Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 805 - 805 You Know Nothing About Strength!

805 You Know Nothing About Strength!

Zhao Chuanxi laughed in anger. He had been in charge of the Zhao family for a hundred years, and had the authority. Even when facing a Chaotic Perfected Person, he was neither servile nor overbearing.

Yet now, he was being threatened by Lin Feng. Even if Lin Feng was a Chaotic Perfected Person, he could forget about threatening the Zhao family while here in the Zhao family!

“Very well, Perfected Person Lin! In that case, I’ll let you try the methods of our Zhao family!”

At this moment, Zhao Chuanxi did not want to endure anymore. This was because there was no possibility of compromise at all. The 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls of the Zhao family were its foundation. Even if he died, it was impossible for him to hand over the 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls to an outsider.

If the 3,000 Doctrine Scrolls were to spread, how could their Zhao family still intimidate the entire Shangyang City? Their 100,000-year foundation might be destroyed overnight.

Now, only by fighting and suppressing Lin Feng could they protect the foundation of the Zhao family.

“Lin Feng, if you were outside, the Zhao family would naturally be unable to do anything to you. However, you should have never come to the Zhao family. Today is the day you die!”

As soon as Zhao Chuanxi finished speaking, the surrounding space seemed to be changing rapidly. Lin Feng clearly felt a transferring force that instantly moved him elsewhere.

Zhao Chuanxi was gone. So were the many elders of the Zhao family. Even Zhao Chuanlong was gone.

However, Lin Feng did not look panicked at all. Instead, he observed his surroundings with interest. There seemed to be infinite killing intent around him. The power of the array had sealed Lin Feng.

“As expected of a 100,000-year-old family. However, if this is all you have, you won’t be able to trap me!”


Lin Feng waved his hand. He could still sense the mountains within a radius of dozens or even hundreds of kilometers. He used the Mountain Moving Technique. A huge mountain flew over from afar and appeared above the Zhao family.

Such a huge mountain naturally attracted the attention of many people in Shangyang City.

“What’s going on? A mountain is flying over?”

“What a huge mountain. This pressure is simply suffocating. Could the Zhao family be cultivating a spell?”

“Cultivate a spell? Have you ever seen anyone move a mountain above their own house when cultivating a spell? I don’t think it’s that simple. The Zhao family is in trouble.”

“I heard that the Zhao family has encountered trouble recently. Even the 800 Qilin Guards were killed. It’s a Chaotic Perfected Person…”

There was no lack of well-informed people in Shangyang City who knew about what had happened in Red Phosphorus City recently. The Zhao family had offended a Chaotic Perfected Person, but even though there was a Chaotic Perfected Person, many people had never thought that something would happen to the Zhao family.

After all, this was the Zhao family, a 100,000-year-old family. It was a colossus that had loomed over everyone in Shangyang City for 100,000 years. How could it be destroyed so easily?

But now, seeing this huge mountain, many people’s minds had already been shaken slightly.


The mountain smashed down hard. Immediately, the ground shook. Many people from the Zhao family could not escape in time and were smashed to death by the mountain. Immediately, the Zhao family also fell into chaos.

This was the Mountain Moving Technique, a true Chaotic spell!

At this moment, Lin Feng, who was trapped in the array, also felt the surroundings shake. It seemed like his Mountain Moving Technique was working. This was the Zhao family. Lin Feng did not feel any psychological burden.


Lin Feng used the Mountain Moving Technique again and again. Huge mountains were moved over by Lin Feng and smashed down hard. The surroundings shook more and more violently.

Zhao Chuanxi finally could not take it anymore.

“Lin Feng, how dare you be so impudent? Here’s the heirloom of the Zhao family, the Spirit Suppression Bell!”


Instantly, a bell rang crisply. Lin Feng’s entire body also experienced a slight tremor, and felt as if it was frozen. At the same time, a huge bell emitting a golden light descended from the sky and crushed towards Lin Feng’s head.

“Peak Chaotic artifact, Spirit Suppression Bell!”

A sharp glint also appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes. Zhao Chuanlong had mentioned this to him. The Zhao family’s peak Chaotic artifact could shake the mind, petrify the body, and crush everything.

Its power was much more terrifying than the Minor Dipper Demon Subduing Array formed by 800 Qilin Guards.


Under the instant suppression of the Spirit Suppression Bell, Lin Feng’s Chaotic body was actually pressed down inch by inch. Even his back was bent.

Not only did the Spirit Suppression Bell shake the mind, it could also disperse the Chaotic aura, which almost completely countered Chaotic lifeforms. Of course, if a Chaotic lifeform was too strong, such as a peak Chaotic lifeform, it could naturally send the Spirit Suppression Bell flying with a punch.

However, ordinary Chaotic lifeforms would be in trouble.

Lin Feng had just metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform not long ago. Even though he had a deep accumulation and extraordinary foundation, he was far from comparable to those advanced Chaotic lifeforms.

Hence, he was slowly suppressed by the Spirit Suppression Bell bit by bit.

Zhao Chuanxi, who was secretly observing in the array, heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he laughed and said, “Looks like this Lin Feng is only so-so. He won’t be able to withstand the Spirit Suppression Bell in the end.”

The Spirit Suppression Bell was the Zhao family’s final trump card, and naturally their greatest reliance. If even this was broken by Lin Feng, the Zhao family would really be finished.

Fortunately, as they had expected, Lin Feng could not withstand the Spirit Suppression Bell at all.

