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Chapter 40 – Willow Deity

Chapter 40 – Willow Deity


The tender emerald green willow branch emitted a multi-colored green light. It looked incomparably soft, but when it pierced over, it seemed as tough as divine steel. Pu, that flying Flood Dragon was nailed in the air, and its blood trickled down the other-worldly and mysterious tender branch.

The Flood Dragon could no longer utter another sound, and every scale on its body immediately lost all of its former luster. Its fear reached the extreme and it was quickly beginning to lose signs of life as it lightly shivered all over.

“What happened? Uncle Jiao!” Jiao Peng shouted from the back of the vicious Flood Dragon in dread.

This was a terrifying scene. The Flood Dragon was as thick as a water tank, and it stretched several tens of meters long. It was covered densely in scales, and on its back were a pair of wings. It was majestic and ferocious, however, it was still nailed in the air by the strange, tender branch, and was unable to move an inch.

“How can this be?!” The experts cried out in alarm.

Was this considered a Guardian Spirit of a mountain village? How could it be this dreadful? With just a single strike, it was able to pierce the body of such a powerful vicious beast.

“Quickly, save it!” Shouted Jiao Cang, the middle aged man from the Great Floating Pool.

Ten shadows emerged from within the forest, their palms flickering with symbols. Suddenly, light beams shot toward the sky, covering the entire village. They wanted to kill the willow tree.

The Lightning clan, Purple Mountain Clan and the Golden Wolf Tribe all shivered within their hearts. Great Floating Pool seemed to only have a few people on the surface but a group of people secretly followed. They previously already made ample preparations.

However, everything was too late. In just a split second, the thick flying Flood Dragon in midair had already lost its gaze in its two eyes. Its dazzling scales seemed to have aged ten thousand years, and were beginning to split apart. Its body began to rapidly age and disintegrated as it fell down.

This unforeseen event was too frightening. How could such a terrifying and mighty Flood Dragon turn to dust just like that as if it died of old age?

Jiao Peng became terrified and fell onto the ground. He was really frightened. How powerful was this Guardian Spirit? He tumbled outwards and no longer held a shred of haughtiness. His face was deathly white as he trembled all over.

The tender green branch had a drop of grey liquid on it, and the grey drop held an exuberant amount of life force as it lightly rolled around. This was extracted from within the flying Flood Dragon, and was absorbed by the branch.

From the Flood Dragon being penetrated to splitting into pieces and dropping to the ground, it was all completed within a split second.

Those ten experts who emerged from within the forest filled the skies with dancing rays of light and flickering symbols. Ancient and vicious birds took shape, and they all curled up in their dazzling lights as they attacked the scorched black willow tree.


The willow branch extended and transformed into a dark green chain. It quickly drew a beautiful, sparkling arc in the middle of the sky. However, the terrifying aftermath sent fear into everyone’s hearts.


The willow branch streaked past and snapped an expert in half along the waist. It looked feeble, but it was undoubtedly a divine knife. It directly cut that individual in half as his blood gushed everywhere.

“What was that?!” Everyone was stunned.

That was just the beginning. The experts who rushed forward began to enshroud the surroundings in sparkling light.

The willow branch swayed with the wind as its multi-colored green light blossomed. It streaked across the sky like a divine chain and hacked as if it was an immortal sword. One after another, the experts were either snapped into two pieces, or cut into two parts.

The attacks were absolutely dreadful. It was clearly just a willow branch, yet it streaked across the sky like the sharpest of swords, cutting everything in its path.

Pu, Pu….

Blood blossomed and splashed everywhere. As the willow branch brandished quickly in the air, bodies dropped to the ground, and they were either split in half or broken. Blood bloomed like flowers, one after another.

The sunset glow was cast on the horizon. It dyed the entire village in a golden splendor. During this sunset, on top of a scorched black willow, a willow branch swayed lusciously. However, the floor was filled with the bodies of the bloodstained dead. This unforgettable scene was permanently painted within every expert’s head.

In this way, all the experts from the Great Floating Pool was killed in an instant without any suspense. All of the onlooking experts were cold all over from fear.


Jiao Peng let out a blood-curdling screech. He was frightened. A few carcasses landed on top of him as their blood sprayed all over his body and face. He was crying as he crawled and tumbled in an effort to escape.

Jiao Cang’s face paled. He had already lost all color from his face a long time ago. His entire body was covered in cold sweat, and this insurmountable fear lingered within his mind.

What a powerful Guardian Spirit!!

All the calm and composed experts from before all became dumbstruck. Just a few moments ago, they were looking at the people of Stone Village with utter contempt. They were discussing how to seize the Suan Ni’s precious bones and take those three birds for themselves. Now, each and every one of them were staring in horror.

Shi Feijiao and a group of able-bodied villagers, as well as the children, women, and elders were all at a loss for words. They stared stupidly at everything in disbelief.

Absolutely mind-blowing. A single willow branch was able to pierce the heavens and the earth, killing and beheading all those experts; it made people shiver.

For the last ten years, the willow tree never made any attempts to communicate with the village or show any signs of abnormal behavior. Now, however, it brought about such a shocking scene, giving everyone a surreal feeling.

Perhaps, only the Chief who isolated himself and the few people who had prior knowledge of this were not shocked. This was because over ten years ago, during that flooding thunderstorm, they saw an even more terrifying scene.

“Wa…” Jiao Peng finally crawled out of the pile of dead bodies and jumped towards Jiao Cang’s side. He held his legs as he cried and shouted in fear.

Only now was this peace disturbed. Those experts in shock gradually came back to their senses. They held reverence, yet they also held fear and did not dare face that willow tree.

