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Chapter 43 – The Four Great Experts

Chapter 43 – The Four Great Experts

Little Lonely Mountain Town was suddenly vacant. The strongest experts all left together, and everyone followed the four huge clans’ experts out of the village to witness the upcoming large-scale battle.

The forest was lush, and over the years, the leaves on the ground accumulated to over a foot thick. The ground was incredibly soft, and this didn’t include the leaves that had decomposed into black soil ages ago, otherwise, it would be even thicker. The mountain ground was fertile, and ancient trees reached the skies.

Many fierce beasts lived within the mountains, but with so many people moving together, whether it be huge beasts or vicious birds, they all withdrew from fear due to the number of people flooding through.

“This is the village?”

There was still quite a bit of distance in between them, yet the four huge tribes stopped roughly two or three li away and no longer moved forward. They scaled the cliffs, ascended onto high ground, and took advantageous positions as they overlooked that village.

This common and simple village did not seem to contain a trace of abnormality. Stone houses built from mountain rocks had beast skins drying on them, and smoked meat hung nearby. Chickens and dogs moved about as elderly people basked in the sun while leaning against the walls. A group of children were running around each other for amusement.

“Is a village like this worth mustering such a large force over? In my opinion, a random horse running in this direction could flatten this entire village,” said a person from the Golden Wolf Tribe. This was a group of armored horsemen, and all of them rode on top of Scaled Horses while clad in shining armor. Their spears were sharp and their swords were dazzling as they pointed forwards.

“They dare to offend our Great Floating Pool’s prestige, so they must be punished by death. This village must certainly be extinguished today!” The group of young men clamored, and their expressions were cold. Jiao Cang lost an arm and became a cripple, so they had to avenge him.

However, the four great clan heads ordered that no one was allowed to act blindly without thinking. They had to wait for upper command before moving out, and anyone that dared to act without permission would be severely punished.

“Looks like this village truly isn’t simple. They made these groups of powerful people so careful and prudent.”

“Yi, where are the four tribe’s leaders? Why aren’t they here, what are they doing?”

The experts who followed along struck up a discussion, and they were closely observing everything.

Stone Village was tranquil. In the courtyard at the front of the village, the little guy held a pot and was preparing to boil some beast milk. He was trying to be sneaky, and looked toward the village entrance once in a while to avoid being discovered by the big kids.

“So sweet.” On top of a campfire, beast milk began to boil within a jar. He opened his nostrils and closed his eyes halfway. His eyes held an intoxicated expression.


Suddenly, the sound of bird wings flapping sounded. The little guy raised his head and showed an alarmed expression. “How come there’s so many birds? Could it be that there’s another beast flood?”

He stood upright and left the courtyard before gazing towards the sky. He quickly discovered that something was strange. All kinds of flying beasts were scared off from the surrounding forests, and it looked like they all flew over two to three li away.

“Something’s wrong. There probably either vicious beasts or humans surrounding us right now!” Shi Hao was quick and intelligent. He shouted out warnings to the other villagers right away.

As a matter of fact, Shi Linghu and Shi Feijiao both sensed it immediately as well. The villagers were simple-minded, but it didn’t mean they weren’t vigilant. To live in these vile desolate lands for so long, they had to constantly hone their acute perception.

“It shouldn’t be those bastards who came last time right?” Er Meng’s dad shouted.

On the hilltop, the four tribe’s experts were all amazed. This village’s reactions were too fast; the village was in indeed quite abnormal.

“Yi, the chief came!” The people of Golden Wolf Tribe cried out in alarm.

A bold and powerful elderly man appeared. Dim golden light shined inside his eyes as if lightning was shooting out. The appearance of this incredibly powerful old man made it impossible for anyone to stand still.

A Golden Wolf Deity also stood at his side. It wasn’t too tall, but it took long strides with its head held high as it looked down on everyone else. It had a domineering attitude that made everyone revere it.

Golden splendor circulated all over this wolf’s body, and it was more awe-inspiring than any human could ever be. Its golden eyes held a callous feeling as it swept through everyone, and anyone who saw it began to take a step back. Everyone found it difficult to breath; it was even scarier than that old man.

Everyone knew that this must be that so called ‘strongest Guardian Spirit within a circumference of 50000 li’.

“Golden Wolf Tribe, you people cannot hastily send out your troops. Please back off another li and wait for my command.” After hearing these words, the bold and powerful old man disappeared into the forest like a streak of golden light.

He quickly shortened the distance to a single li. Meanwhile, that Guardian Spirit stood on top of a mountain peak while staring down at Stone Village.

At the same time, three supreme experts appeared at the same time from three different directions. They scaled the mountain cliffs and also began to survey Stone Village.

Lightning Clan, Great Floating Pool, Purple Mountain Clan, and the Golden Wolf Tribe’s clan lords had all arrived. They each occupied one direction, and they wanted to employ a lightning method to carry out the extermination.

