Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 113 - Not Dead Yet!

Chapter 113 Not Dead Yet!


In running and pursuing, the three of them rushed out of the villa and arrived above a garden outside the villa.

This was a villa area, and the population was not dense. Hence, the three of them stood in the air and faced each other.

“Lin Feng, stubbornness would do you no good.”

However, Lin Feng did not say anything. He only stared at the two of them coldly.

“Hmph, do it.”

The two of them were dignified inhuman experts. Since Lin Feng did not listen to their advice, they would not hold back anymore.


One of the inhuman experts stretched out his hand and opened it. His entire body actually ignited with raging flames, as if he had transformed into a huge flaming man that stretched across the void.

The other person was not to be outdone. He extended his hand and pointed. The surrounding void seemed to turn cold all of a sudden. The trees and flowers in the garden were all frozen into ice sculptures at once. These were the innate abilities awakened by the two inhuman experts, fire and ice. These were the most ordinary innate abilities, but also the most practical ones.


In particular, the two of them were planning to fight Lin Feng head-on now. They were going to rely on their innate abilities to suppress Lin Feng. “Freeze!”

Suddenly, the martial artist who had awakened his ice innate talent clapped his hands together hard. An icy aura enveloped Lin Feng, as if countless cold auras were surging towards him from all directions.


Lin Feng’s legs were frozen. It was difficult for him to even take a step.

However, his strength was incredibly powerful. With just a light shake, the ice crystal shattered. At the same time, however, an unending stream of cold air enveloped Lin Feng and continued to freeze him.

As time passed, Lin Feng’s body was also frozen, and he quickly froze into an ice sculpture.

An ice sculpture stretched across the void. It looked so strange. This scene even attracted the attention of many ordinary people in the villa area.

How rare was it for flames and ice to fly in mid-air?

However, the people in the villa area were not ignorant. Although inhuman experts rarely displayed powerful abilities in front of the public, everyone knew that only inhuman experts could walk in the air.

Without a doubt, these were three inhuman experts, and they were clearly fighting a great battle.

Some people had even started filming videos and uploaded them online quickly.

This video was too special. A battle between inhumans. How rare was it?

Hence, the video was quickly disseminated and swiftly became viral on the Internet.

“A battle between three inhuman experts is really rare. Moreover, it seems to be in the residential area. Are the inhuman experts not afraid of accidentally injuring others if they dare to fight in the residential area?”

“Those two people’s clothes seem to be law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers specialize in targeting inhuman experts who wreak wanton destruction. The people they want to arrest would be an inhuman expert too.’ “Eh? Didn’t you guys realize that the person they’re arresting looks very familiar? Wait a minute, let me think. He seems to be Lin Feng, the hero of Dragonlith City from some time


“What? It really seems to be Lin Feng. Why would the law enforcement officers clash with Lin Feng? Lin Feng is a Hero of Humanity who just obtained the Hero of Humanity Medal!”

The Internet was already in an uproar. Keywords such as the inhuman expert battle, the law enforcement officers, Hero of Humanity, Lin Feng, and so on had almost spread throughout the Internet. Many people wanted to know the truth. Why would a Hero of Humanity conflict with the law enforcement team?

Things were developing too quickly. After all, Lin Feng’s identity was very special. In history, no hero who had obtained the Hero of Humanity Medal had ever clashed with the enforcement team.

If the situation escalated further, it would likely cause a huge uproar.

Hence, the government department was furious. The law enforcement team belonged to the government department. It was a special institution established jointly after consultation by the five major factions.

Even inhuman experts could not resist the law enforcement team. This was the administrative authority of the government!

Hence, the government department immediately sent more inhuman experts. They had to control Lin Feng and stop the situation from escalating further.

In the sky above the villa, although Lin Feng was frozen, the two law enforcement officers were still very cautious.

This was because Lin Feng had not fallen and was still standing in the air. What did this mean? It meant that freezing was useless against Lin Feng.


