Perfect World

Chapter 47 – Incoming Calamity

Chapter 47 – Incoming Calamity


A sudden roar shocked the land. The loud roar could be heard even from the outermost regions of the boundless mountain range. The experts who were running away immediately began to feel weak, and many of them fell onto the ground.

Their mounts stopped listening to orders a long time ago, and their bodies were weak as they laid on the ground. They were shivering non-stop, and they were so terrified that they didn’t even dare lift their heads as they kowtowed towards the desolate lands.

At the farthest ends of the mountain range, dreadful auras shocked the world as the four great creatures engaged in a fierce battle. Just like the birth of a new world, fire sometimes pierced into the heavens, black mists sometimes covered the sun, and sometimes an iron rod would fly across the vast sky…

This was a world-shaking battle. If not for the ten or so precious bones within the valley suppressing this vast mountain range, it would be hard to imagine the state these lands would be in right now.

In this chaotic mist, a bird cry pierced the nine heavens. The little fiery red sparrow fought angrily against its opponent in close-quarters. It controlled scarlet flames that pierced the heavens to cook half of the sky in unbearable heat.


A large roar shook the heaven and earth. Its opponent swallowed mountains and rivers, and it possessed majestic aura that overlooked the world. Multi-colored light exploded into the heavens to suppress the blazing fire in the sky.

If anyone was here, they would be left dumbstruck. The little red sparrow’s opponent was a huge bird that sounded just like a beast. It swayed the mountains and rivers, and if not for the precious bones suppressing the mountains, everything would have been destroyed.


Its huge wings covered the sky, and like a black cloud, it concealed the heavens. It unexpectedly dimmed the scarlet fire by a great amount, and a pair of huge talons probed downwards in an attempt to grab the little red sparrow.

That vicious bird was too big, and it filled the entire sky. The pair of feathered wings lying across the sky covered a hundred thousand mountains. Its strength was tremendous, and it made the human’s souls shiver with fear.


WIth a shrill chirp, the fiery red sparrow flew up. Although its size wasn’t great, its power was incomparable. After It collided against the huge talons, sparks flew in every direction.

The two exchanged blows with all their might. The huge bird shrouded the skies and covered the earth. Its entire body was surrounded by black fog, so it was difficult to see its body. From the distance, only its huge bloody red eyes that looked like two bloody moons were visible in the sky.


That huge vicious bird was simply too large. As its two wings flapped, it seemed as if the skies could no longer contain it. Its attack power was unmatched, and it shook the heavens with each movement.

The little red bird was struggling from its injuries. It had already fought day and night against that iron rod creature, and both sides suffered as a result of that fight.

Xiu, xiu…

Multi-colored scarlet rays broke through the skies. Dense symbols interweaved as they flickered all over the little red sparrow’s body. It opened its sparkling red diamond-like beak and spouted out streaks of blazing light.

This was an incomparably powerful precious technique. Divine light transformed into sharp scarlet immortal swords that brought out heavenly flaming light as it chopped towards the huge bird.


That huge black mist-covered vicious bird let out a wild roar. It sensed a great danger approaching, and therefore unraveled its wings before entering the blue skies.

At the exact same time, a black mist began to boil. After entering the boundless blue skies, all of its iron feathers spread open. Symbols flickered and covered the entire heaven and earth. It rained down endless black light onto the ground.

Qiang, qiang!

Divine rays of light exploded out of the sky. Black and scarlet divine swords collided with each other like comets, and clanking noises resonated outwards, shocking the desolate lands.


On the other side, strong winds whistled through the air and broke through the nine heavens. That huge iron rod held by the large hairy hand swept through the sky and earth as its fierce battle with the indomitable creature reached its climax. Each time the two collided, the skies would be torn open, and their chaotic auras would spread out.

Multi-colored light was released in all four directions, and sharp vapors cut through the air. The artifact that appeared bobbed up and down in the air, however, the four great creatures did not take control of it right away and instead focused on taking care of their opponents.

With these four creatures here, no other lifeforms dared to approach. Even Archaic descendants like the Demonic Ape and the Flaming Devil Bull could only shiver with coldness. They hid far away and feared getting any closer.

The intensity of the great battle gradually increased. The four unimaginably powerful existences were risking life and limb as they fought. A terrifying atmosphere rushed out into the desolate lands, frightening the spectators until their souls trembled.

Weng! The heaven and earth shook dramatically. A huge dreadful claw that covered the skies struck towards the little red sparrow. Divine light surged like raging waves beating against the shore. This was a surprise attack. That towering creature with ghostly green eyes suddenly unleashed an attack, ignoring its iron rod opponent, and aimed towards the little red sparrow.

The fiery red sparrow was angered. Both its wings spread out violently and a scarlet hurricane that was able to rip apart the heaven and earth surged forth. Terrifying flames filled its interior as it swept towards that huge claw.

At the same time, that huge bird on the other side swooped down right away in a criss cross path towards the iron rod. The creature amidst the chaotic mist cut horizontally across the sky. It appeared more majestic than the black clouds and emitted black fog that reached the heavens. Its pair of blood moon like eyes shot out two bloody spears as thick as the loftiest mountains and flew forward.


The heaven and earth shook and violently swayed. The four great lifeforms switched opponents in the blink of an eye. They used everything they had to kill each other in this life and death battle.

