Perfect World

Chapter 38 – A Confrontation of Precious Techniques

Chapter 38 – A Confrontation of Precious Techniques

“To force me to actually use my precious technique!” Jiao Peng muttered as blood congested, reddening and distorting his face. Being repeatedly suppressed irritated him, making it was simply unbearable.

He was an untamable person and also a genius from a huge clan. His name was known in a vast circumference of over 50 thousand li. To be defeated in a mountain village, it was truly too shameful and humiliating.

Things had already reached such a point, so Shi Hao did not want to talk any further and only wanted to battle.

“Jiao Peng, are you okay? You were knocked away several times and now you’re in rage from being humiliated?” Zishan Kun strode over. Although he was taunting Jiao Peng, he had a cold glint in his eyes as he stared towards the little guy. His precious bow was destroyed, making him feel rather uncomfortable. He was prepared to take action at any time.

“You want to fight us three by yourself? You overestimate your abilities!” Lei Mingyuan stood at the side as he smiled coldly out of the corner of his mouth. “Just because your body is strong, it doesn’t mean anything. In this world, precious techniques are the strongest things. Without the backing of divine abilities and only relying on your corporeal strength, how far can you go?

The little guy did not say anything and only stared at them. He then turned his head towards the group of experts and said towards the elderly man from Heavenly Cloud Palace, “I request grandfather to bear witness and judge who is strong and who is weak.”

Everyone was amazed. This little kid was truly clever and saw who was the strongest amongst them. He spoke towards the elderly man holding the Snow Feather and spoke in such a way to fairly administer and judge the fight.


This time, it was the little guy who took initiative. He first charged towards Zishan Kun, who held dense enmity towards him and reached out his hand. His fingers shined like a crystal of divine jade.

“Good, let me try and have a taste of just how powerful your body is!”

He was known as a genius since he was young. Zishan Kun was always proud and arrogant. He side-stepped back a few steps to dodge Shi Hao’s sharp strike. As the strength in his opponent’s palm nearly faded, he ferociously brandished his palm to counterattack.

Although he wanted to measure how strong the little guy’s flesh was, he wasn’t reckless. Seeing Jiao Peng suffer such a tragedy, he decided to use cheap tricks while fighting.

However, the little guy did not have a fighting style. Growing up in the desolate lands, he did not learn any proper killing styles. He killed ferocious beasts and vicious birds using the most primitive methods. As his strength was fading, he lowered his entire body and kicked his right leg forward like lightning. Like a scorpion arming its tail, his attack was fast and powerful.

Zishan Kun was shocked. This type of fighting style would only be learned after they grew up a bit. Their seniors have always told them that a style only set them on a path, and that a true fight to the death would have a thousand variations; life and death was decided in an instant.

He rapidly dodged as that attack almost struck his skull. It continued sweeping towards his chest, and Zishan Kun used all his strength to block the attack with his palm.


Like a fierce rhinoceros colliding against a cliff, a rumbling noise loudly sounded, sending rocks and sand into the air as dust and smoke filled the skies.

Zishan Kun’s felt an acute pain within his palm, as if something was fractured. If not for the ring on his thumb shining and mitigating some of that terrifying force, his arm would have most likely snapped off.

Even like so, he flew backwards. Having been hit into the air by a single kick from Shi Hao, he flew back horizontally over ten meters. Plop, he dropped to the ground. During this time, the little guy also flew out. However, it wasn’t because he was retreating but rather because he was moving by his own will. He rushed towards Lei Mingyuan to once again violently strike with his fist.

“Wow, this doll-like baby was actually this strong.” Those twin sisters were both watching the fight. They had clear eyes, long eyelashes, and a spirited nature. Their identically beautiful faces warmed the heart and delighted the eyes.

After seeing those two other geniuses ferociously beaten flying by this little child, Lei Mingyuan did not want to compete with just his body anymore. His eyes blazed brilliantly and a black lightning surged around his body. A symbol appeared in his palm as lightning interweaved and surged outwards.

The air was filled with the sounds of popping and banging. Sparks flew in all directions, creating turbulent electricity. A thick streak of black lightning charged frighteningly towards Shi Hao.

The little guy was not scared in the slightest. He shook his right arm lightly and symbols immediately flourished through his arms. Divine light filled his body, making him shine brilliantly like delicate gems all over.

A loud Boom sounded, and the little guy wasn’t obstructed in the slightest. His right leg swept across and kicked out a large millstone towards Lei Yuanming.

Ka Cha. Lei Mingyuan snapped it with one palm. At this moment, the little guy arrived in front of him. He soared into the sky and stamped his feet down from the air. After a large Bang, Lei Mingyuan flew out. Although he crossed his arms to block, he was still struck by the heavy blow.

The little guy could exert a godly strength of 8000 jin with just his arms, and his legs were even stronger. Lei Mingyuan looked as if he had been struck by a bull. Blood spurted out of his mouth, and both his arms shined and trembled as if they broke.

“Those must be the weakening symbols discovered by Lei Hou. Otherwise, both his arms would have been broken!” People were genuinely shocked.

In such a short time span, the little guy struck those three geniuses one after the other and held the upper hand. The experts of the three clans had ugly expressions on their faces. This was too hard to believe. Such a small mountain village had this kind of world-shaking genius that could have actually been called a heavenly gifted genius.

Right now, not only was Jiao Peng’s anger filled to the brim, Zishan Kun and Lei Mingyuan’s faces also turned red with embarrassment. Their eyes shined with a cold glint as this made them lose a lot of face. They were unexpectedly knocked away flying with one foot; this was truly an embarrassment and a disgrace.


