Perfect World

Chapter 39 – The Strong and the Weak

Chapter 39 – The Strong and the Weak

The little guy controlled his strength and did not take Jiao Peng’s life. Otherwise, the people of the Great Floating Pond would definitely not take this matter lightly. Perhaps he might provoke a large tragedy in Stone Village.

This was reality. To live in the middle of the desolate lands, apart from defending themselves from all kinds of desolate beasts, they sometimes had to lower their heads to prevent their clan from being exterminated.

This was the first time Shi Hao thirsted for more power!


Lei Mingyuan lightly shouted and began his attack. Zishan Kun also charged forward once again.

The little guy threw away Jiao Peng like throwing away a broken jar. He used his precious technique and invited the other two to attack him. Rays of light burned brightly. Purple lightning emerged, and a vicious bird cried, starting the intense battle once more.

Lei Mingyuan extended his ten fingers. In the middle of the glaring lightning, a vicious bird covered in black lightning flew out and attacked the little guy.

Unfortunately, it was ineffective. Shi Hao activated his precious technique, and the Archaic Devil Bird opened its terrifyingly huge mouth. To everyone’s surprise, it swallowed that lightning bird whole and the technique crumbled.

Everyone who saw this was alarmed. What an incredibly powerful precious technique!


Suddenly, a cold light sped toward the back of the little guy’s head as quick as lightning.

Jiao Peng was very firm and decisive. He crawled up from the ground and did not accept Shi Hao’s kindness. He activated his precious technique again and this time, the vicious Flood Dragon was transformed into a vicious arrow. He armed the arrow on his bow and aimed for a surprise attack. The light beams were shocking and the arrowhead was chilling.

This made everyone in Stone Village cry out in fear as their faces paled.

“Ai ya!” The two young maidens from Heavenly Cloud Palace also cried out in alarm.

The little guy felt something was off and suddenly turned his entire body. His eyes were clear and pure. With a shake of his arm, flickering symbols appeared, and a second silver moon emerged. With one in each hand, he joined them together. Weng, the two silver moons combined into a spotless disk.

The vicious Flood Dragon arrow shot through and he lightly rotated the silver and shiny disk. Suddenly, kacha kacha sounded, and he ground that vicious arrow into nothing.

Everyone exposed their shocked expressions. The Heavenly Cloud Palace’s elder lightly sighed and said, “So amazing. So young yet able to refine and combine precious techniques. Simply a heavenly gifted genius!”

This wasn’t the first time he praised the little guy. The other experts also had no choice but to keep silent.

In fact, whether it was the Lightning Clan, Purple Mountain Clan or the Great Floating Pond, all of their main precious techniques had a huge reputation. Except, those three children did not fully utilize them, so they were defeated.

Jiao Peng’s expression paled. From the start until now, every time he fought this child, he was oppressed and never held the upper hand. It hit him really hard, and it was a huge blow to his self-confidence.

“If you don’t step down this time, you will take full responsibility of the consequence!” Shi Hao said only this.

Jiao Peng heard what was said and his face whitened. However, his eyes immediately shone with a frightening light. With a fierce expression, he charged forward once again.

The three geniuses combined their attacks against the little guy. This place was currently filled with ear-splitting thunder rumbles, unicorn howls, and vicious Flood Dragon roars.

The Archaic Devil Bird cried and beat both its wings. It covered the entire sky and casted a large shadow underneath. A vicious aura filled the air and made the people nervous and stifled.

Its strength oppressed the Flame Unicorn, Thunder Bird and the Vicious Flood Dragon. Its vicious might was unrivaled and it ruthlessly suppressed them.

The Archaic Devil Bird’s killing intent overflowed into the heavens. That Flood Dragon was torn apart into three pieces and the Thunder Bird was swallowed whole. That Flame Unicorn was smashed apart by both its wings.


Jiao Peng, Zishan Kun, and Lei Mingyuan were knocked away and sent flying. They all spouted out mouthfuls of blood as they tumbled through the ground while covered in smoke and dust.

The experts were amazed. These were three geniuses that were unparalleled within a circumference of 50000 li. Even after combining their attacks, they were still shocked that they were defeated by a baby from a mountain village.

This… was too shocking and hard to believe.

This time, Jiao Peng, Zishan Kun and Lei Mingyuan were all angry and embarrassed at the same time. Normally, they would be known as geniuses. No matter where they went, they would be showered with praise. Right now, they lowered their head in shame and became tumbling piles of dust. This was hard to look at. Such a huge difference in strength made them want to go mad and loudly shout toward the sky.

