Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 803 - 803 Zhao Family's Invitation

803 Zhao Family’s Invitation

“The Sacred Stone of Anathema?”

Lin Feng was shocked. It was the Sacred Stone of Anathema, or rather, the Chaotic Origin Stone. That was its true name.

This Chaotic Origin Stone was extraordinary to Lin Feng. The Chaotic Origin Stone had contributed greatly to how he could attain transcendence in the Origin Universe.

However, ever since he entered the Chaos, the Chaotic Origin Stone seemed to have stopped moving. At one point, Lin Feng felt that this Chaotic Origin Stone was probably useless.

But now, why was the Chaotic Origin Stone suddenly shaking?

“Could it be a Rule, the Chaotic Rule?”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. When Zhao Chuanlong metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform, a Chaotic Rule had descended. Could it be the Chaotic Rule which had triggered the change in the Chaotic Origin Stone?

However, back when Lin Feng metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform in the Chaos, why did the Chaotic Origin Stone not move?

Lin Feng did not know, but the change in the Chaotic Origin Stone still gave Lin Feng a trace of anticipation.

Hence, Lin Feng quickly extended his mental power into the Chaotic Origin Stone.


A beam of light suddenly appeared in the endless darkness. Then, this beam of light quickly divided into nine beams of light and flew everywhere. One of the beams of light flew into Lin Feng’s body.

This was almost identical to the scene Lin Feng had seen in the Chaotic Origin Stone back then.

Could these nine beams of light represent the nine Chaotic Origin Stones? Or did they represent something else?

Lin Feng did not know, but he wanted to know if the Chaotic Origin Stone had changed this time.

There were actually changes.

When a beam of light flew into Lin Feng’s body, an image suddenly appeared in his mind. It was the image of Zhao Chuanlong’s metamorphosis just now. Moreover, Zhao Chuanlong’s body seemed to have become transparent.

He knew very well how every inch of flesh and blood was converted into Chaotic aura.

“Rule, Chaotic Rule!”

Lin Feng stared intently at the mysterious power enveloping Zhao Chuanlong. That was a Chaotic Rule, but Lin Feng did not know which Rule it was.

However, now that this Chaotic Rule had appeared in Lin Feng’s mind, it seemed to be imprinted in his mind and could not be erased. Yet when Lin Feng studied it carefully, he felt that it was profound and incomparably sophisticated.

Moreover, even if Lin Feng understood the principle behind this Chaotic Rule, what was the use?

“Can I actually help others metamorphose into Chaotic lifeforms?”

Lin Feng shook his head. If that really happened, how terrifying would it be if he metamorphosed all 3,000 Universe Daemons into Chaotic lifeforms?

“Master, Master, someone from the Zhao family is here again!”

Suddenly, Lang Da’s voice echoed in Lin Feng’s ears. Lin Feng’s consciousness retreated from the Chaotic Origin Stone, and he looked up at the sky.

Lin Feng did not know if the changes in the Chaotic Origin Stone were good or bad for the time being. However, the Chaotic Rule imprinted in Lin Feng’s mind by the Chaotic Origin Stone was profound, enough for Lin Feng to study for quite some time. In fact, he might not even be able to figure it out. He could only take his time to study it in the future.

At this moment, an airship appeared in the sky. Although it was not a Chaotic spaceship, it was still a rare treasure. An old man with a ruddy, youthful-looking face and white hair descended from the airship. He was the Thirteenth Elder of the Zhao family.

“Zhao Chuanlong, you… you actually metamorphosed into a Chaotic Perfected Person?”

The Thirteenth Elder was both surprised and joyous. Just now, in the airship, he had sensed that the Chaotic aura seemed to be a little restless. There was a faint powerful aura entrenched in Red Phosphorus City.

The Thirteenth Elder thought that it was Lin Feng. After all, Lin Feng was a Chaotic Perfected Person. It was not surprising for him to have such a powerful aura.

However, it was not until his airship arrived at Red Phosphorus City that he realized that Zhao Chuanlong had actually metamorphosed into a Chaotic Perfected. This… This was simply incredible!

The Thirteenth Elder was very excited. Now that Zhao Chuanlong had metamorphosed into a Chaotic Perfected Person, losing the 800 Qilin Guards would not be such a big deal to the Zhao family. A Chaotic Perfected Person could suppress all others. In fact, under Zhao Chuanlong’s lead, the Zhao family could even become more glorious.

“Thirteenth Elder, why are you here?”

Zhao Chuanlong glanced at the Thirteenth Elder in surprise.

“Patriarch sent me here to negotiate with the Perfected Person on behalf of the Zhao family…”

At the mention of Lin Feng, the Thirteenth Elder also came to his senses. That’s right, there was still Lin Feng. Why had Lin Feng allowed Zhao Chuanlong to break through and become a Perfected Person?

This seemed a little too unbelievable. It had to be known that Lin Feng had killed the 800 Qilin Guards of the Zhao family. The enmity between the two parties was deep. How could Lin Feng still allow Zhao Chuanlong to become a Chaotic Perfected Person? Wasn’t Lin Feng afraid that Zhao Chuanlong would pose a threat to himself?

“Negotiate? You mean make peace, right?”

Zhao Chuanlong frowned slightly.

The Thirteenth Elder heard that Zhao Chuanlong’s tone was a little off, but he did not suspect anything. He said directly, “Chuanlong, the Patriarch asked me to save you at all costs. It’s great that you’ve undergone metamorphosis.”

“Save me? There’s no need. I’m fine now, and I’ve even metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform. Since you’re here to make peace, why are you the only one here?”

“Uh… I’m the only one who came, but the Zhao family is very sincere!”

The Thirteenth Elder looked at Lin Feng. Actually, the Zhao family was naturally afraid that Lin Feng would kill everyone in the Zhao family in a fit of anger. Then, the gains not make up for the losses.

The Thirteenth Elder waved his hand, and the people behind him immediately offered a large amount of precious gifts.

Lin Feng took a look and was also a little surprised. The Zhao family was indeed worthy of being a 100,000-year-old family. They were really magnanimous. They had offered all kinds of precious miraculous items over 10,000 years old at once. Some miraculous items were beneficial even to Chaotic lifeforms.

“I already know why the Zhao family is here. I originally planned to make a trip to the Zhao family. Actually, Brother Zhao and I can be considered to have become acquainted after a fight. Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, I also helped Brother Zhao metamorphose into a Chaotic lifeform.”

Lin Feng smiled and accepted the gift openly. Since the Zhao family wanted to make peace, Lin Feng naturally would not be aggressive. In particular, Zhao Chuanlong had already completely submitted to Lin Feng, so he was a wild card. When the time came, no matter what the Zhao family was up to, Lin Feng could handle it with ease.

The Thirteenth Elder was overjoyed. So Lin Feng and Zhao Chuanlong had already made peace. That would be great.

“Haha, looks like we really have a misunderstanding. It’s all the Li family’s fault. In that case, on the Patriarch’s behalf, I invite Perfected Person to come to the Zhao family in Shangyang City to discuss things with the Patriarch.”

“I’ve long wanted to see the glory of a 100,000-year-old family like the Zhao family.”

The Thirteenth Elder maintained his smile the entire time, as if they were old friends meeting. He did not mention the matter about the 800 Qilin Guards and Zhao Lin at all, as if everything before was really a misunderstanding.

“Qin Sheng, Lang Da, let’s go to Shangyang City to take a look.”

Lin Feng immediately made his decision and informed Qi Xuan properly. Then, he led Qin Sheng, Lang Da, and the others to follow the Thirteenth Elder and flew towards Shangyang City.

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