Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 802 - 802 Change in the Sacred Stone of Anathema

802 Change in the Sacred Stone of Anathema

At this moment, the conference hall of the Zhao family of Shangyang City had fallen into a dead silence.

They had lost. The 800 Qilin Guards had actually lost. Moreover, not a single Qilin Guard could escape. All of them were killed. Even Zhao Chuanlong had been captured alive.

The Zhao family had never suffered such a huge loss.

Moreover, there was another difficult problem in front of everyone. Would that Chaotic Perfected Person take the opportunity to attack the Zhao family?

“Everyone, although it’s unbelievable, this is the truth. Zhao Chuanlong and the 800 Qilin Guards had all lost! Now is a life-or-death moment for our Zhao family. We must think of a solution.”

The patriarch, Zhao Chuanxi, had a solemn expression. He had thought that Zhao Chuanlong would definitely be able to succeed this time, and did not expect him to actually fail. Now, this was a serious problem. The current situation was very grim.

Even the discordant elders of the Zhao family did not make things difficult at this moment, because everyone understood that once the Zhao family was finished, everyone would be finished.

“Patriarch, I think we should make peace!”

“Make peace?”

“That’s right. That Chaotic Perfected Person didn’t kill Zhao Chuanlong immediately. Perhaps that’s a signal.”

However, Zhao Chuanxi shook his head and said, “What right does our Zhao family have to make peace now?”

“Of course we have the right! Our Zhao family is protected by an array passed down by our ancestors. We even have a peak Chaotic artifact. Even without the Qilin Guards and Zhao Chuanlong, not just anyone can bully our Zhao family. If Lin Feng refuses, hmph, we’ll lure him into the Zhao family. Then, we’ll trap him with an array and kill him with the peak Chaotic artifact!”

Many elders’ eyes lit up. This was indeed a huge crisis for the Zhao family. They had lost 800 Qilin Guards. What else could the Zhao family do to intimidate the other surrounding factions?

It would probably take countless years for the Zhao family to recover.

However, even without the 800 Qilin Guards, the Zhao family was not really destroyed. For a 100,000-year-old aristocratic family with a deep foundation, the array of the Zhao family was even stronger than the Minor Dipper Demon Subduing Array. Even if a Chaotic Perfected Person attacked by force, he would definitely not be able to break it.

The Zhao family even had a peak artifact that was powerful enough to kill a Chaotic Perfected Person.

This was the reason why the Zhao family could establish itself in Shangyang City and the Incendium Continent for 100,000 years. Losing 800 Qilin Guards would at most be a heavy loss for the Zhao family, causing them to go from strong to weak and enter a defensive period.

Once the Zhao family lay dormant for a few centuries, the Zhao family would definitely be able to rise and prosper again. This was the confidence of a 100,000-year family!

“No, trapping him with the Zhao family’s array and killing him with the Chaotic artifact is the last resort. Don’t use this method unless absolutely necessary. Let’s make peace first. If the other party doesn’t ask for too much, our Zhao family can endure it! At most, we’ll lie low for another few centuries. With our Zhao family’s foundation, we’ll be able to restore our glory sooner or later.”

As the patriarch of the family, Zhao Chuanxi naturally had an extraordinary bearing.

Although the Zhao family had a powerful array and a terrifying Chaotic artifact, he absolutely did not dare to take the risk unless absolutely necessary. This was because once he used this method, it would mean that the Zhao family was really at a life-or-death juncture.

If they failed, the consequences would be unacceptable to the Zhao family. Zhao Chuanxi did not dare to gamble with the Zhao family’s 100,000-year legacy.

“Since Patriarch has already made the decision, we will follow Patriarch’s decision. May I know who the Patriarch will send to make peace?”

Hearing this, the elders all looked at the Thirteenth Elder.

The Thirteenth Elder snorted coldly and said, “This matter was caused by Zhao Lin in the beginning. I won’t shirk the responsibility. I’ll do it.”

“That’s just as well. I believe that Thirteenth Elder will definitely consider the greater good! How about this? You’ll bring some valuable gifts along. If Zhao Chuanlong isn’t dead, we still have to think of a way to save him. If Zhao Chuanlong can be saved, our Zhao family wouldn’t have to lie low for so long.”

“Patriarch, don’t worry. I naturally understand.”

Hence, everyone from the Zhao family all agreed that Thirteenth Elder would personally go to Red Phosphorus City to make peace with Lin Feng.

At the Qi family in Red Phosphorus City, the martial arts arena was rather empty, and there were only a few people. Among them, Qi Xuan, Qin Sheng, Lang Da, and the others all had a trace of excitement in their eyes as they stared intently at a figure in the distance.

Lin Feng’s expression was calm, but there was also a trace of curiosity in his eyes.

The focus of everyone’s attention was actually Zhao Chuanlong!

At this moment, the Chaotic aura on Zhao Chuanlong’s entire body was extremely rich, as if it would boil at any moment.


Suddenly, the Chaotic aura seemed to shake slightly. At the same time, with Zhao Chuanlong as the epicenter, the Chaotic aura formed a vortex that surged into Zhao Chuanlong’s body in a frenzy.

A profound, mysterious, and vast power enveloped Zhao Chuanlong.

“That is… the Chaotic Rule?”

Lin Feng suddenly raised his head and stared at the sky.

Zhao Chuanlong was metamorphosing into a Chaotic lifeform. Lin Feng only dared to allow Zhao Chuanlong to undergo metamorphosis after confirming that Zhao Chuanlong’s mind had indeed been completely altered by the mind-manipulating lotus seed.

Zhao Chuanlong had accumulated strength for so many years and fought with Lin Feng before finally crossing the critical point. Hence, metamorphosing into a Chaotic lifeform was a natural thing for Zhao Chuanlong.

Qi Xuan, Qin Sheng, and the others could also take the opportunity to witness the birth of a Chaotic lifeform with their own eyes. This would be very beneficial to their future cultivation. Of course, how much they could comprehend would depend on their own luck.

Lin Feng had already experienced metamorphosing into a Chaotic lifeform, so he was not surprised. He was just more surprised by the descent of Chaotic Rule. It seemed like the metamorphosis of a Chaotic lifeform was indeed related to certain Chaotic Rules. These Chaotic Rules helped cultivators to undergo metamorphosis, and did not just induce a change in the Chaotic aura.

However, how difficult was it to master Chaotic Rules? In the present, Lin Feng had not even obtained the cultivation techniques of Chaotic lifeforms. It was impossible for him to master Chaotic Rules.

“Hahaha, metamorphosis. I’ve finally metamorphosed!”

Zhao Chuanlong was very excited. He could not help but throw his head back and laugh aloud.

At the same time, a large amount of Chaotic aura surged into Zhao Chuanlong’s body, quickly transforming Zhao Chuanlong’s flesh and blood into a Chaotic body composed entirely of energy.

Only then could the Chaotic lifeform control the Chaotic aura with every move, mobilize the surrounding Chaotic aura, and possess terrifying, deity-like power.

Of course, the momentum of Zhao Chuanlong’s metamorphosis was much inferior to Lin Feng’s back then. After all, Lin Feng had metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform as a Transcendent, and his foundation was far stronger than ordinary Chaotic lifeforms.


Just as Zhao Chuanlong was about to complete his metamorphosis, and the majestic and vast Chaotic Rules were about to modify Zhao Chuanlong’s body at the last moment, Lin Feng’s body emitted a violent tremor.

“Hmm, this is…?”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat as he retrieved the item in his possession.

“The Sacred Stone of Anathema?”

Lin Feng’s expression changed. The thing that was shaking violently just now was the Sacred Stone of Anathema!

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