As expected, not long after, the thick ice crystals immediately shattered, and the ice shards fell to the ground. Lin Feng broke out of the ice without any injuries on his body.

This was the other party’s innate ability. Unfortunately, it was too weak and could not seal Lin Feng at all. As for the other person’s flames, why did he not take the opportunity to attack when Lin Feng was frozen?

Actually, it was because they still had reservations. Even now, they did not dare to really kill Lin Feng. Everyone knew how special Lin Feng’s identity was. Killing a Hero of Humanity? That’s absurd. It was impossible.

However, now that they missed this opportunity, they would not get another.


Lin Feng’s gaze was cold. Some cuticle began to appear on his body, quickly enveloping his entire body, forming a layer of armor over his entire body. Sharp bone spikes protruded from his shoulders.

This was one of Lin Feng’s innate abilities, armor!

After Lin Feng’s body was covered in a layer of armor, he charged forward again, turning into a shadow.


The law enforcement officer was unwilling to give up. He prepared to freeze Lin Feng on a large scale again.

Unfortunately, how could Lin Feng be frozen now that he had the armor? In fact, the armor destroyed the ice the moment it froze. With the armor, Lin Feng’s innate ability could not even restrict Lin Feng’s movements.

The other Metamorphic Realm martial artist’s expression was grim as he suddenly threw a punch in the air.


It was if the very air was trembling. A huge ball of flames charged towards Lin Feng in the blink of an eye.

Lin Feng paid no heed to it. He raised his hand and punched the flames. The flames dissipated instantly, and the aftershock rushed to Lin Feng’s armor, unable to ignite it at all. Lin Feng did not know how strong the limit of his armor was, but it could resist fire and water with ease.

Seeing that Lin Feng had already charged over and they could no longer dodge, the two law enforcement officers finally went all out.

99 strands of Astral Power erupted from their bodies!

The power of ice erupted!

The power of flames erupted!

With the eruption of Astral Power, their strength increased by several times instantly. With 300 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons, or even 600 tons of strength, it was not inferior to one Spiral Force from Lin Feng at all.

“Two Spiral Forces!”

However, Lin Feng did not dodge at all. He only threw a light punch. With just one punch, the surrounding air seemed to have been compressed to the limit as a terrifying fist force erupted with a bang.


Two Spiral Forces were equivalent to 700 tons of strength. In addition to the original 350 tons of strength, Lin Feng’s punch contained more than 1,000 tons of strength. How powerful was this?

The force of the punch wreaked havoc. The two law enforcement officers unleashed all their strength. Their bodies were surrounded by ice and flames, but facing Lin Feng’s terrifying punch, they were smashed into the ground without even touching Lin Feng.

“How is this possible…”

The two law enforcement officers created two huge pits in the ground as they looked at Lin Feng in disbelief. Between four law enforcement officers, they could not even injure Lin Feng Moreover, they also knew that Lin Feng must have held back. Otherwise, the four of them would probably be long dead.

Only at this moment did they understand the value of a “Hero of Humanity”. It was not exaggerated at all. They accepted their defeat.

The people around the villa were also dumbfounded. Looking at the messy garden, it was like an apocalypse. Seeing the destructive power of inhuman experts with their own eyes, the shock in their hearts was incomparable.

Yu Shui was also dumbfounded. His legs had been broken. It was impossible for him to take the opportunity to escape now. He could only watch helplessly as Lin Feng, who was like a god of death, walked down from the sky step by step.

“It’s your turn. Apologize before Yu Shan with your death!”

Lin Feng lifted Yu Shui and threw him in front of Yu Shan’s portrait. No one could stop his determination to kill Yu Shui!

Yu Shui was truly afraid. He could sense the aura of death clearly. He knew that the man in front of him could kill him with a single slap. At this moment, he felt as if even the pain in his legs was nothing.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. Big brother… big brother isn’t dead yet!”

Like a pig sent to slaughter, Yu Shui’s desperate howl echoed in the hall.

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