Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 111 - Repaid in Blood

Chapter 111 Repaid in Blood

“Is that so?”

Lin Feng looked at Chief Liu coldly, then turned his gaze to the crowd.

“Where are the people from the Martial Arts Association?”

“Mr. Lin Feng, I am the representative of the Martial Arts Association. Our Martial Arts Association also knows a little about Yu Shan’s matter. We are deeply regretful about the accident that happened to Yu Shan. However, please believe in the Martial Arts Association. We will definitely continue to pay attention to this matter until the truth is uncovered.”

The one who spoke was an old man in his fifties. He had a tall stature and vigorous energy. With a glance, one could tell that he was a high-level martial artist.

However, Lin Feng snorted coldly and said, “Yu Shan is a member of your Martial Arts Association, right? He once sought your help, but what did you do?”

The old man was a little embarrassed. He shook his head and said, “Yu Shan did seek help from our Martial Artist Association before, but that’s a different matter. Regarding the matter of the family property, our Martial Artist Association can’t do anything either. After all, that’s the Yu family’s business. We can only provide Yu Shan the necessary legal aid…”

“Haha, ‘can’t do anything’. That’s rich. Is this how your Martial Artist Association protects the interests of martial artists?”

Lin Feng threw his head back and laughed aloud, making the people from the Martial Arts Association feel very awkward.

“Who’s from the government department?”


“I’m the Mayor’s Secretary.”

“Yu Shan went to court to fight a lawsuit before, no? What was your government’s verdict?” “Due to insufficient evidence, we dismissed Yu Shan’s litigation request.”

“What insufficient evidence? Even if you’re blind, you should know who earned the Yu family’s money. Yet you lie through your teeth with indifference.”

Lin Feng pointed out the people from the government and the Martial Artists Association one by one. In the end, the people from the Department of Armed Forces walked up directly, and they were two high-level martial artists.

“Mr. Lin Feng, according to the Inhuman Agreement, you can’t attack ordinary people at will unless they have offended you. However, we saw with our own eyes that no one has offended you. If you act recklessly, the Department of Armed Forces will take the necessary measures against you.”

“Haha, necessary measures. I fight bloody battles at the frontline and protect homes on the homefront with my life, while you’re going to take the necessary measures against me?”

Lin Feng was very disappointed, completely so.


Lin Feng did not say anything else. Instead, he turned around and stared coldly at Yu Shui.

“You really deserve to die!”


Lin Feng made his move. He actually grabbed towards Yu Shui directly. The terrifying force seemed to be compressing the surrounding air completely. The two high-level martial artists from the armed forces felt as if they were suppressed by a tremendous force, and could not move at all.


The two high-level martial artists turned pale with fright. Chief Liu also trembled and wanted to draw his gun, but he did not dare to. How could he dare to take out his gun when facing an inhuman expert? Once he took out his gun, an inhuman expert could kill him on the spot for the crime of offense.

Chief Liu was not the only one who did not dare to draw his gun. Even the two high-level martial artists from the Department of Armed Forces did not dare to stop him. This was no joke. Even inhuman experts who had signed the Inhuman Agreement had special privileges. Even if they committed crimes, inhuman experts had to be the ones who caught them, not professional martial artists like them.

Moreover, even if they tried to stop him, how could they stop an inhuman expert?


Lin Feng grabbed the pale Yu Shui. At this moment, Yu Shui could only bite his lips tightly. His entire body trembled uncontrollably.

He was terrified. Being captured by an inhuman expert, whose frigid killing intent was almost about to condense into substance, made him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. How could he possibly not be terrified?

“Lin Feng, my brother died in the fire, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t…”


Lin Feng did not listen to Yu Shui’s explanation at all. With a light kick, Yu Shui’s legs broke completely with a cracking sound.

Yu Shui screamed in pain. He involuntarily knelt down as he faced Yu Shan’s portrait.


Lin Feng’s expression was apathetic, as if he could not hear Yu Shui’s screams. Yu Shui did not kowtow. Lin Feng casually pressed down, and Yu Shui’s forehead landed heavily on the ground.

Bang Bang Bang.

Once, twice, thrice…

Very soon, crimson blood seeped out of Yu Shui’s forehead. However, Lin Feng still had no intention of stopping. Yu Shui wailed. He still wanted to argue, but the intense pain had already rendered him speechless.

The huge hall instantly fell silent. Everyone looked at Yu Shui’s miserable appearance in shock. Only at this moment did they realize the severity of the matter, and realize how terrifying the anger of an inhuman expert was.

Hence, some people wanted to leave quietly. They did not want to watch the “show” anymore. After all, Lin Feng looked very dangerous. They did not want to put themselves in danger.

However, just as they were about to leave, it was as if Lin Feng knew. With a flash of movement, he directly slapped some people who wanted to leave back.

“No one can leave. Today is Yu Shan’s funeral. All of you must participate!”

Lin Feng’s words made everyone shudder. What was Lin Feng doing? Was he insane?

It had to be known that the people who came to attend the funeral today were all elites of Stone City’s high society. Even an inhuman expert had no right to detain them.

“No, we want to leave. You have no right to detain us.”

“Lin Feng, according to the Inhuman Agreement, you have to abide by the law too. You can’t detain us privately.”

“Lin Feng, no matter how angry you are, you have to have evidence. If you think Yu Shui is guilty, find the evidence. What’s the point of detaining us? Moreover, you’re not the only inhuman in Stone City. If the inhuman experts from the Ministry of Armed Forces and the government department arrive, you’ll be in trouble.”

These people were all clamoring to leave, but Lin Feng was unmoved. He only made Yu Shui kowtow hard again and again.

Yu Shui wanted to beg for mercy, but he had lost too much blood and was in a daze. How could he still have the strength to speak? Moreover, would begging for mercy do any good now? He could not compromise until the last moment. He had to grit his teeth and endure. He absolutely could not back down on his spiel, or he would really be finished.

By this time, a trace of ruthless determination appeared in Yu Shui instead.


Suddenly, a small spaceship landed outside the Yu family villa. Four martial artists suddenly jumped off the spaceship. Judging from their auras, they were not ordinary martial artists, but Metamorphic Realm martial artists who had broken the genetic lock.

Four Metamorphic Realm martial artists quickly rushed to the Yu family. Seeing Lin Feng pressing Yu Shui to constantly kowtowing, one of the martial artists shouted, “Lin Feng, stop at once! Your actions have already violated the Inhuman Agreement. If you don’t stop now, we have the right to take you down!”

The four Metamorphic Realm martial artists were travel-worn. They had all rushed over from the Ministry of Armed Forces and the government department. They were “law enforcement officers” who specialized in dealing with matters regarding inhuman experts.

According to the Inhuman Agreement, if inhuman experts caused serious damage to society, they had the right to capture or even kill them directly!

Seeing that the enforcement team of four inhuman experts had arrived, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. With four inhuman experts around, even if Lin Feng really went berserk, their lives would probably be saved.

Hence, all the upper-class elites complained to the four inhuman law enforcement teams one after another, requesting them to deal with Lin Feng seriously, saying that they must not allow Lin Feng to act recklessly, or the impact would be extremely adverse.


Looking at the chaotic scene in front of them, the four inhuman experts could not help but roar. They were here to try their best to resolve Lin Feng’s anger, not to really capture Lin Feng. If they angered Lin Feng and caused huge casualties, even the law-enforcement team could not escape the blame.

“Lin Feng, what exactly do you want?”

Finally, Lin Feng turned around. He glanced at Yu Shui, who was sprawled on the ground like mud, and said coldly, “What I want is very simple. A debt of blood must be repaid in blood!”

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