At this moment, Lin Feng was already suppressed to the extreme by the Spirit Suppression Bell. His Chaotic Body alone was indeed unable to withstand it. This was the first time since Lin Feng had cultivated the Chaotic Body that even his Chaotic Body could not resist.

However, Lin Feng was not an ordinary Chaotic lifeform. Or rather, he was not just a Chaotic lifeform. He was also a Universe Supremacy, a Transcendent!

Lin Feng did not summon the 3,000 Universe Daemons, because there was no need at all. He was a Transcendent, and he was the Father Deity of the 3,000 Universe Daemons. He naturally had unparalleled power.

“You know nothing about strength!”

Suddenly, Lin Feng growled. At the same time, the universe in his body shrank slightly, then expanded abruptly. A terrifying power was instantly transmitted from the universe.

This was the power of an entire universe, a power that rivaled even the cosmic will of the Origin Universe.

“Strength, powerful strength, invincible strength! Rise!”

Lin Feng’s expression was cold. His body, which had originally been suppressed to the extreme, actually stood up inch by inch. As his head touched the Spirit Suppression Bell above, he lifted it forcefully.

“Impossible, impossible. Even the Spirit Suppression Bell can’t suppress him. How is this possible?”

Seeing Lin Feng “hold up” the Spirit Suppression Bell bit by bit like a deity, Zhao Chuanxi’s mouth fell open, and a trace of disbelief appeared in his eyes.

He controlled the Zhao family’s array and the Spirit Suppression Bell. Hence, he knew very well how terrifying a power must be if in order to resist the Spirit Suppression Bell. It was definitely not something an ordinary Chaotic lifeform could resist.

However, Lin Feng did not use any Chaotic martial arts, nor did he use any Chaotic techniques. He simply relied on his Chaotic body to carry the Spirit Suppression Bell.

What kind of terrifying power was this? What kind of monster had the Zhao family provoked?

Zhao Chuanxi was shocked and furious. He hurriedly used his hand seals and activated the Spirit Suppression Bell to suppress Lin Feng in a frenzy. This was already a critical moment of life and death for the Zhao family. Zhao Chuanxi did not dare to be careless at all.


As the golden light emitted by the Spirit Suppression Bell grew stronger and stronger, Lin Feng looked up at the Spirit Suppression Bell, and a cold smile appeared on his lips.


Lin Feng used the Phantom Movement Technique and arrived above the Spirit Suppression Bell in the blink of an eye.

“Heaven Turning Seal!”

Lin Feng clapped his hands. It was the Chaotic martial art, Heaven Turning Seal! Moreover, Lin Feng had completely unleashed the power of the universe in his body this time. What enhanced his body was the power of an entire universe.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Spirit Suppression Bell emitted anxious chimes in a frenzy, trying to break free from Lin Feng’s Heaven Turning Seal. However, no matter how urgent the Spirit Suppression Bell’s chimes were, Lin Feng’s Heaven Turning Seal still landed.


It was as if the world was turned upside down, and the sun and moon were dimmed. The entire array was shaking violently. Under the eruption of Lin Feng’s Heaven Turning Seal and the cosmic power in his body, the Spirit Suppression Bell was slammed to the ground. A mighty sound spread in all directions for a long time.


Zhao Chuanxi’s face was pale. He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and almost fell to the ground. He had trouble even standing up.

At the same time, the array was instantly broken. The Spirit Suppression Bell was not something that just anyone could withstand. Many people from the Zhao family and the elders of the Zhao family had splitting headaches and appeared insane. They were clearly injured by the bell.

At this moment, the array had been broken, and the Spirit Suppression Bell was also suppressed by Lin Feng. The Zhao family was in imminent danger.

“Zhao Chuanlong, why aren’t you attacking? The Zhao family is in a life-or-death situation. Kill Lin Feng quickly!”

Zhao Chuanxi shouted at Zhao Chuanlong in a hoarse voice, almost hysterical. At this moment, everyone in the Zhao family placed their hopes on Zhao Chuanlong.

However, Zhao Chuanlong did not move. He looked at them as if they were idiots, unmoved by Zhao Chuanxi’s furious roars.


Lin Feng broke out of the array, and the Spirit Suppression Bell was also moved into the internal universe to suppress it. In the internal universe, even a peak Chaotic artifact could not cause any commotion.

Seeing Lin Feng descend, Zhao Chuanlong hurriedly walked up and bowed respectfully. “Perfected Person, the array has been broken. The Spirit Suppression Bell has been suppressed by you. These obstinate people from the Zhao family are all here, at your disposal!”

When Zhao Chuanxi and the many elders of the Zhao family saw this scene, it was like a bolt from the blue. Their faces instantly turned pale. They pointed at Zhao Chuanlong, but could not say anything.

“Zhao Chuanlong, you betrayed the Zhao family and our ancestors!” Zhao Chuanxi roared fiercely. In his anger, he spat out another mouthful of blood.

He understood. He understood everything now.

No wonder Lin Feng dared to come to the Zhao family without inhibitions. Lin Feng was powerful. This was one of the reasons. More importantly, Lin Feng had Zhao Chuanlong as a spy.

Who would have thought that Zhao Chuanlong, who was regarded as the hope of the Zhao family and the only Chaotic Perfected Person in the Zhao family at the moment, would actually betray the Zhao family and join Lin Feng?

Even if Zhao Chuanxi died, he would not rest in peace!

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