Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 112 - Battle Between Inhumans

Chapter 112 Battle Between Inhumans

“No, Lin Feng, you absolutely can’t kill people privately in Stone City! Inhuman experts signed the Inhuman Agreement. I think you know the contents of it very well. Even if Yu Shui has committed a crime, evidence must be collected and he must be judged by the court of the government. You can’t lynch him!”

The four law enforcement officers said firmly. There was no room for negotiation on this point, because this involved an important question. Could the administrative power of the government restrain inhuman experts?

Regarding this question, the government faction, military faction, and the other three major factions had all engaged in an intense debate back then. In the end, the five major factions managed to come to a compromise.

If inhuman experts in any of the five major factions, regardless of which, really wantonly slaughtered and destroyed the stability of society, the government had the right to deal with those inhuman experts.

Right now, Lin Feng clearly wanted to do it himself. He did not even need evidence. This was breaking the agreement between the five major factions, and breaking the rules.

Therefore, the four law enforcement officers were very furious. They were all from law enforcement teams jointly formed by the government and military factions. Naturally, they had to uphold this rule.

“Evidence, evidence again… Heh.”

Lin Feng glanced at Yu Shan’s portrait. Back then, Yu Shan could do nothing about Yu Shui precisely because he had no evidence, but was it true that there was really no evidence?

He’s afraid not. Nothing was flawless. Even if Yu Shui laundered the money, no matter how complicated the money laundering method was, as long as one was focused on investigating, how could they not find any clues?

Or rather, how could a useless and incompetent profligate heir like Yu Shui earn so much money “legitimately”? If they investigated carefully, could they really not find any clues?


Everything was about care. As long as they investigated carefully, thoroughly, and took time to do so, no matter how seamless Yu Shui’s actions were, it could not possibly leave behind no clues at all.

But in reality?

Yu Shan went to all the departments. He asked for the Martial Artists Association’s help, but no one responded. He went to the court, but was rejected again. What was the reason? It was only because Yu Shan was no longer a high-level martial artist, and was just a cripple who had lost his legs. No one was willing to waste time and effort to help Yu Shan for no gain.

Up until today, even in Yu Shan’s death, no one stepped forward. Lin Feng was very disappointed and bitterly disillusioned. He could not imagine that this was how the people in the government and the people enjoying peace on the homefront treated a martial artist with merits.

Yu Shan must have been disheartened back then, too, and could not even bring himself to seek Lin Feng’s help. It was Yu Shan’s girlfriend who secretly requested Lin Feng’s help. Corruption, degeneration, and long years of stability had caused many people in the city to completely devolve. They had even forgotten the countless dire beasts lying in wait around them.

They seemed to have forgotten who gave them such a stable life.

It was those martial artists who put their lives on the line, who fought bloody battles at the frontline, who risked themselves against all odds! And this was how they treated a meritorious martial artist who had lost his legs?

“There’s no need for evidence. If I want to kill someone, no one can stop me!”

Lin Feng’s gaze became sharp, and it contained a fearsome killing intent. This killing intent even made the four law enforcement officers, who were also Metamorphic Realm martial artists, palpitate.

As expected of martial artists who fought at the frontline. Compared to martial artists who enjoyed peace and stability in the city, martial artists who constantly fought with dire beasts at the frontline were undoubtedly more terrifying!

“Lin Feng, your current actions are very dangerous. According to Article 36 of the Inhuman Agreement, we hereby announce your arrest!”

“You think you can do it?”

“Attack!” The four law enforcement officers made their move. Two of them were very fast, and there seemed to be wind flowing around their bodies. They approached Lin Feng with only a few steps. These were true Metamorphic Realm martial artists. It was also Lin Feng’s first time fighting Metamorphic Realm martial artists. Although Lin Feng had suppressed 30 demons back in Dragonlith City, those demons were still very different from true Metamorphic Realm martial artists.

In the past, Lin Feng might have been very willing to “spar” or “interact” with some Metamorphic Realm martial artists. He might even be very willing to see the innate abilities of Metamorphic Realm martial artists.

But right now, Lin Feng was not in the mood. Hence, Lin Feng moved as well. He did not even take a step back. He raised his hand and threw a fierce punch. Moreover, he threw both fists at the same time.

“One Spiral Force!”

Lin Feng did not dodge or defend himself at all. He attacked the two Metamorphic Realm martial artists with both hands.

The two Metamorphic Realm martial artists were shocked. Was Lin Feng insane? He was clearly trading injuries for injuries. They were only capturing Lin Feng and had never even thought of injuring him. They would not trade injuries for injuries like this.

Moreover, how powerful was Lin Feng? Even from afar, they could still feel the whistling of the air. If it landed a solid hit, they would definitely feel terrible.

However, the speed of Lin Feng’s punches was very fast, and the explosive power was unparalleled. How could it be so easy for the two of them to stop midway?


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How intense was the battle between the inhuman experts? After a head-on clash between the three of them, it was as if an earthquake had occurred. The ground immediately cracked, and dense spiderweb-like cracks covered the tiles.

At the same time, two powerful forces struck Lin Feng. However, his body shook once, and the powerful undying characteristic allowed him to immediately return to his original state, as if he was completely uninjured.

On the other hand, a moment unaware caused the two Metamorphic Realm martial artists to be sent flying by Lin Feng. Even though he had only unleashed a Spiral Force, how could a force of more than 700 tons be ordinary?

The two of them were injured from a single strike. They were not Screwworms, and did not have much regenerative ability. Hence, the two of them practically lost their combat ability with a single strike. This was still the result of Lin Feng withdrawing his strength. Otherwise, the two of them would have died from a single strike.


The other two martial artists, who were slightly slower, could not help but gasp. What did they see? Lin Feng had actually defeated two Metamorphic Realm martial artists in one move. This was despite the fact that Lin Feng had just broken the genetic lock, and his body had not even undergone a complete metamorphosis.

How could this be possible?

However, the battle occurred in a flash. After Lin Feng defeated two Metamorphic Realm martial artists with a single move, he suddenly stomped his feet.


The entire villa seemed to be shaking. At the same time, he flew towards the two law enforcement officers like a cannonball.

“Retreat, pull back, and fight with innate abilities! This Lin Feng should be a strength-type martial artist. His strength is very terrifying. Don’t fight head-on.” As expected of a Metamorphic Realm martial artist, he was experienced. Compared to those Screwworm demons, although he did not have the undying characteristic, his combat methods were more agile and varied. Just now, Lin Feng had used the unfamiliarity between the two parties to severely injure two Metamorphic Realm martial artists at once. It would not be so easy to follow the same pattern now.

The two law enforcement officers hurriedly retreated and left the villa in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng naturally followed closely and chased after the two of them.

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