Jiao Peng’s gaze was ice cold. After watching for a while, he decided to take action and activate his precious technique with the intention of killing the little guy.

In the middle of his palm, an ancient symbol appeared. It dazzled the the air as its radiance was reflected in the sky. Hong, a vicious aura filled the air and a grey-brown Flood Dragon took shape from within the symbol, charging towards the little guy.

Shi Hao did not panic. He cut across the empty air with his right hand, causing silver splendor to sprinkle outwards. A disk-like moon emerged and multi-colored light reflected everywhere as it blocked in front of his body.

The Flood Dragon was violent. Its water sacs were thick and thin, and its scales were dense as it brought with it an ancient power. It was as if it crossed over from ancient times to participate in this battle.


The silver moon disk rotated in front of the little guy’s body, and the essence energy between heaven and earth surged and accumulated into a vast ocean. As he rose from the middle of a vast ocean, he also grasped boundless divine power as he chopped towards the Flood Dragon.

This was a confrontation of Precious Techniques. When the Flood Dragon collided with the Silver Moon, brilliant light flowed in all four directions and splashed outwards.

This Flood Dragon danced across the Heaven and Earth as it raged up and down. One burning light after another surged out, snapping the trees and breaking the rocks within the vicinity. Kacha kacha, the continuous sound of snaps and cracks sounded.

With a bird’s cry, the divine splendor of the Silver Moon flourished even more. A vicious bird flew out from the middle. Its image increased in size dramatically in just an instant, and like a cloud, it floated above the battlefield in the sky. Its violent killing aura shocked everyone.

“What, that is an Archaic Devil Bird! Is it a Heaven-Swallowing Sparrow or a Green Sky Peng? Such a powerful precious technique!” The experts from the Golden Wolf Tribe, the Great Floating Pool and the other clans couldn’t help but be amazed.

Although Shi Hao only activated an incomplete technique, it still made other people aware of its terrifying aura. This was an extremely powerful precious technique.

If this technique evolved towards completion just a bit further, it would not be a bit inferior to the oppressing divine abilities of the Purple Mountain, Thunder Clan, and the Great Floating Pool. This was an ancient precious technique coveted by all huge clans.

Very quickly, everyone’s gaze shifted towards those three hatchlings. Their eyes were blazing. If they had to guess, this precious technique definitely originated from those three mutated Green Scaled Eagles.

“An ancestral inheritance occurred. The Archaic Devil Bird’s strongest fragment appeared!” A few people were keen on discovering where it originated from.

Boom, that huge devil bird, not knowing whether it’s a Heaven Swallowing Sparrow or a Blue Sky Peng, dove down. With a pair of huge claws covered in drizzling mist, it grabbed the vicious Flood Dragon.

With a beng sound, it used its strength and completely tore it apart. That grey vicious Flood Dragon dissipated into light, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In the days after his baptism, the little guy’s understanding and comprehension of the precious technique deepened, and that’s how he rapidly increased the might of the precious technique to easily oppress Jiao Peng.

At this moment, Zishan Kun, Lei Mingyuan also took action and attacked intensely.


The Archaic Devil BIrd flapped its wings and instantly covered the earth and shrouded the sky. Violent gales erupted everywhere and the terrifying aura spread. It dove towards Zishan Kun while covered in a mist. It appeared even more frightening since its body was barely visible.

The little guy went on the offensive. He used the Silver Moon to protect his body and ordered the Archaic Devil Bird to dive down and attack his enemies.

Zishan Kun shouted loudly and his entire body shined. Purple mist soared to the sky and a purple sun flew out while rapidly enlarging. A Purple Flaming Unicorn stood in the middle with its head held high, steaming in raging flames.


The Purple Flaming Unicorn was angry. It rushed towards the sky to meet the Archaic Devil Bird in a head-on collision. Brilliant splendor emitted from between those two. Like two star systems colliding into one another, all four directions illuminated in a boundless white light.

With a wail, that Purple Flaming Unicorn trembled and retreated. The Archaic Devil Bird dove toward it at the same time. Pu, with one claw holding its head completely in place, it smashed it apart.

Hong, purple flames overflowed the heavens as the Flaming Unicorn fell and became essence energy. Rays of light were released as it disappeared between the heaven and earth.

Zishan Kun trembled and with extreme speed, he used a precious technique to defend himself.

The Archaic Devil Bird flapped its wings and transformed into a demonic cloud. It filled the vast empty skies and charged towards Lei Mingyuan.

The sound of wind whistled and the little guy leapt 30 meters toward the retreating Jiao Peng. A silver moon suspended high in front of him as it shined down hundreds of thousands of rays of light.


Jiao Peng shouted loudly. His expression was of pure dread. He could no longer protect himself. The little guy tread down from the air as the silver moon sprinkled its radiance when the bone text was utilized. With a bang sound, Shi Hao kicked his chin. He tumbled out several revolutions until both his mouth and nose spurted out blood.

The little guy landed on the floor, and his eyes were clear. He grabbed a several hundred jin millstone beside him and swatted the top of Jiao Peng’s head.

“Ah….” Jiao Peng cried miserably. Although his body was strong, he was about to be struck by such a huge millstone. His face held a bitter and unendurable expression as he could hardly believe the situation.

Pu, he spouted out a mouthful of foaming blood and then spat out two broken teeth. His entire face was in pain as he let out his blood-curdling screams.

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