Perfect World

Chapter 45 – Omen

Chapter 45 – Omen

The willow tree was far more powerful than anyone could have imagined. The green whirlpool reached the skies and ripped everything apart. That huge purple giant was obliterated into fine powder.

The clan lord of the Great Floating Pool met his death, Lei Hou was taken prisoner, the golden wolf’s precious skin artifact was destroyed and the collapse of Zishan Hou’s giant all happened in an instant.


During the course of these events, the Wolf God’s reaction was quick. When the clan lord of the Great Floating Pool was killed, it turned around and fled, leaving behind a golden trail.

A wolf’s nature was cunning. It immediately felt that something was wrong. Its golden body collided against mountains and destroyed forests, and its speed reached its peak as it charged into the dense forest.

In reality, when it activated the golden wolf skin to attack, it had already became a golden light beam as it fled into the ancient mountain range.

Known as the number one Guardian Spirit in a circumference of fifty thousand li, its instincts and perception were both extremely strong. Right now, however, it did not hold a tyrannical aura and instead only had fear; it did not dare to stop for even a moment.

Although the strength of the old man from the Golden Wolf Tribe was powerful and controlled a lot of territory, in the end he was still no match for the Wolf God. His reactions were slightly slower. As soon as he snapped back to reality, he hurriedly tried to escape.

“Release the arrows!”

At the same time, he gave the orders for the experts of his tribe to stop and buy him time. At just that moment, ten thousand arrows flew up and the sound of air cracking continuously rang out. The dense sheet of iron arrows flew together in the direction of Stone Village.

However, this act was absolutely useless. The green whirlpool expanded and distorted the trajectories all the flying arrows. They were snapped and broken one after another. This spectacle shocked and stunned everyone in place; it was too terrifying. This willow tree was absolutely too powerful, how could anything oppose it?


The hurricane whistled like the howl of an Archaic Descendant, trembling the entire mountain range. The Golden Wolf Tribe’s clan lord screamed out as his body involuntarily flew into the eye of the storm.

“No!” he cried out in horror. If he were to enter inside, his death would be certain. Even with his immense powers, he could not possibly defend against the attacks of the willow tree.


An incredibly shocking streak of golden light rushed forth and fluctuated like the rising tides. This sun-like ray of splendid light made everyone shudder as it hacked towards the hurricane.

“Ancestral Artifact!”

“The clan lord brought the Ancestral Artifact!”

Everyone from the Golden Wolf Tribe cried out in shock and became excited. They awaited the destruction of the hurricane and the death of that willow tree.

However, right as they began to get excited, everything changed. When the golden light beam met the green whirlpool, the Golden Wolf Tribe’s clan lord lost control. The light began to darken and was expelled out.


Golden Wolf Tribe’s clan lord let of a huge scream. His own body was being torn apart and his blood began to float outwards. He became a muddled pile of blood within the hurricane, and ceased to exist.

Everyone was terrified, and they all felt waves of dread.


The Ancestral Artifact that escaped landed in front of the people from the Golden Wolf Tribe. This was a dagger over a foot long, and a golden shine flowed from its tip to its shaft. After encountering the green whirlpool, the symbols on the dagger dimmed, but it still managed to finally escape.

If one examined carefully, one would discover that it was polished from a golden beast tooth that held a mysterious and terrifying strength. All the experts from the Golden Wolf Tribe began to tremble. An elder shuddered as he cupped the artifact in his hand, and his heart began to bleed. Never could he have imagined that even this wasn’t enough to defeat the willow tree.

This wasn’t a tooth dropped by their Guardian Spirit, this was an artifact that came from an ancient country.

In the past, before the Golden Wolf Tribe migrated, they had to present tribute to an ancient country each year. Their ancestors offered their great services to them and also bestowed their tribe with a precious artifact — the Wolf Tooth Dagger.

At that time, the Golden Wolf Tribe was extremely powerful and incomparably glorious. Later on, it began to decline, and after many years, a branch of the original tribe migrated here to form the tribe here today.

This precious artifact fell into their branch’s hands.