Jiao Cang was unwilling to give up, yet he was the one with the most fear. He stood at the village entrance and said “Mighty Guardian Spirit, please excuse my ignorant and offensive behavior.”

As his voice just sounded, a gust of wind swept past. The willow branch swayed in the air as it brought about mists and vapors. It gradually descended downwards. With a pu sound, that willow branch pierced his right arm.


A miserable shriek echoed through the air. No matter how hard Jiao Cang struggled, it was useless. The divine light within his body rapidly vanished. His right arm was being absorbed, and then it began to crack. Pu, it snapped off like rotten wood as it fell towards the floor.

Jiao Peng howled miserably. He was right underneath Jiao Cang, and was holding his legs as this dry and cracked arm smashed onto him. He looked up and saw a sparkling, tender branch. He immediately rolled his eyes back in fright and passed out.

Jiao Cang smiled bitterly. Not only did he lose an arm, he also lost half of his cultivation. He was teetering on the verge of collapse and was incomparably bitter in his heart. Just a moment ago, he was still thinking highly of himself as he looked down at the villagers. He previously looked down on all of them with disdain, but it all changed in a flash. Never would he have thought that he could be crippled so easily, turning into a powerless man.

The other two youths that were slightly older from The Great Floating Pool walked forward to support Jiao Cang. The hands and hearts of these two geniuses were trembling. Everything they just saw would be forever imprinted within their hearts and would be difficult to forget within their entire lives.

All the experts kept quiet in fear. Their hearts were still in terror. This Guardian Spirit was too frightening, as it sent a shiver down everyone’s spines.

Everyone from the Golden Wolf Tribe, Lightning Clan, and Purple Mountain were all intimidated. They were just talking about how to punish Stone Village a moment ago to seize the Suan Ni’s precious bones for themselves, but after this spectacle, they could only stand still in fright.

Everyone was absolutely regretful. If they had known that this willow tree was this terrifying, even if they were demanded to hand over their treasured artifact, they wouldn’t say anything against it.

“Wei… didn’t you guys want to steal our treasures? Just try it.” The group of children were acting extremely indignant. After their mood recovered, they all started to rile up.

“Golden Wolf Tribe, Great Floating Pool, Lightning Clan and Purple Mountain Clan, weren’t you all acting high and mighty just now, completely looking down on us with disdain? How come you’re all pale now?” Er Meng said as he stared blankly.

“Furthermore, didn’t several experts just now say that you’d massacre our village?” The nasally kid clenched his fists as he brought up what they just talked about, rubbing salt on their wounds.

The group of experts heard everything, and they all quivered; their heads were about to explode. They looked towards that willow tree, afraid that it will begin to display its divine might once again.

“Junior brother, we were just joking. None of it was real, don’t hold it within your hearts.”

The group of experts shivered with cold sweat. They were all incredibly high and mighty, and they would never have cared about these villagers normally. They would be respected wherever they went, so why would they act differently in this kind of mountain village? However now, they had to summon up the courage and apologize to these villagers.

“Elder brothers, can you overlook our mistakes this time. You would be rewarded if you let us go.” The leader of the Golden Wolf Tribe said as he looked towards Shi Linghu’s group.


A streak of multi-colored green light flashed past. The willow tree was on the move. That branch rapidly descended and pierced his shoulders. Half of the blood on his body dried up and an arm shriveled up and cracked as it dropped to the ground. Half of his body was crippled just like Jiao Cang.

Afterwards, the willow branch quickly moved like a divine spear. It penetrated seven to eight experts in succession. These were people that either threatened or wanted to massacre Stone Village. Now, a large part of their strength and life force was absorbed by the willow branch.

“You guys leave.” Shi Linghu said.

The group of experts trembled. This willow tree was too terrifying. It was impossible for them to deal with it unless they begged their clan heads to personally come. Otherwise, the experts here would simply be seeking death.

The group rushed out of Stone Village. The Golden Wolf Tribe’s Leader and the Great Floating Pool’s Cang Jiao held a grieved smile on their faces. Zishan Hou’s uncle, Thunder Clan’s elder servant were speechless. This time they were met with an absolute tragedy.

Only the people from Heavenly Cloud Palace were unperturbed because they had absolutely no losses. The elder who lead those two pretty young maidens squinted his eyes and didn’t say much. The two young maidens blinked their large round eyes and looked towards Stone Village. They wanted to talk so much more, but they were stopped.

The sunset glow had disappeared long ago and the sky began to darken. Looking from afar, the willow tree from Stone Village was emitting hazy haloes of light, enshrouding the entire village.

“Our population is over ten million and we hold vast amounts of territory. It treated us like this, does it not fear that a great catastrophe might befall it?” From a distance of over one li away, a few people were extremely angry.

“We have to report this to our clan head and beg for him to come personally. Apart from the other stuff, the Suan Ni’s precious bones and this Guardian Spirit is an opportunity that we can’t miss!” A few people were in complete anger.

However, as soon as they spoke, although they were so far away, the Guardian Spirit also responded. A lush green willow branch shrouded in multi-colored light extended out over one li away as it thrashed across.

Pu, Pu….

The angry people were immediately cut in half, as if they were split by the sharpest demonic knife. Their upper and lower bodies were completely separated and blood began to gush out.

All of the clan leaders were already wounded. The old servant from Lightning Clan and Zishan Hou’s uncle both lost an arm as a warning.

All the experts’ heads became numb and they didn’t dare utter another word as they disappeared into the night. They held their shining precious artifacts, stuck close to the ground and charged into the heart of the ancient forest.

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