The little guy rushed forward and kicked Jiao Peng into a huge rock like a ball as soon as he came to his senses. Jiao Peng let out a wretched blood-curdling scream like he never yelled before.

Zishan Kun and Lei Yuaning wanted to retreat a long time ago, but they failed. The little guy chased after them and similarly kicked them twice in their mouths and noses. They rolled all over the ground, bleeding in pain.

Finally, the little guy charged past and lifted both of them up. He lined them up and beat them with a millstone that he grabbed.


Zishan kun and Lei Mingyuan were beaten until they cried. Although their bodies were strong, they were unable to withstand the torment of Shi Hao. They were limp, and their bodies were hurting all over.

“You dare, if you treat me this way again, I’ll massacre your Stone Village!” Jiao Peng angrily rebuked. Seeing Shi Hao carrying a several hundred jin stone roller, he rushed towards him.


The little guy did not even blink once and immediately crushed his face with the millstone.

“Ao…” Jiao Peng let out a cry that barely resembled that of a human’s. His face was crooked and his nose was broken. This time, every teeth in his mouth broke from being smashed by that millstone.

Not only himself, even the people watching felt as if they were hurt. The face of the middle aged man, Jiao Cang, from the Great Floating Pond twitched. He took a step forward and began to charge with great killing intent!

“Junior brother Jiao Cang, what are you trying to do? Didn’t you say earlier that these children were just angry at each other and they were to have a little fight with each other? The adults do not need to participate.” The elder from the Heavenly Cloud Palace said.

“That’s right, just a few kids having a little fight with each other. Why get angry over it.” The leader of the Golden Wolf Tribe reconciled.

This made others flabbergasted. Many people on this stage wanted to obtain the precious bones of the Suan Ni and looked at Stone Village unfavorably. The leader of the Golden Wolf Tribe was also very proactive. Why did he suddenly change his mind?

“Child, your heavenly gift is amazingly rare and you amazed everyone here. However, continuing to live on in this desolate land, you would eventually be left behind. Our Golden Wolf Tribe is looking for a disciple and we don’t know whether or not you wish to join? When the time comes, I’ll teach you the strongest Bone Texts and pass on our most powerful precious technique to you,” said the head of the Golden Wolf Tribe.

Many people were startled and then lightly cursed. So cunning… like this, he would obtain a genius and would also very peacefully be able to pocket the Suan Ni’s precious bones for himself.

“Little guy come to our Heavenly Cloud Temple. We’ll bring you to look at the Sea of Snow and drink the most delicious milk.” The two young maidens opened their mouth as little Shi Hao blinked.

“I love drinking milk.” The little guy blinked his large eyes as he said.

Having heard that, the leader of the Golden Wolf Tribe frowned. This kid is doing this on purpose and actually wanted to refuse them right? Although he looked simple-minded, his choice certainly wasn’t bad.

“Child, a master is very important. You must certainly make the correct choice of inheritance. We can control lightning and are we are able to turn into the embodiment of divine thunder. Would you be willing to consider joining us?” Even the old servant from the Lightning Clan started to talk. Even though their genius was already stepped all over, he still tried to persuade him.

Everyone changed their expressions. Being able to take such an apprentice, take away the Archaic Devil Bird’s descendants, and also obtain the Suan Ni’s precious bones was simply too great of a fortune. Therefore, the other powers started to persuade as well.

“Little brother needs to leave these great desolate lands, you can’t stuff yourself within the mountains your entire life. The outside world is so amazing and our clan’s strong precious techniques will allow you to step into the heavens.”

“Our clan has a mythical fire precious technique. If you master it, you can melt the mountains into a sea of fire and burn all your enemies within this world. Child, you should join our clan and maybe someday, you can inherit from our ancient god — Fire God’s Will.

Not everyone was like this. Some people secretly sneered and said “Everyone, stop being so artificial just for the sake of obtaining the precious bones of the Suan Ni. Why should we take away a child? Sooner or later, we will just kill him to get rid of an annoyance.

The little guy stopped a long time ago. The other three children were helped up and brought back by their clansmen. They were badly battered and bloodstained, and they were angry and embarrassed as they lost face for their family.

The expert from the Great Floating Pool sneered and said “Why be so pretentious. Our Great Floating Pool just want to obtain the Suan Ni’s precious bones. This village certainly cannot hide it forever.

