Perfect World

Chapter 49 – A Hundred Thousand Li of Flowing Blood

Chapter 49 – A Hundred Thousand Li of Flowing Blood

An iron rod swept past, smashing the heavens, and headed towards the skull of the devil bird, whose size was even greater than an ancient mountain, with the intent of splitting it open!

Unfortunately, this vicious bird was too powerful. With a flap of its wings, it ripped the sky apart and ran far away in the blink of an eye. Although its body was incredibly large, it was extremely nimble and possessed lightning-like speed.

“Why are you so savage? Aren’t you afraid of heavenly consequences?” A sound transmitted out from within the mist as the iron rod swept across again.

“Why does the heavens matter? God can’t do anything to me!” The huge body of the vicious bird filled the entire sky. It fiercely flapped its wings with the desire of shaking the world into pieces. A violent gale erupted, shrouding the entire world in darkness.

This huge vicious bird was using its unrivaled demonic precious technique. Ghastly sounds echoed through the air as if it originated from the nine hells. Thick black feathers filled with innumerably dense terrifying symbols shot out and whistled through the air, and as if they wanted to destroy the world, they charged towards the creature holding the iron rod.

Another intense battle began. That iron rod pierced the heaven and earth, striking against the infinite numbers of black feathers. The brilliance of its precious technique blossomed; it flipped the world upside down, making it unstable and illusory.


The black light flourished as the entire sky was filled with dense black feathers. Suddenly, they all transformed into a black furnace that was larger than thousands of mountains combined. Its aura was intimidating yet majestic as it stood between the heavens and the earth. This was a Great Heavenly Earth Furnace.

The Heaven Devouring Sparrow’s demonic feathers weaved, and the symbols condensed into a terrifying demonic furnace. A light weng sounded and it started absorbing that creature holding the iron rod.


That huge creature exhaled hot air like a bull as it brandished its iron rod, and a vertical eye appeared in between its brows at the same time. Golden light flourished, and symbols filled the sky as it transformed into an immortal sword before chopping towards the furnace.

This was a battle of life and death, and they finally began to use their true strength!

On the other side, the scarlet sparrow was engaged in a fierce fight with that huge vicious beast with everything on the line. Flames collided against that huge claw, and the clanking sounds of the battle resonated with the heavens and the earth.

They fought this great battle along the way, covering the skies and passing over the endless mountain range. Their battlefield gradually became larger and larger.

On the great lands, a huge calamity befell the prosperous Lightning Clan, and they became a thing of the past. Huge cities were deserted as the tens of millions of people were swallowed by that Heaven Devouring Sparrow.

The four great creatures went further and further. Wherever they brushed past, cities and walls collapsed instantly into rubble.

They once controlled a great deal of territory, yet the most rich and powerful Lightning Clan was now history, and no longer ceased to exist!

“Within a circumference of one hundred thousand li, not another life form would exist again. Only dyed in blood could the mountains and rivers be considered beautiful!” That vicious beast shrouded in the dense mist stood between the sky and the heaven and earth. Its ghostly green eyes reflected its terrifying killing intent.

It had commanded over ten thousand beasts, but now it also began to act by itself. It broke away from the little red sparrow and rushed into the distance towards the end of the horizon.

“Heavens, what kind of divine object is this?”

Within the territory of another aristocratic land, the entire Purple Mountain Clan were shocked. They were looking at that boundless mist, and as those lake-sized green pupils closed in, they were oppressed to the point of suffocation.


A little red sparrow chased from behind with its mouth wide open. It spouted out multi-colored light that formed into a divine heavenly fire. From within the fire emerged an immortal scarlet sword, which hacked towards that vicious beast.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t prevent it in time. This indomitable creature’s body was in the clouds as it opened up its huge mouth. It swallowed the entire region as if it was an ocean of blood.

“Heavens! No! What kind of vicious beast is this, how can it be so strong?”

The Purple Mountain Clan was horrified. The entire capital city, along with its black mountain ridge-like walls, were ripped off of the ground. Many structures, including the palace, cracked apart, and the entire population of the clan entered within that huge bloody mouth.

The little red sparrow wanted to prevent this from happening, but the humans were just too weak. Just a tiny bit of force would cause their human bodies to burst and transform into a bloody mist; this was due to the fact that everyone was within the range of this vicious beast’s precious technique.

A demonic light rushed into the far ends of the open earth as it engulfed every living being in its path. The tens of millions of people within the Purple Mountain Clan all flooded into the creature’s bloody mouth and swallowed into its stomach.

Even that powerful Guardian Spirit lacked the strength to retaliate. It exploded into bloody mist in the air as it floated into that huge beast’s mouth.

A genuine disaster for mankind!

Purple Mountain Clan was exterminated. Apart from Zishan Hou who was in an unknown land, not a single person survived.

The little red sparrow was angry. It tried to do its best to prevent harm to these innocent people, however, this vicious and violent creature was not so scrupulous. It swallowed over ten million people whole.

A wind blew past, and an air of chaos permeated into every direction. Every city in this place collapsed into rubble.

“Within a circumference of one hundred thousand li, whether it’s humans or other creatures, as long as they formed a tribe or clan, not a single one will remain. I’ll purge them all!”

The four utmost powerful creatures were struggling for supremacy. Two of them were crazy, ordering the beasts to flatten the earth and turning the territories into dust.

Over ten Archaic Descendants lead the way as they ran amuck in this land. They attacked the shelters of one tribe after another and eliminated them all, turning this entire place into a river of blood.


A thunderous roar echoed from within this ancient tribe.

