Perfect World

Chapter 48 – Chaos On Earth

Chapter 48 – Chaos On Earth

Within these vast and desolate lands, total disorder erupted between the lofty mountains and vegetation. Ancient beasts roared, and fierce birds struck the skies; this entire area was in complete chaos!


A bull roared, and its voice echoed over a distance of a hundred li. Flames rushed into the heavens, and a crimson red Blood Bull with a height of over ten meters and a length of roughly thirty meters hacked open an enormous mountain. Wrapped in flaming light, It created a trail of magma as it charged outwards.

This was the same Flaming Devil Bull that fought with the golden Suan Ni and had its scarlet red horn torn off as a result. It had lived for so long within this desolate land that even the elders of Stone Village heard stories about it growing up. Its four hooves were engulfed in flames, and its entire body was bathed in a blazing light. With its silky red fur flickering in scarlet light, it quickly rushed into the distance.

Behind it was an inexhaustible amount of densely packed vicious beasts. They followed it outside the boundless mountain ranges, and killed everything outside while avoiding the magma and flames.

“Ah… No!”

A village with a population of several hundred was in complete dismay. With so many vicious beasts charging forth with a Flaming Devil Bull in the lead who was vastly superior to their own Guardian Spirit, what could they possibly do?

This village’s Guardian Spirit found something was off and immediately decided to give up on the village. It didn’t dare to resist, and immediately escape. In the end, it even assimilated into the beast flood, and became one of its members.

This was an utter calamity. The Flaming Devil Bull charged right past it, and let alone their Guardian Spirit, even the Guardian Spirits of larger tribes were no match for it. There was simply no way for them to possibly resist its power. Their stone houses, altars and other things were thrown in the air by its big scarlet horn as it ruthless knocked away everything in its path.

Smoke and dust filled the air as it headed to an even more remote region.

Behind it, beasts as far as the eyes could see bore their fangs and sharpened their claws as they pounced right through. These village defended to their last breaths, however due to the scale of this beast flood, they were insignificant. Pu pu sounds rang out non-stop. Those big sharp claw and snow-white fangs took one life after another.

This was an absolute calamity. A village was wiped out by the beast flood in the blink of an eye, and not a single survivor remained.

The same scenario occurred in many other regions as well. In a brief moment, seven to eight villages in the outer regions of the boundless mountain range were instantly leveled, and only large pools of blood remained.

In the far reaches of the mountain range, those two frightening existences gave the order and none of the beasts or birds dared to disobey. They charged out from the desolate lands and shed bloodbath to the entire area.

In reality, a portion of these vicious birds and fierce beasts had been hindered. The little scarlet sparrow and that creature armed with the iron rod forced them to stop, otherwise, there’d been even more casualties.

Within Little Lonely Mountain Town, a lion with glossy fur and an entire body doused in multi-colored golden light rushed in. It unexpectedly stood on its hind legs and was over twenty meters tall. Between its brows was a large horn that flashed with rays of electricity. With a pair of blood-red eyes, it rushed into the town.

“Heavens, that old golden lion actually came!” The townsfolk began to dread. This was an ancient beast, and many old men heard legends of it in this desolate land, but they never would have thought that it would actually come here.

“Quickly run!”

No one could defend against this extremely terrifying descendant. With a single wave of its palm after entering the town, over seven to eight people were smashed rotten into badly mangled pieces of flesh. A claw followed and several stone houses collapsed and over ten people were crushed to death by the huge rocks.

Chaos brewed in Little Lonely Mountain Town as people fled in all directions. However, they soon discovered that the little town was surrounded in every direction by vicious beasts. They had nowhere left to run to after their town was submerged in the beast flood.

“Why must the heavens punish us like so?” bellowed the elders towards the skies in rage.

“Father, save me!” children wept in terror.

Little Lonely Mountain Town sank into a state of panic. Doomsday approached, and many people wanted to flee for their lives. However, they soon discovered that there was nowhere to go, and so they angrily gave up all hope.