The Wolf Tooth Dagger was a tooth dropped by the ancient country’s Guardian Spirit. Although the innate divine essence was extracted by the ancient country, after being transformed into precious artifact, its might was still beyond comprehension. However, it unexpectedly faced the tragedy of meeting this willow tree, and so it ran away with only a dim luster remaining.

“Zishan Hou ran away too!”

Only at this moment did the people discovered that the reputed number one expert within a circumference of fifty thousand li had long transformed into a purple sun and fled into the ancient mountains while sticking close to the ground.

He fled at the same moment the Golden Wolf did, and he left a precious artifact where he originally stood. It emitted multicolored light that condensed into a human body to become his scapegoat.

In the end, there was only one willow branch. So after sweeping in all four directions, it only had enough time to pursue and destroy the precious artifact. It withdrew its divine essence and did not chase after the number one expert. The hurricane that reached the sky began to rapidly shrink and disappear, returning tranquility back to the area. The four experts’ attacks were all fruitless; thus, everybody there felt deep dread!

Silence spread throughout the four huge clans. They mustered up their forces to come here, but in the end only one clan lord managed to escape. The rest were either killed or taken prisoner. This slap on their faces was too loud and clear.

They believed that since they had control of this great land, no one could resist them. Each time they moved out, they would gather all the tribes. The reason for their arrival this time was to flatten Stone Village, however, this was the final result.

Looking back, their powerful extermination operation was simply a joke. In front of this terrifying willow tree, they really were insignificant.

Right now, the four huge tribes were scared, afraid, and angry. Their emotions were complex, as their clan lords were killed. This sort of disgrace made them indignant yet fearful as they clenched their fists.

“My father cannot die like this for nothing. I need an explanation!” One of the majestic youths of the Golden Wolf Tribe roared. His eyes were like a wolf’s, flashing with violent radiance.

“Little clan lord, calm down. We have no way of resisting against this demonic willow. No matter how many people we send, it will all be for naught. Even the clan lord has perished.”

“Wolf Tooth Dagger fell here, but the demonic willow did not pursue and attack here. I speculate it could only stretch out over one li, and not any further,” said the youth in a cold voice. His eyes swiveled and he prepared to dispatch his army.

After saying this, everyone became startled.


At this moment, Lei Hou who was hung on the willow tree finally exhausted all of his divine essence. He had difficulty activating his thunder again, and his entire body dried up before fell falling to the ground like a broken teapot, cracking into pieces.


Within the Lightning Clan, many people were letting out long cries. They were angry and mournful. The eyes of Lei Hou’s heir were completely red. He wanted to start a huge battle with everything on the line.

“Our Great Floating Pool would not back off easily as well. Since it can’t attack here easily, let’s cook Stone Village from afar and start a massacre!” shouted a few people from the Jiao Clan. Their clan lord died here, so their animosity was too great to hold back.

Only Purple Mountain Clan did not show any expression, because Zishan Hou had fled.

“Back off, let’s try an attack!”

Great Floating Pool, Golden Wolf Tribe, and Lightning Clan all backed over five li. They left some people at the original location. They armed their huge bows and shot out one arrow after another towards Stone Village.

These archers’ arm strengths were incredibly strong. Accurately and steadily, they concentrated all of their firepower on Stone Village.

Sure enough, their distance was far enough. The willow branch did not start any of its attacks. Only a layer of light shrouded the entire village, breaking all the arrows on impact and preventing them from entering.

A huge fire ignited outside the village, however, the raging flames were unable to extend into the village.

“It’s useless.” Everyone sighed and at the same time were afraid.

“Siege here, the villagers here cannot leave. If they can’t hunt, sooner or later they will starve!” Golden Wolf Tribe’s little clan lord fiercely shouted.

“Little clan lord, let’s just back off. Otherwise, a clan extermination calamity will occur,” some people urged.

In actuality, all the experts of the four huge clans still had some lingering fears. The vast majority of them wanted to escape right away, and did not wanted to stay here for another second. However, the clan lord’s heirs and the other authoritative personnel only had blood within their eyes, losing all reason. They wanted to take revenge no matter what.