A single-armed Demonic Ape with tyrannical eyes and a body enshrouded in black mist appeared, and it was as if it a demonic spirit came from the underworld. Both of its wings flapped, and like a streak of black lightning, it cut across the horizon as it dove downwards.

“Heavens! Archaic Descendants are invading!”

This tribe wasn’t considered small, and their population reached two to three hundred thousand. There wasn’t a lack of experts among them. A few experts who studied the strength of the Bone Texts rushed out to help.


However, before they even barely met face-to-face, their heads were instantly smashed open by the Demonic Ape. It suddenly inhaled with its mouth, and their brains were cleanly sucked into its mouth.

There was no way of stopping such a powerful Archaic Descendant. Not even two to three hundred thousand people combined was enough to be its opponent. It wasn’t something numbers could make up for.

This tribe’s Guardian Spirit, a Silver Crocodile, appeared. But after only a few exchanges, it was ripped apart by this single-armed Demonic Ape into two pieces. Silver blood bubbled outwards as it met a violent death.

Not far away, a beast flood appeared and rapidly drowned this entire region. A two to three hundred thousand population tribe became a thing of the past. The ground was stained with blood as everyone became buried inside the stomachs of these beasts.

The beast flood became larger and larger because as they rushed into the ends of the earth, more and more vicious birds and fierce beasts joined in. This was a magnificent sight that caused everyone to feel numb.

Vicious birds and fierce beasts rebelled as they obeyed these new orders, massacring in every direction.

“Let’s dye this entire earth in scarlet blood. I’ll bring the most excellent one among you onto my divine mountain and allow you to cultivate there,” roared one of the supreme creatures.

With this said, there wasn’t a single beast among the flood who wasn’t excited. If they were allowed to follow alongside this kind of existence and cultivate where it lived, they would eventually obtain great benefits.

This earth was completely filled with violent actions. The sound of roars boiled and beasts surged out like a flood as they slaughtered everything along their path.

A long bird cry sounded, and a huge vicious bird flapped its wings before disappearing into the clouds. The vicious bird brought with it a densely packed group of vicious birds, and they rushed a tribe with a population of over a hundred thousand.

“Release the arrows!”

The tribe leader shouted, and all the warriors arced their bows toward the sky. Iron arrows ascended into skies and shot down many vicious birds.

However, most of them were unaffected because the bird in charge was a terrifying Archaic Descent. It opened its mouth and symbols began to interweave into a splendid flame that covered the earth.


Blood-curdling screeches occurred again and again within the tribe. Entire groups of people were buried within the sea of fire. Unable to resist the flames, they were cooked into ashes.

Two hours later, a tribe with a population of a hundred thousand turned into dust. Vicious birds flew over the sky and scattered broken pieces of feather on top of these ruins, indicating their pain and death.

“Why? Are the heavens punishing my tribe?”

Some people were shouting loudly as during this day, many tribes were attacked without any chance to resist. Once their Guardian Spirit was killed and their strongest experts perish in battle, their entire tribe was inevitably going to perish as well.

“Mankind already has enough difficulty surviving. We struggle day after day in this desolate land. Why would such an extreme disaster fall upon us?!”

Ordinarily, fierce beasts walked all over the great earth, and vicious birds streaked across the sky; this was what humanity faced against in order to survive. They needed to struggle, they needed to fight, and there were no other ways to survive.

Now, even if they struggled and fought for their lives, their tribes were still doomed to be extinguished.

This was an apocalypse engulfing the great earth. Under the guidance of that Heaven Devouring Sparrow and that indomitable vicious beast, the rivers and mountains were dyed red as entire tribes were wiped out.

Destruction was eternally easier than creation. Even though the little red sparrow and that creature with the iron rod was considerate enough to prevent some of this disaster, their results weren’t good. If they got a bit careless while fiercely battling against the Heaven Devouring Sparrow and the vicious beast, mountains would collapse and cause an even greater disaster.

The mountains and rivers were scarlet red as blood flowed through them.

The Golden Wolf Tribe and Great Floating Pool eventually met their destruction as well. Their entire clans were left without a single survivor. As of now, the four strongest clans in this huge region were already completed extinguished, and their resting places became bloody ruins.

Many other tribes followed in their footsteps and weren’t able to avert the disaster, eventually resulting in the same fate. On this day, the heavens and the earth were sobbing as countless humans died under the vicious birds’ and fierce beasts’ sharp claws and snow white teeth.

Apart from the humans, the Winged races, Tree races, as well as several other large groups also suffered from the terrifying attacks. They were wiped completely clean from this land.

All the large tribes were exterminated, and the calamity rippled to an even greater distance.

It was precisely as the Heaven Devouring Sparrow and that other utmost powerful creature said. Everything would be extinguished within a range of one hundred thousand li; the mountain valleys would be dyed with blood, and people cried during this doomsday.

The once prosperous cities turned into ruins. Vast lands suitable for living turned lifeless as bones covered the land and blood flowed through them.

No one could have avoided the current disaster because this great calamity affected the heavens and the earth. The people wailed in anguish as blood and disaster spread across the entire world.


The life and death battle of the four utmost powerful creatures concluded after several days. Then, a curtain of silence draped over the heaven and earth.

Gazing from afar, if the lofty mountain weren’t collapsed, they were broke. The great land was split apart, and life could no longer be supported. The bloodstained area became a graveyard.

This was the current situation, and the environment was vile and nasty. Beasts flooded the land, birds covered the sky, and poisonous bugs hid within the forests. For the sake of survival, they had to continuously resist and struggle.

Today’s terrible tragedy played out in every region.

As the silver moon rose into the night sky, the mountains were quiet as a deathly air loomed over them. The night wind whistled mournfully across the great earth.

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