A huge wave of sound exploded like thunder. From the west, a large river snaked its way in from the mountain forest, and the Great Floating Pool’s clan lord currently stood on top of it. His entire body was enshrouded in water vapors, and light radiated about him from head to toe. A huge vicious Flood Dragon was beginning to take shape.

This was caused by the activation of their blood essence, and he was trying to summon a huge Flood Dragon. Unexpectedly, it slowly struggled free out of his pack, and it was rather intimidating as it coiled around itself on the ground.

He was using a precious technique, but his method seemed to be a bit strange.

This Flood Dragon appeared from within his spine and it rapidly expanded. It was ten feet thick and over two thousand feet long, and its terror overflowed the heavens. Grey mist curled around it and huge flickering symbols appeared within the hollow sky.

The vicious Flood Dragon roared, and the various lands around them all erupted into chaos. Boulders began to tumble down, and leaves began to madly flutter about.


With a roar, the grey vicious Flood Dragon swooped down from the skies to initiate its powerful offense on Stone Village, and this was a mind-blowing type of attack. The body of the huge Flood Dragon covered the sky, and the thick grey mist surged forth as if it appeared from primal chaos. It hissed and spat out a huge terrifying ray of light, shaking the mountain boulders below until they shattered.

Outside of Stone Village, those mountain rocks and trees were long destroyed by this attack, and even the ground was cracked as a result. This vicious Flood Dragon was huge, and its terrifying attack shook everyone’s hearts.

“What a powerful precious technique!” Two to three li away, everyone was amazed. Their hair all stood upright, as this type of technique was simply too shocking. It really had the sufficient firepower to wipe out an entire tribe.

“That’s not right… that village isn’t affected at all!”

At the village entrance, the tender green branch of the willow tree was shining. It was emitted hazy halos of light to protect the village, blocking the vicious strike of the Flood Dragon.

Afterwards, the branch quickly extended and rushed into the sky. It wanted to penetrate a hole out of that vicious Flood Dragon!


Suddenly, a blazing and thunderous light shone from the north. Those were streaks of black lightning that struck down from atop a mountain summit, aiming to intercept the willow branch that stretched toward the sky.

Lei Hou decided to make his move. When such a powerful emperor used all of his strength to activate his strongest precious technique, it appeared as if he had transformed into a Thunder God.

“The spring comes upon a withered tree? I represent the Thunder God to once again destroy you. This time, you will be thoroughly disintegrated!”

A huge voice was released, and it sounded like the rolling of thunder, shaking the entire area. All the experts covered their ears, as the penetrative force of this voice was simply too powerful, causing leaves to fly about frantically.

He did not attack the trunk of the willow tree, but rather to intercept that slender branch. This black lightning danced wildly through the air and oppressed its surroundings. Even the Heavens and the earth became dark, and the black light surged violently.

Directly south, a wolf’s howl resounded through the heaven and earth. The Wolf Deity howled towards the moon, and a veil of bright golden light covered the entire mountain peak. That Guardian Spirit was undergoing a terrifying transformation.

Its back split apart and a golden crack appeared. Its hairs moved apart as its howls shook the entire mountain.

Unexpectedly, it was molting. After the golden hair split apart, an even brighter Wolf Deity appeared from within. Each hair on its body looked as if it was casted out of gold.

“Ya, that golden wolf is indeed terrifying. No wonder it was known as the most powerful Guardian Spirit within a circumference of 50000 li. It already obtained a new body and shed its old skin, refining it into a precious artifact.” Everyone was startled.

Ordinarily, this golden wolf would wait patiently and continued to wear its old skin on its body. But today, it exposed its real body and its real strength.

Multi-colored golden light flourished intensely. That wolf skin rapidly expanded and became life-like. It was as if a second Wolf Deity was alive, and it even had teeth as it flickered in cold light.

Clearly, this Guardian Spirit was very thorough when it shed its skin. The skin it shed was completely intact, which made this treasured artifact very rare and powerful!

“Ao….” The Wolf Deity released a long howl that moved the heavens and the earth. The treasured artifact that the wolf shed began to send out immeasurable amounts of light, dying the heaven and earth in gold. It charged toward Stone Village to attack that willow tree.

Everyone was shaking in fear. It was deserving of its title as the strongest Guardian Spirit within a circumference of 50000 li. This type of might was simply dreadful, and everyone felt fear from the bottom of their hearts.

The Wolf Deity that was transformed from the golden wolf skin pounced directly towards the thick black trunk of the willow tree to pull it from its roots. Golden Light began to submerge the village.


Purple clouds came from the east. These thick drizzling purple clouds covered the entire forest. It’s terrifying might flowed into the heavens, and the number one expert, Zishan Hou, also began to make his move!

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