“Old Golden-Furred Lion, fight to the death with me!” The strongest middle-aged man in the town who held a broadsword measuring half a person’s body in length charged towards the shining beast.


Unfortunately, he was far from being this descendant’s opponent. With just a single claw, it cut both him and his sword in half, and his blood gushed high into the air.


In the center of the town, that short rock mountain shook intensely. A huge glistening rock rushed out from within. Covered in dense symbols, it rapidly collided with everything in its path.


The Golden-Furred Lion waved its large claw and smashed the ground. Suddenly, sparks flew in every direction and huge boulders tumbled out.


The beast blood drowned Little Lonely Mountain Town and a group of beasts ripped at the huge rock covered in symbols. With keng qiang sounds, fragments of rock flew off. The huge rock shone with light, and a boundless strength jolted out. It continuously smashed about, and with pu pu sounds, it instantly turned the groups of beasts into meat paste and fresh blood.

The Golden-Furred Lion released a huge roar that shook the entire town. The horn on top of its head released a bright light. A streak of lightning struck forth towards that huge rock. With a kacha sound, a few streaks of cracks appeared on its body.

“Being this savage and massacring the entire land, are you not afraid of punishment? I am the descendant of the Mountain Deity!” The huge rock shone, and divine powers spread out.

“Say these things to those existences within the mountain!” The Golden-furred Lion also released its divine powers. It opened its big bloody mouth and spouted out even more dazzling electricity before throwing itself towards the huge rock.


Although Little Lonely Mountain Town’s Guardian Spirit resisted intensely as its symbols interweaved, it was still smashed to pieces by that Golden-Furred Lion. Glittering blood splashed outwards as the vicious beast swallowed it whole.

A brief moment later, Little Lonely Mountain Town fell into ruin, and the area was filled with bloodstains and broken rubble. Everyone died and was eaten by the fierce beasts without even a trace of a bone remaining.

There were vicious beasts as far as the eyes could see; doomsday struck the outer regions of the desolate lands. Under the guidance of a few powerful descendants, the beast flood massacred everywhere as they rushed toward the ends of the earth.

In Stone Village, the willow tree was soundless. That tender branch shrouded the entire village in halos of gentle light. Even though the beast flood surged outwards, they stayed far away from this place.

Perhaps, this was the only place that narrowly avoided the calamity.

“Humanity is in a terrible situation… I can only imagine how many people passed away in this disaster. I fear that the nearby villages are no longer in existence.” A few elders were sighing, and sorrow hung from their faces. Struggling in this desolate land together, they sympathized with everyone in this coming disaster.

They couldn’t possibly have imagined that this disaster was actually several times more severe than they had thought. The chaos was no longer restricted to the area surrounding the mountain ranges, and also radiated out into the boundless earth.

This day, the fresh blood of many tribes spilt over the earth. Vicious birds and fierce beasts ran amuck as they engulfed the region in disaster.

In the vast mountain range, chaotic auras filled the air. Divine light rushed forth from time to time as the four supreme and powerful existences engaged in a fierce battle over the divine object.

Divine fire burned half the sky and the huge bird swept the nine heavens. The fierce beast ripped apart the sky and the iron rod pierced into the heavens. The huge battle became increasingly intense!

The owner of the pure-white divine object was constantly changing. The four creatures all had their hands on it at least once, but none of them could truly possess it as this intense battle continued.

The ten or so primitive precious bones of the Archaic Descendants could no longer protect this mountain range together. The decisive battle of these four utmost powerful creatures caused rubbed to fly into the sky, collapsing one mountain after another into ruins.

They constantly moved towards the distance as they battled. Their battles spread into the vast lands, but their power wasn’t something that several thousand li of the boundless mountain range could handle.

In Stone Village, the scorched black willow tree suddenly shook. The tender branch shone magnificently, causing people’s heart to shake. Gorgeous multi-colored rays of light spread outwards, covering the entire village.

“Ya, what happened?” The little guy who was playing with the three hatchlings beneath the tree lifted up his head and exposed a shocked expression.

