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Chapter 46 – The Heart of the Mountain Range

Chapter 46 – The Heart of the Mountain Range

The willow tree had been broken for a long time, and what remained of it was a scorched black trunk with a diameter of roughly a dozen meters. It only had a single willow branch that was glistening and replete with moisture as it swayed freely in the wind.

For over ten years, it never said a single thing. Why did it decide to speak today? The little guy blinked his large eyes; he was extremely curious.

“We pay respects to the Willow Deity!”

The villagers were all frightened, and their hearts were extremely reverent. The willow tree’s actions greatly exceeded their imaginations. Everyone prostrated themselves in front of it as they prayed for Stone Village’s continuous protection.

A few older elders trembled as they lead the prayers. With devout hearts, they spoke out sincerely to convey their respects.

A mysterious power appeared, and it was extremely bizarre. It was similar to the power that the first natives received when they sacrificed to their gods as recorded in the ancient Bone Texts. Power rippled and began to spread outwards.

The ancient cauldron that they inherited from their ancestors began to resonate. The sun, moon, mountains, rivers as well as the first natives on the cauldron began to appear more distinct. A simple ancient and mysterious power circulated about as it filled the air.

However, the willow tree stayed silent just like it had been for the past ten years. It was almost as if it never even spoken at all.

“Listen and obey the warnings of the Willow Deity. Start storing up food!” a village elder calmly gave out instructions.

The village suddenly became busy and bustling. Over 100 mounts’ corpses laid in the middle of the street like a mountain. There was enough food to last the villagers for quite a while. To prevent it from rotting, they had to find ways to preserve it.

Today, the smell of meat wafted throughout the village. All the households were either nervously making jerky or smoking meat. Even the children helped. The willow tree spoke; this had never happened in the past ten years. The villagers did not dare treat its words as a hollow threat. Their hearts were anything but calm as they earnestly prepared for an imminent disaster.

Purple Mountain, Lightning Clan, Great Floating Pool, and the Golden Wolf Tribe all mustered up huge forces. In the end, however, they all fled for their lives. They were put into an extremely difficult situation, and Little Lonely Mountain Town was in a state of chaos.

All the humans and creatures within the four huge clans were dejected. They all became birds that were scared away by the twang of a bow. Dread lingered within their hearts, as they had truly lost all face this time. They were resting and reorganizing within Little Lonely Mountain Town, none of them as valiant as they were before. No one dared to raise the subject of attacking Stone Village again, and many of them no longer dared to utter that name.

“Such a disgrace. The powerful four great clans that controlled so much land and commanded so much prestige in these lands weren’t even able to strike down a little village.” A few clan elders were angry beyond belief.

After venting out their anger for a bit, many people shivered. The willow tree was too powerful, and it was impossible for them to defeat it. This time their losses were too great. They beat their chests and stamped their feet in regret.

This type of huge event would naturally instill a great commotion and attract many misfortunes. The four clans decided to leave as soon as possible.

For them, this was a demonic land stained with blood. A village was actually able to cause three lords from the great clans to die. This defeat was simply unimaginable.

At this moment, the heart of the mountain range began to rile up as well.

Strands of mist rose up into the air, and the mountain scenery began to distort as if it was put into a state of chaos. Suddenly, the cries of the beasts stopped, and a deathly silence loomed over.

A huge silhouette emerged, curling around the dense mist. Its body wasn’t visible, but its terrifying aura trembled the heavens and the earth. The ravines and mountains shook, and all the birds and beasts trembled on the floor as they paid their respects.

It was holding up the heavens while standing on the earth; its height was immeasurable. Its figure entered the clouds and only its huge eyes could be seen. They were shining with a ghastly green, as if they were two lakes floating in the sky. Their diameter was several li and its murderous aura shocked the heavens!

It was difficult to imagine exactly what kind of creature this was. The immensity of its body was unknown. If news of this spread into the outer world, the entire world would tremble.

“This divine object is mine!” It bellowed out with a deep voice that was as oppressive as a thunderclap. It shook the mountains so much that they practically collapsed. The birds and the beasts in the far distant mountains were all shuddering slightly.


What he got in response was a huge iron rod, and it was so thick that it seemed like a pillar that supported the heavens. It swept past, bringing with it whistling violet winds. Mountain rocks flew about, and a fog surged up.

This attack looked like it could destroy the world and pierce the heavens!


A demonic roar engulfed the nine heavens. That huge silhouette stretched out its enormous earth-shattering claw. It was powerful enough to crush the mountain ridge, and cold light flickered about this incomparably sharp claw.


