Perfect World

Chapter 44 – Shocking

Chapter 44 – Shocking

Purple clouds gathered, and like a vast body of water, it exerted pressure over the sky as it covered the entire valley. The clouds were majestic and boundless, and it was so oppressing that the onlookers felt their souls shudder. The clouds and mist transformed into a purple-colored giant, and the giant stamped down with one of its feet before heading towards the thick willow tree. It seemed to carry a divine power of the heaven and earth, as if heaven itself decided to take action.

This kind of scene and atmosphere stunned everyone. Zishan Hou was indeed exceptional! His reputation was not in vain, and with that single foot alone, a tribe could have been completely destroyed!

No wonder there was a rumor that whenever Zishan Hou decided to undertake a task, several enormous tribes would completely disappear. This method frightened everyone, and it was indeed a divine power that was hard to resist against.

Stone Village was in a state of crisis. The willow tree was under joint attacks of four powerful supreme experts, and from top to bottom, each and every attack were astonishingly powerful.

The willow branch did not change its trajectory and continued to advance upward like before to face the attack of The Great Floating Pool’s clan lord.

That creature in the sky was a vicious Flood Dragon over two thousand feet long. It filled the western sky as it emitted powerful multi-colored rays of light. Its offensive power was terrifying, and it caused many of the mountains and forest stones to disintegrate into fine powder.


The green tender willow branch was able to overcome any obstacles in its way, and to everyone’s surprise, it directly pierced through the forehead of that vicious Flood Dragon. It pierced all the way through, and like a divine chain with the might of heaven, it swept away everything in its path.

The Flood Dragon was too large. Although it was penetrated thoroughly, causing its divine essence quickly dissipated, it was still making threatening gestures. It flew between the sky and the earth as it spat out multi-colored light to attack downwards. That terrifying attack struck Stone Village from all four sides. Rocks flew, mountains disappeared, and the great earth cracked.


The tender branch swayed back and forth as it emitted bright rays of light. The dark green branch wriggled around like a dragon before rapidly twisting itself around the neck of the vicious Flood Dragon. Then, with a fierce pull, the head of this Flood Dragon dropped straight towards the ground.

From afar, the Great Floating Pool’s clan lord who stood in front of the river in the forest spat of a mouthful of blood. Both his eyes emitted rays of light as he expressed his astonishment. He knew that the precious technique that contained his divine essence had been broken, and a split second later, it become that willow tree’s ‘tonic’. That vicious Flood Dragon was shriveling at a visible rate as its divine essence was being sucked dry by the green tender branch, dispersing its divine light.

Meanwhile, the willow branch was met with an attack from the north. Over ten lightning strikes arrived, and the black lightning danced violently in an attempt to intercept the alluring emerald green branch.

Could it resist such an attack? No matter how you look at it, this tender and sparkling branch seemed weak and soft, while the lightning seemed so crazy and violent. The dark lightening interweaved, and even if it was fine metal, it would still be blasted into dust.

Everyone held their breath. Thunder and lightning were some of the strongest forces between heaven and earth, and in particular, this willow tree was met with a similar attack before. It was burnt black previously, which meant that it was vulnerable to lightning. Confronted with this type of attack again, would it be able to survive?

“By my name, I’ll destroy you!” Thunder God howled loudly and magnificently. The mountains resonated, and the earth trembled.

However, an unexpectedly shocking event occurred. The thunder covering the sky surged forth and submerged the willow branch within it. Despite that, it seemed greener and more replenished than before, almost to the point that fresh dew was about to drip out.

Everyone was overwhelmed with amazement. Lei Hou was tongue-tied, and it was the first time in first entire life that he lost his confidence.

The willow branch swayed back and forth and sent out green ripples. The thunder and lightning was absorbed completely and disappeared from the sky. All this happened within a split second, causing everyone’s mouth to be agape and speechless.


Specks of green light rippled outwards. The willow branch gently swayed and drew a beautiful arc before extending towards the large river to the east.

There was a figure standing there. He was shrouded by hazy water vapor, and emitted a formidable aura; this was precisely Great Floating Pool’s clan lord. They were over one li apart, however, the willow branch arrived in the blink of an eye, and it was so fast that no one could react to it.


The tender branch slammed down with all its might, and Great Floating Pool’s clan lord shouted out. At the extent of his resistance, he managed to bring out a beast bone. That beast bone was an extremely powerful precious artifact that acted as a substitute while his real body rapidly ran away.

The entire region was brilliant and dazzling. Both the forest and the river reflected a brilliant light, however, this powerful precious artifact was not able to block the attack. With a pu sound, the tender branch smashed it apart into powder. Symbols immediately disappeared, and its essence was absorbed into the green branch.

“Ahhh… Nooo!” Great Floating Pool’s clan lord shouted in dismay. Although he fled quickly, it was too late. The willow branch that descended from high in the sky was sharper than an immortal sword. With a light stroke, it cut him into two pieces, causing its corpse to land in his own blood. Afterwards, essence began to boil and the man seemed to have aged ten thousand years. His flesh began to dry and crack apart as the corpse lost all of its divine powers.

At this moment, everyone there became absolutely terrified and kept quiet out of fear. The faces of the people from the Great Floating Pool all paled to the limit. Not long ago, they were still talking big. If their clan lord came, then a simple village would be completely flattened to avenge Jiao Cang. Now however, the results were simply cruel and frightening. Great Floating Pool’s most powerful expert, the clan lord, was directly chopped into two, and his blood spilt everywhere as he dropped straight to the ground.

“Clan lord!” Many people were grieving.

At this moment, countless people’s hair began to stand up, and their scalps began to numb. This willow tree was too frightening and it simply wasn’t an enemy they could face.