Everyone inside the village trembled as if they were confronting a deity. The medical cauldron they inherited from their ancestors began to shine and resonate as the pictures of the first natives above the cauldron became more distinct.

Weng! The green light of the willow tree broke into the heavens and the divine chains orderly interweaved, making people unable to open their eyes. Afterwards, it enveloped the village and suddenly disappeared from the world. Nothing else remained in this place.

Its entire body was scorched black and it suffered from devastating damages. When disaster approached, it could only protect itself and could not fight against those terrifying creatures.


In the far reaches of the endless mountains, a pair of ghastly green eyes within a thick mist gazed towards here. It was extremely sensitive and had a feeling as it muttered “It escaped…”

“With this speed, who knows how many days it’ll take to massacre this entire place, too slow.” The vicious black bird that looked like black clouds streaked across the sky, and its blood moon eyes emitted a ruthless strength that overflowed the heavens.

“I loathe the humans. Their reproduction rate is astonishing. Let’s do it ourselves and finish this job faster!” roared the vicious beast. Its dark green eyes were filled with killing intent. It shot out two thick streaks of light as it struck towards where Stone Village was originally.


The mountain range collapsed, the earth split, and smoke rushed into the heavens. A deep crater appeared where Stone Village was originally. It became a huge, deep and bottomless pitch-black dark hole.

“Yi, there was a deity who perished here, no wonder it took root here. What a pity that I let it get away!” The creature with flashing dark green eyes roared as its killing intent reached the heavens.

The pure-white divine object bobbed up and down as light flowed out from it. The four great creatures continued to battle with their precious techniques. The entire endless mountain range was destroyed as there were broken mountains everywhere. Their battle extended outwards several thousand li into the vast earth.

“Your murderous nature is so heavy. Are you not afraid that someday that you’ll receive retribution?”

“Who can stop me?!” The creature with the pair of terrifying dark green eyes roared. After it roared, all the black clouds within the sky dispersed.

That vicious bird was even more straightforward. Shaking both its wings, it covered the sky. Black fog sealed the heavens, and its entire body was even larger than the black cloud. This time, it grabbed the pure-white divine object with its claws and flew outwards several tens of thousands li.

The other three creatures naturally pursued closely behind and activated their most powerful attacks.

“I loathe the humans. I’ll massacre them for you guys to see!” That vicious bird released a long cry. It flapped both its wings and swept across the endless earth in an instant, and the mountains behind it disappeared in an instant

Very quickly, it reached the aristocratic land of the Lightning clan whose population reached ten million. It threw down the divine object and directly massacred this entire region.


It was clearly a vicious bird, but it let of the cry of a beast. It opened its beak and a terrifying stream of black light shot out, covering the entire population of ten million within this aristocratic land.

The Lightning clan was vast, and one huge city was laid after the other. Its population was numerous and they were very prosperous. However today, they experienced a genocide of its people.

Like an avalanche flowing backwards and the vast oceans striking the sky, after this aristocratic land was enveloped in this black light, the entire population rushed into sky towards the huge open beak.

This was a dreadful scenery. It was impossible to prevent, as after these ten million people were enveloped by this black light, their lives were already forfeited.

If they struggled even the slightest within this black light, they would exploded into blood!

“Heaven Devouring Sparrow, it’s a mythical Heaven Devouring Sparrow!”

“Heavens, how did my clan mess up to provoke this legendary devil bird into punishing us!?”

Cries echoed throughout the Lightning Clan. Everyone was stunned because they simply had no way of resisting.

Resistance was futile, because there was no one to save them. The black light was omnipresent as it shrouded the entire region. The only thing they could see were people being swallowed into the bird beak.

This was a hideous scenery. A huge vicious sparrow with a pair of eyes like bloody moons was curled up in black fog. It covered the entire sky, and as it opened its huge mouth, over ten million people were swallowed within.

Pu! Pu!

After these people entered its mouth, they all exploded into blood as they entered its stomach.

“So much blood essence, I can be a little satisfied with this.” With a huge nourishment of blood essence, this Heaven Devouring Sparrow seemed revitalized as its weary expression disappeared.

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