“Our Great Floating Pool will never cower. We will certainly avenge our brethren. Siege this place and starve those people to death!” Roared the clan lord’s younger brother.

Jiao Clan’s people had a huge fear within their hearts. Some unwilling people were opposed to this.

“You know that death is certain, so why fight. We can’t do this. That’s your brother, so you take revenge. We don’t want to give up our lives for nothing.

“What did you say? Our clan lord just died and you guys don’t want to take revenge and instead want to run away. Are you still men of the Great Floating Pool?”

Suddenly, the Great Floating Pool almost rebelled and started a revolution.

The same thing was happening within the Lightning Clan and the Golden Wolf Tribe. No one wished to throw away their lives, and they all wanted to get as far away from that demonic willow tree as they could.

In the end, some people ran away while others obediently surrounded Stone Village, preparing to sever them from any food source.


That Golden Wolf God rushed back and directly returned in front of the Golden Wolf Tribe’s little clan lord. He sent him flying with a slap, and afterwards, it put the precious artifact – Wolf Tooth Dagger into his mouth before turning around and fleeing. It became a streak of golden light beam, and it disappeared within the blink of an eye.

Everyone was dumbstruck and cried out in fear again.

“Little clan lord, let’s back off, this is a bad omen! Our Guardian Spirit abandoned us and took away our tribe’s ancestral artifact!” a clan elder shouted in dismay.

Not only their clan, but even the Great Floating Pool and the people of Lightning Clan were frightened, and all of them wanted to leave. As far as Purple Mountain Clan was concerned, they left a long time ago. Not a single one of them stopped, and it was obvious that Zishan Hou gave the orders to back away and discontinue the struggles.


Suddenly, that willow branch moved again. This time rays of light flourished greatly and was far more dazzling than it had ever been before. In the blink of an eye, it shot out over four to five li. It fiercely waved and peeled off the mountains and cut off their peaks. Rumbling noises sounded all over and the forests were swept away.

The Golden Wolf Tribe’s little clan head screamed loudly. Heads started flying and many of the people who remained to fight were chopped directly into two pieces. Carcasses dropped to the floor and blood splashed everywhere.

Soon after, the Jiao clan of Great Floating Pool also became like this. Many of the people in power were killed as the willow branch swept through. Blood blossomed into the air as one head after another flew up.

At death’s door, these people’s faces froze in horror as they felt endless remorse. It wasn’t that the willow tree couldn’t stretch to this place, but rather that it was merely ignoring them.

Pu! Pu!

After beheading the important characters, the willow tree did not massacre wantonly and only targeted their mounts. The willow branch successively penetrated one mount after another until it pierced the majority of them.

Finally, over a hundred mounts, including the Scaled Horses, Unicorns and Moon Rhinoceros, were all pierced by the willow branch and dragged back into Stone Village. This time, it did not absorb their divine essence, but rather threw them right onto the streets.


The experts of the four huge clans were appalled. They fled for their lives and did not dare to stay another second.

Everyone within Stone Village became stupefied. The willow tree was too powerful.

After a long while, Shi Linghu turned around and begrudgingly said, “This is an Unicorn, able to run ten thousand li a day. It’s such a rare mount.”

“There’s still a couple of feathered tigers here and some other rarely seen beasts!” a few village elders said in surprise.

Every one held the willow tree in an incomparable and heartfelt reverence. The willow tree protected their village. In everyone’s mouths were the words “Willow Deity” as they piously prayed to it.

Suddenly, a divine message rang out, “This is food, prepare an adequate amount of it. A great calamity approaches.”

“Who?” Everyone was shocked.

“It’s the Guardian Spirit. The Willow Deity that defended us has spoken.” The little guy stared with his eyes wide open. Bright rays of light flickered within his eyes as he stared at the scorched black willow tree in amazement.

Author Notes: Some people were calculating the length of 50000 li and say it’s only 130 li, and I began to sweat a waterfall! This is just an estimate and not exact. The 50000 li in the novel means a radius of 50000 li or a length of 50000 li. This wide of a range is bigger than even the earth.

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