“Clan lord! Run away!” Lightning Clan’s people cried out in alarm as they warned Lei Hou.

Because, the tender branch was emitting specks of divine light. It turned around and changed its direction towards the north to attack Lei Hou.

In reality, Lie Hou discovered that something was off long ago. He reacted immediately and took out his precious artifact to draw out the power of thunder and lightning. He elevated three feet off the ground as he prepared to escape into the distance.

However, the willow branch’s speed was too fast. Like a green beam of light, it swept across the northwest direction until it arrived.

With a xiu sound, the mountain where Lei Hou stood was cut off like a hot knife through butter. It still did not stay still, and within a breath’s time, it sculpted upwards towards Lei Hou’s back with the intention of penetrating his heart.

“Open for me!”

Lei Hou shouted out loudly. Every hair on his body stood up, and rays of electricity shot out everywhere as he was enveloped in a sphere of glaring lightning. He released incredibly large amounts of electricity and collapsed that mountain.

The willow branch stopped at this moment and did not pierce his body, but instead absorbed the electric light. Then, it suddenly curled around Lei Hou and hung him on the branch before returning back to Stone Village.

To many people’s surprise, the powerful Lei Hou was captured just like that. The willow tree did not kill him but instead brought him back.

Lei Hou hissed and continuously tried to struggle free. His precious artifact emitted light and resonated as he wanted to snap the willow branch apart. However, everything he did was futile, as it didn’t harm the branch at all. The willow tree pleasingly absorbed all the electricity he released.

“This is…” Everyone was astonished and figured out what the willow tree wanted to do. It wanted Lei Hou to continuously use his precious technique to constantly shoot out lightning so that it could absorb everything.

“Being reborn from within its destruction, it was unexpectedly nourished from the lightning….”

Everyone was scared stiff. This willow tree was too demonic, and could not be measured by common sense. The four huge clans attacking it together like this, yet it was still such a fatal miscalculation.

Lei Hou was hung from the willow tree at the village entrance as he continuously struggled, but his strength was gradually weakening. It did not look like he could live much longer.

Everyone trembled. This was the magnificent Lei Hou, one of the two clan lords of an aristocratic territory, yet he became a prisoner just this. It was truly inconceivable!

The things that happened today were destined to spread throughout the land. The name of Stone Village would shake the world. It was just a Guardian Spirit that looked as if it was on the verge of death, scorched black all over, yet it was so terrible. It killed one, and hung the other; those were two of the four huge clan lords! It truly held a world-shocking divine power.

Lightning Clan’s people expression were ugly to the extreme. Their majestic clan lord that commanded everything and taken control of countless territories had actually been taken prisoner.

Not long ago, the experts from their clan were still talking about how effortless it would be to get rid of Stone Village, and how the Suan Ni’s precious bones as well everything else in the village would be theirs. The things that happened now wasn’t just a slap on their face, this was peeling off their skin. Their clan lord was going to die!

Everything happened within a spark’s time. One clan lord was killed right away, and another was taken prisoner. The attacks from the other two directions just barely started.

That golden wolf skin precious artifact and the genuine Wolf God weren’t too different from each other. Their entire bodies looked as if they were casted from metal. They pounced right in front of the willow tree and used their huge claws to dig away the soil and the rocks in order to uproot the tree.

However, after the surface barely exposed a root, the Wolf God immediately became horrified. The root rushed out like a dragon and constricted it right away before dragging it through a crack in the ground.


The Golden Wolf God let out a long wail. Each and every strand of dazzling hair stood up from its body, and they emitted brilliant light as it struggled violently. It grabbed toward the root using both its claws with all its might.


What shocked people was that those huge sharp golden claws were directly snapped apart into three pieces by the root. With a brush of its roots, soil and rocks flew up, submerging everything within.

Everyone stared blankly and were stupefied. Such a powerful precious artifact, practically identical to the personal strength of the Wolf God, was immediately destroyed.

Before the sandy soil completely covered up, the people discovered that the golden wolf skin began to rot and break down into fertilizer.

“This powerful precious artifact, the skin of the number one Guardian Beast within fifty thousand li could only become fertilizer?!” Everyone present was terrified.

The faces of everyone from the Golden Wolf Tribe lost their color. That was their supreme Wolf God with the reputation of being this land’s number one Guardian Spirit, and it was oppressed just like that.

They remembered what they said not long ago: to ride their horses over and flatten this land. Now, those words seemed like a joke.

With this willow tree here on this huge piece of land, who else would dare be called the number one Guardian Spirit?


In midair, a huge purple foot descended and treaded toward the willow tree. That was Zishan Hou’s attack. He was the number one expert in this piece of land, and this attack could be said to shock even the heavens.

The willow branch coiled around Lei Hou and swayed with the wind. It then lifted up its most tender part, the tip of the branch, and lightly flicked. Suddenly, a green whirlpool appeared that gradually grew in size until it created a hurricane!

This scene was absolutely astonishing. All the experts who looked at this became stupefied. This change was all too sudden. It was just a tender bud flicking lightly, yet it created this dreadful force of nature.

This was the first time the willow branch employed another attack. It saw Zishan Hou was out of the ordinary, and that he deserved his reputation as the number one expert.


That green whirlpool expanded and connected the earth and the sky. It was lofty and imposing as it shook everything in all four directions. Like a violent mountain torrent, it struck the sky. Rumbling sounds followed, shaking all the experts until they collapsed and choked.

That big purple foot was pulled into the middle of the whirlpool, and then the entire huge purple giant toppled over with a rumble. It entirety collapsed within the hurricane and was torn apart.

Now, the scene only contained shock and dismay.

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