The mountain range was endless and majestic. There were tens of thousands of lofty peaks situated side by side. One patch after another of flourishing symbols flickered. Some symbols were scarlet red like blood, some were pitch-black like ink, and some were as pure-white as crystals. However, they all blossomed between the heavens and the earth, and these symbols represented the Archaic Descendants’ precious bones suppressing the entire mountain range. Otherwise, during this fierce battle, even if they did not bring the entire sky down, a difficult to deal with disaster would be imminent.

On the far reaches of the mountain range’s border, those experts endured this soul-crushing fear. They staggered as they fled for their lives. This area was too frightening, and it was difficult to imagine just what kind of creature those were. Even the light they emitted made their knees weak, and their hearts were in a constant state of fear.

At this very moment, they wished that they could escape into another country and avoid this calamity!

In Stone Village, the towering willow stood there with its single swaying branch. Although the villagers were palpitating, they weren’t like those experts from the outside world whose souls were trembling. Evidently, they were receiving some protection.

“A large battle is occurring in the middle of the mountains. We truly have no way of knowing just what kind of divine creatures are causing such an intense battle.”

“I’ve always felt that there was a mysterious power locking the mountain valleys in place. Otherwise, everything within a range of fifty thousand li might have encountered disaster a long time ago.

Shi Feijiao and Shi Linghu were muttering. The two became anxious and frightened at the thought of how long this terrifying battle would continue for.

Suddenly, a loud bird cry echoed through the sky, and a large vicious bird covered in dense green scales appeared, and its silver polished wings were dyed in different hues.

“Ya, it’s Aunt Green Scaled Eagle, its appearance changed. Its green wings became silver wings!” The little gazed into the sky in surprise.

Jiu Jiu…

Da Peng, Xiao Qing, Zi Yun were all very excited. They flapped their wings and rushed toward the village entrance towards the cry in the sky.

The Green Scaled Eagle transformed. Silver light flickered along its metallic pair of wings as a holy aura flowed along it. It devoured the meat of a Suan Ni and underwent this transformation.

One could clearly feel that its aura became even more fearsome, and its power greatly exceeded before to a whole level!


A violent gale whistled past and the Green Scaled Eagle descended. It withdrew its pair of huge wings and those three hatchlings pounced towards it immediately before continuously rubbing their heads against its body.

Right now, this vicious bird was very uneasy. It escaped from the mountain ranges because the battle within the heart of the mountains was too terrifying. Even though it sealed itself away, its soul was still trembling.

“Auntie Green don’t go out again. Stay in this village for a while.” The little guy walked forward.

The villagers all came up as well. They were quite familiar with this Archaic Devil Bird’s descendant now, and as they all experienced trials of life and death together, they did not want it to leave anymore

The Green Scaled Eagle nodded, since its original intention was to avoid disaster.

The desperate battle continued. Within the heart of the mountains, if it wasn’t a tsunami like beast cry that engulfed the nine heavens and trembled everything between heaven and earth, then it was an astonishing bird cry that sounded like the soul crushing voice of a deity.

This battle unexpectedly went on for several days with no sign of stopping!

All the clans finally escaped back from whence they came, but their hearts were still beating incessantly. Even though a distance of over ten thousand li separated them, a dark mood loomed over them as they all felt as if an ominous event was about to occur.

Three of their clan heads had perished, and they were all defeated by a single village. This news naturally shocked all the large clans. Moreover, the mountain treasure finally appeared and it was unimaginably powerful. Supreme existences were fighting over it, and their battle was even more soul-shaking.1

“The land is going to go nuts. There’s no way to know what’s going to happen,” a few tribe elders muttered.

“Hopefully the confusion would stopped soon.” Many people were praying.

In the far reaches of the boundless mountain range, a pure white divine object was being battered between these four supreme lifeforms. Their fierce fight never stopped as they sometimes reached out to try and grab the divine object.


Chaotic mist surged up, and that pure-white divine object was knocked away flying into a distant location. It unexpectedly pierced the dense mountain valleys covered with symbols, and those ten or so precious bones were unable to lock this place down anymore.


A huge beast’s foot treaded outwards. It stood in place with mist curled up all around it, and is ghostly eyes swept in all four direction as it said, “This divine object is of utmost importance, the fewer the amount of people who know about it, the better!”

“Then kill them all, starting with all the humans. Wipe all these loose-lipped humans and creatures clean,” retorted the vicious bird. It also rushed out while covered in a chaotic aura. Its omnipresent wings flapped and covered the entire mountain range below. Its size was unrivaled, and with a pair of eyes like blood moons, its vicious might astonished even the heavens.

Dong! An iron rod as large as a mountain ridge stabbed outwards. It was majestically held within a huge hairy hand. This creature was also shrouded within a mist. Each swing of its iron rod contained an unrivaled divine might!

A little red sparrow followed, and a blazing light covered the entire sky.

Four creatures with unimaginable divine might fought and roared as they shook the entire area. The ancient precious bones were struggling to restrict the area.

“Every soul listen to my commands, flatten the entire area!” In the middle of the mist, a pair of ghastly green eyes increased its ice-cold intensity as the frightening, towering creature ordered.

“Go! Sweep everything in your path flat!” That vicious bird no longer produced a beastly cry, and started using human speech. Its voice rumbled as it ordered, and those blood moon eyes were incredibly cold and terrifying.

Chaotic air filled the area as that pure-white divine object bobbed up and down. It was on the verge of falling into the hands of that creature with the iron rod, and the other three terrifying existences all cried out as they charged and chased after it.

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