“En… indeed. A Suan Ni’s bones certainly can’t be guarded by a village. If we left it to them, their village would be exterminated. We could discuss how to handle this situation.

“Correct, let it be so. Also, three hatchlings of a Devil Bird is not something a small village can have. They should also be handed over.”

Many experts also joined him. They all completely ignored the people of Stone Village and did not ask for their permissions at all. Everything would be handled by the experts here to see who would get what.

Everyone from Stone Village became furious after hearing this. This was simply too much. Just because they were weak, they were put into a position like this? They did not give them a single greeting or ask a single question. It was utter contempt.

“Uncles, the Suan Ni’s precious bone belong to us. We paid the price for them with our lives and blood. Da Peng, Xiao Qing, and Zi Yun are also my partners.” The little guy’s eyes were clear and his voice was crisp. He carefully picked his words and put the entire place into a state of silence.

The three hatchlings leaned against his sides. Their eyes flashed intelligently. They rubbed their heads against his arms to show their intimacy.

“If you don’t want to be exterminated, you should hand them over. Whether it’s those three birds or the Suan Ni’s precious bones, they are not things that you can have,” said an expert from a large clan.

“Yours? After a while, Stone Village would cease to exist and these objects would have no owners!” Turning around slowly, the bloodstained Jiao Peng angrily said after wiping his away his blood stains.

“You… are such bullies!” The nasally kid sobbed. He understood the situation in front of his eyes as Stone Village could not keep these people away.

A vicious aura emerged from Jiao Peng’s body. He looked towards the flying Flood Dragon that was spiraling in the air and said, “Uncle Jiao, teach those wild children, especially that child with milk on the corner of his mouth. Grab his head, leave him with just one breath, and bring him to me.”


A muffled roar echoed. That flying Flood Dragon exposed his head from the sky and stared towards the children at the village entrance. Its gaze was awe-inspiring and its killing intent filled the air.

“You guys are bullying us way too much!” Shi Dazhuang trembled angrily.

“So what if we’re bullying you. If you dare to talk back, we’ll exterminate your village right away.” Jiao Peng leapt up and sat on the back of the flying Flood Dragon as he stared down with his ice-cold expression toward the little guy.

The middle-aged expert from Great Floating Pool, Jiao Cang did not stop him. With his ice-cold face he said “Hand over the Suan Ni’s precious bones and offer us your three bird. Otherwise, this village might not exist for much longer.”

This was a mountain village. Their customs were simple, but their village certainly did not lack a bloody nature. Shi Linghu and several others were angry and said “We’d rather be broken jade than a complete roof tile. If you’re truly forcing us into a bloody battle, then we’ll fight down to our last drop of blood.

They knew that even if they handed over the Suan Ni’s precious bones, these experts would most likely exterminate them anyway. After all, the things they were doing were truly disgraceful, so no one wanted to give away anything.

“Does your village really want to be massacred?” The Great Floating Pool’s expert Jiao Cang coldly said.

“Uncle Jiao, start right away. Shred these people for me!” Jiao Peng sat on top and pointed toward where the little guy was.

“Willow Deity, I know that you can certainly hear my words. We also know that you can protect us. Please guard this place,” The little guy’s eyes were clear as he lightly spoke towards the scorched willow tree.

“You truly want to pretend it’s a Deity Spirit? Uncle Jiao, massacre this place for me and also snap that willow branch of their Guardian Spirit and give it to me!”Jiao Peng shouted without any restraint.

Jiao Cang did not speak a word as he coldly watched over everything.


The flying Flood Dragon started to move. Its huge body swooped down towards the Stone Village as it brought a violent gale with it.

“Grandpa Chief, stop them quick!” The two identical young maidens were anxious and pleaded their own grandfather to help Stone Village.

“Don’t rush!” The elder from Heavenly Cloud Palace said lightly. Right now his heart was beating quickly and the hair on his back stood straight.


Suddenly, a bright ray of light rushed forward. A dark green willow branch, as if it was sculpted out of divine jade, sparkling all over and emitted resplendent multicolored light as it pierced the sky.

That flying Flood Dragon dove down with its mouth wide open. It intended to massacre Stone Village, however, it suddenly widened its eyes. It was startled to its limit and let out a terrifying screech.


Soon after, its cries were immediately silenced. A dark green willow branch, like a neat divine chain blazing in green multicolored light, pierced through its body.

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