The huge claw collided with that iron rod above the clouds, and it looked as if the sky itself was being torn apart. Clouds dispersed, and all kinds of multi-colored light burst forth. This supreme precious technique erupted, drowning the heaven and earth.

Xiu, xiu!

In the sky, one strange bone after another fell down. Some had the scarlet color of a blood diamond, others were as pitch black as ink, and there were even many that were spotless and shiny; they were all mysterious precious bones that blossomed with a precious light.

If the experts outside of the mountain range saw this, their eyes would all become red. These were all bones from the bodies of Archaic Descendants. There were over ten pieces, how shocking of a treasure was this?!

These precious bones that had primitive symbols condensed on them flew down, scattering everywhere within this boundless mountain range and fixing themselves to the insides of the valleys. Astral winds from the upper heavens once again powerfully smashed down, yet it was still not enough to collapse the great mountain.

That huge body surpassed the clouds, and it towered between heaven and earth. With two ghastly green eyes as large as lakes, it opened its ice-cold mouth and said “Too soft-hearted!”


It spurted out terrifying rays of light that directly engulfed the heaven and earth. If the precious bones from earlier suppressed the boundless mountains, people would be inevitably be put into grave danger. It shook the clouds in the sky loose and hacked forth with a resplendent divine light; this was its strongest precious technique.


Once again, the only response it received was an iron rod. It split the bright precious technique open, and huge soundwaves exploded through the air. Moreover, an extremely powerful primitive symbol appeared and with a keng qiang sound, the rod emitted immeasurable amounts of dense light. With the addition of this light, the divine might of this rod rapidly increased.

This was a fierce battle. Two unimaginable existences were laying down their primitive symbols within the mountain valleys as they fought a life or death battle.

“You and that little scarlet sparrow both suffered from the previous fight, so retreat is your only option!” Its green eyes only held a terrifying ghastly cold light, exposing its endless killing intent.

The great battle continued!


Suddenly, from the other side of the heart of the mountain range, a blazing light shot into the heavens. A little red bird appeared as it battled with another frightening creature in a world-shaking battle.

“I never thought you’d still be alive in this world.”


Altogether, there were four supreme creatures whose terrifying might surpassed all imaginations as they battled. Even the Demonic Ape, Flaming Devil Bull and other strong Archaic Descendants were trembling as they hid in the distance without a trace of movement.

Within Little Lonely Mountain Town, the experts were shocked as even they heard the noises within the depths of the mountain range. They gazed in that direction, and saw chaotic mist swirling about and over ten pieces of beast bones suppressing the mountain range, but no one was able to see what exactly was happening.

“What happened? Could it be the mountain treasure actually appeared, and that they are currently fighting a final decisive battle over it?”

Just as they spoke, a divine light broke through the skies within the boundless mountain, and a chaotic mist surged violently. Even though over ten precious bones suppressed the valleys, the mountain range still trembled violently.

A peerless precious technique was activating, and the heavens and the earth quaked in fear. Everyone was scared and overwhelmed. At this moment, their souls began to throb as many of them kneeled onto the floor.

Everyone’s bodies shook and shivered. That was the most powerful pressure they’ve ever faced, and it made them involuntarily kowtow and worship.

How frightening were these creatures? Everyone was cold from head to toe. A few people thought back to when they still had thoughts of searching for the mountain treasure; those truly were thoughts belonging to those who were tired of living! It was fortunate that they backed off!


This was what everyone thought within their heart. In this desolate land, staying still for even a moment could increase the dangers by tenfold. If they messed up by even a small bit, they would cease to exist.

Lightning Clan, Great Floating Pool, and Golden Wolf Tribe’s mounts and men were trembling even more. A willow tree already made them feel such dread, yet with these existences within the heart of the mountain, they felt that this place was not a place people could stay at. Their best choice of action was to turn back and escape as quickly as possible.

The villagers of Little Lonely Mountain Town were frightened. Even the huge clans and their utmost experts were fleeing for their lives towards the open land, and none of them wanted to be near this place for a second longer.


Suddenly, in the middle of the boundless mountain range. A world-shaking sound was produced. Rubble penetrated the sky as they bursted in mid-air. A chaotic mist began to spread, covering the entire mountain range.

An immortal light rushed towards the heavens, and auspicious vapors surged up as they arrived in front of the open skies. It was like the birth of the most valuable treasure since the creation of the world. It floated and sank there and it shook the entire desolate region.

“The mountain treasure has entered the world!”

At this moment, no one needed to say anything. Everyone knew that it was the divine object that emitted that light.

With a rumbling sound, the far side of the mountain range began to boil, and the battle increased in ferocity. The four incomprehensibly powerful beings were fighting life and death for the mountain treasure that had just appeared.

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