlong return to the Zhao family, slowly sever his dissidents, and take over the family, before turning off the array and controlling that peak Chaotic artifact.

That would be the safest method.

However, Lin Feng shook his head. He looked out of the spaceship and stood with his hands behind his back. “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Why should I be overcautious when doing things? If the Zhao family agrees, everyone will be happy. If not, I’ll just suppress them!”

Lin Feng was not being arrogant. Even if he came to the Chaos, he would not take a mere Zhao family seriously.

Who was he?

He was a Universe Supremacy, a Universe Transcendent, and a Chaotic lifeform. Why would he need to be overcautious and use schemes to deal with a mere 100,000-year-old family that did not even have a Chaotic Perfected Person on their side?

He was determined to obtain the 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls!

The speed of the spaceship was very fast. Lin Feng could already see a huge city in front of him. Those tall city walls emitted traces of an ancient and powerful aura.

Clearly, even the city walls seemed to have been reinforced with some arrays. It was unusual.

This was Shangyang City, the largest city among the dozens of surrounding cities.

Soon, the spaceship slowly landed. The Thirteenth Elder leaned on his walking stick, his face flushed. He came in front of Lin Feng’s Chaotic spaceship as soon as he alighted from the spaceship.

Seeing the door of the spaceship open, the Thirteenth Elder said with a smile, “Perfected Person Lin, this is the Zhao family. Please follow me.”

Lin Feng nodded. He was also sizing up the Zhao family.

The Zhao family occupied almost a third of the enormous Shangyang City. This was enough to show the Zhao family’s status in Shangyang City. Originally, Shangyang City had developed because of the Zhao family. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Shangyang City was the foundation of the Zhao family.

After passing through the layers of corridors and arriving outside the living room, he realized that there were already some old, but vigorous-looking elders waiting to welcome Lin Feng and the others.

These were all elders of the Zhao family and half-Chaotic lifeforms.

Although the lifespan of half-Chaotic lifeforms was also relatively long, it was far from the level of immortality. Only by becoming a Chaotic lifeform and completely transforming one’s body into an energy body could one’s lifespan be infinite.

This was also why the people of the Chaotic continents yearned so much to become Chaotic lifeforms. Being able to have infinite lifespans was incomparably enviable everywhere.

“He’s indeed a Chaotic lifeform!”

“He’s metamorphosed. He’s really metamorphosed. Zhao Chuanlong is indeed the hope of our Zhao family!”

“Haha, it’s only a matter of time before the Zhao family returns to its peak!”

These elders all looked at Zhao Chuanlong immediately. With their knowledge, they could naturally tell at a glance that Zhao Chuanlong had indeed metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform and become a true Chaotic Perfected Person.

Even with the Zhao family’s foundation, they could not help but be excited. After all, no Chaotic Perfected Person had been born after the ancestor of the Zhao family. Now that Zhao Chuanlong had become a Chaotic Perfected Person, didn’t that mean that the Zhao family would prosper again?

“Patriarch, Elders, this is Perfected Person Lin!”

The Thirteenth Elder reminded everyone that the Lin Feng in front of them was the “main character”.

“So it’s Perfected Person Lin. Excuse us for the lack of a formal welcome. Please come to the living room for a chat.”

Zhao Chuanxi said with a smile.

Lin Feng nodded and walked into the living room alone. This time, he did not bring Lang Da, Qin Sheng, and the others into the Zhao family’s array. The others were all burdens.

After entering the living room, Zhao Chuanxi gave a fake smile and said slowly, “Perfected Person Lin, our Zhao family had some misunderstandings with you previously and even made a fool of ourselves. We specially invited you to the Zhao family this time to apologize to you. If you have any requests, feel free to ask. The Zhao family is very sincere.”

Hence, everyone looked at Lin Feng. The Zhao family was indeed very sincere. Unless absolutely necessary, they did not want to fight to the death with Lin Feng, a Chaotic Perfected Person who could kill 800 Qilin Guards.

It would naturally be best if they could pay a price in exchange for reconciliation with Lin Feng.

However, they were not sure what conditions Lin Feng would make either.

Lin Feng pondered for a moment. His gaze swept across Zhao Chuanxi and the many elders, and he roughly understood that the Zhao family was indeed prepared to pay a price.

Hence, Lin Feng did not hesitate at all and said directly, “In that case, I won’t stand on ceremony. As an itinerant cultivator who travels the Chaos, although I was lucky enough to metamorphose into a Chaotic lifeform, my strength has always stagnated due to the lack of cultivation techniques for Chaotic lifeforms, as well as various Chaotic martial arts or Chaotic spells.

“I heard that the Zhao family has 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls, and all of them are of top quality. I just wish to borrow 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls to take a look. Please grant my wish.”

As soon as Lin Feng finished speaking, the expressions of everyone from the Zhao family in the living room changed abruptly.

“What? 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls?”

“No, absolutely not. The Zhao family spent 100,000 years collecting them. How can we pass them to outsiders?”

“Those are the 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls. Even elders like us have never read all of them, let alone outsiders.”

“The 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls are the foundation of the Zhao family. We absolutely cannot allow it.”

The reactions of the many elders were very strong, and very normal. The 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls were the ultimate foundation of the Zhao family. How could they be easily imparted? Even the elders were not qualified to read all the Doctrine Scrolls.

Zhao Chuanxi pondered for a moment and said in a solemn tone, “Perfected Person Lin, the 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls are the foundation of the Zhao family. They absolutely cannot be imparted to outsiders. You have put the Zhao family in a difficult position. However, in order to apologize to you, I’ll make the call, and offer you three scrolls of Chaotic-level martial arts. How about that?”

Immediately, everyone’s gaze was focused on Lin Feng. The Zhao family’s stand was very clear. There was no need to even contemplate the 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls, but the Zhao family was still willing to offer three scrolls of Chaotic martial arts.

“Three scrolls of Chaotic martial arts?”

Lin Feng grinned and shook his head. “I knew that there would be complications. Fortunately, I am sufficiently prepared. Since I’m here today, I must see the 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls!”


Immediately, the atmosphere in the entire living room tensed.

“Perfected Person, what do you mean?” Zhao Chuanxi’s tone also turned cold.

Lin Feng slowly stood up. His gaze swept across Zhao Chuanxi and the many elders. He said with a half-smile, “Was I not clear enough? You can either show me the 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls, or show me what else your Zhao family relies on for its 100,000-year foundation.”

At this moment, Lin Feng did not conceal himself at all. The confidence and domineering aura on his body impacted everyone.

He was a Universe Supremacy, a Chaotic lifeform, a Transcendent, and the Father Deity of the 3,000 Universe Daemons!

He was qualified!

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