Perfect World

Chapter 41 – Powerful Figures

Chapter 41 – Powerful Figures

“Little guy, we’ll be leaving. We’ll see you another day.”

Under the night scene, a five to six meter long Snow Feather radiated a pure and holy white splendor, and a few figures stood on top of it. Those two fairy-like sisters were waving their delicate little hands. They were identical in appearance and their skin shined like gems. Their large eyes were spirited as they bid their farewells toward Stone Village.

The shining Snow Feather levitated three inches off the ground and quickly disappeared into the distant forest. They were the last departing group, and the sole group that left safe and sound.

“Good bye sisters. If you return, don’t forget to bring some sweet beast milk from the Snow-Horned Leopard and Ancient Frozen Elephant….” The little guy exhorted in his loud voice.

Suddenly, laughter arose from within Stone Village. A group of children heckled and shouted “The four year-old sparrow chasing little Hao Hao who can’t stop drinking milk.”

A large crisis was averted. Everyone’s mood began to relax and began to laugh rowdily. The little guy’s eyes were clear and his face was flushed red. He explained in a tiny voice “I just wanted to have a little taste of the Snow-Horned Leopard’s milk. I heard it was quite unusual. You guys don’t laugh. I don’t really want to actually drink it.”


Shi Feijiao and the others walked forward and rubbed the little guy’s hair and pinched his apple-like face. They all thought it was quite amusing.

Stone Village began to calm down again and the villagers’ expressions gradually became serious. They held all kinds of offerings and stood in front of the willow tree, earnestly offering their gifts. Everybody was praying piously, and it resonated with the heavens and earths as strange powers began to arise.

Everyone was startled, especially the few elders. They heard that when the first natives offered sacrifices to their gods, all kinds of strange and mysterious powers would arise.

Never would they have thought that their pious ceremony today would also have such mysterious developments. Although it was quite weak, everyone still felt it. Moreover, the black medicine cauldron they inherited from their ancestors started shaking as well. The sun, moon, mountains, rivers, and even the first natives engraved on the cauldron became clear as they all began to flow with light.

The only unfortunate fact was that they did not know how to utilize this mysterious power.

“The power from sacrificial ceremonies do exist, and they were incredible. If an entire country offers the sky to them, then what kind of power would be produced?” A few elder’s minds began to tighten and did not dare to think any further.

This ceremony continued on for quite a while before it finished.

The night was deep and the sky was dark. One lofty and majestic mountain peak after another towered above everything. All kinds of different roars echoed from within the ancient mountain ranges, shaking people’s souls.

Within the dark depths of the mountains, there was only one tranquil piece of land. From afar, one could only see a scorched black willow tree that only had one sparkling and tender branch. It emitted haloes of light, covering all of Stone Village and isolating it from the outside world. This piece of peaceful and tranquil area became the only pure land within the mountain range.

Lightning Clan, Purple Mountain Clan, the Great Floating pool and the Golden Wolf Tribe utilized the entire night, and they were in such a hurry that they didn’t make a stop even within Little Lonely Mountain Town. They were truly terrified. That willow tree was too mysterious, and made their hearts trembled with incomparable fear.

At this very moment, they only wanted to quickly return and leave this demonic ancient mountain range in fear of encountering another disaster.

The Scaled Horses’ galloping was incredibly fast, especially the mutated one — the Unicorn. Their entire bodies were covered in dense glistening scales, and a single horn sat on top of their head. They were able to travel ten thousand li in a day.

The Golden Wolf Tribe was over forty thousand li away from the endless mountain range. These people needed to rest. They had been escaping with all of their might for four days, and the unicorns as well as the people all dropped to the ground in fatigue.

At the end of the horizon, buildings started to come into view. The center of the tribe was covered by a huge golden canopy, and it was embroidered with a huge, majestic and fierce wolf head.

Pu tong.

Just before arriving in front of the golden canopy, the few people atop the Unicorn rolled down. The middle-aged man with one of his arms broken looked pale and immediately passed out.

“Ba Tu, what happened to you guys?”

In the middle of the canopy embroidered with the golden wolf head, a tall and elderly man walked out. Strands of golden light flashed whenever he blinked, terrifying one’s soul. He held the broken armed man and a symbol emerged from within his palm. Multi-colored light shot out and entered his body.

“Ah…” The cripple middle-aged man looked as if he just woke up from a nightmare and shouted, “Clan head, you must avenge me!”

“Speak, what happened!”

“We entered a weird village and discovered the precious bone of a Suan Ni….”

“There was a thunder-stricken willow tree, and you people weren’t able to resist at all? Many people were cut in half or pierced dead?!” After the Golden Wolf Tribe’s old clan head heard everything, he couldn’t help but feel his emotions stirring.

From his gut feeling, he knew that the Guardian Spirit must have been extremely powerful. It was certainly nothing a mountain village could possibly possessed, and it definitely wasn’t any inferior to their tribe’s Guardian Spirit that overlooked ten million people.

“Clan head, there are also some Archaic Devil Bird’s descendants there, as well as the Suan Ni’s most precious imprints. We cannot miss this opportunity.” The other people spoke out as well and begged the clan head with all their might.

After contemplating for a long while, the lofty old clan head whose eyes shined in dim gold nodded. Two golden flashes of lightning shot out from his eyes as he said, “An incredibly powerful Guardian Spirit appeared, so we must take a look no matter what. As extra precautions, I’ll plead our Wolf God to follow us on this journey.

Everyone’s hearts trembled and then they exposed a cheerful expression. The clan head planned to plead their powerful Guardian Spirit for help, meaning that they no longer had anything to fear. That golden life form was truly terrifying, and it was revered by every single person within this tribe.

Wu wu… Not long after, a golden whirlwind rapidly approached this huge field.

Similar affairs also went down within the other large tribes.

This was a vast and boundless lake as dark blue as the ocean. Jiao Cang and the other returned and entered within a holy island. They reported everything and instilled raged within the tribe. They pleaded their Ancient Barbaric Flood Dragon to appear, and as a result, the entire lake shook with white tsunamis that reached the skies.

Within another vast and aristocratic tribe, the population reached ten million. Huge cities covered the lands one after the other, and they were extremely prosperous.

In the middle of a grand and dignified ancient city, its black city walls rolled with a never-ending metallic sheen. The grand steel wall was situated within this flat plain, and it gave a feeling of oppression to all who laid their eyes upon it.

“A powerful Guardian Spirit…” Within a palace at the center of the capital, an awe-inspiring voice sounded.

A round sun illuminated the entire palace hall. Sitting within the palace hall was a supreme expert. He was vaguely visible as a purple light blazed around him. His aura was like the ocean, exerting pressure on every expert within the palace hall, forcing all of those before him to lower their heads.

That day, within a circumference of fifty thousand li, all the huge clan were shaken one after the other. As news regarding a powerful Guardian Spirit appeared, namely the thunder-stricken willow tree, it swept across the entire region like a great wave.

News of the mountain treasure within the desolate mountains, the appearance of the precious bones of a Suan Ni within Stone Village, and the mysterious Guardian Spirit shook all the experts’ hearts. All of the tribes’ strongest experts were unable to sit around any longer.

“We haven’t moved in so many years. I think it’s about time to take a look to see what kind of secrets that place holds!”

After several days, Little Lonely Mountain Town’s peace was no longer peaceful. Some people saw the huge clan’s lords personally come visit these lands, and all the powerful individuals who came in search of the mountain treasure were amazed.


Lightning interweaved as the head of the Lightning Clan stood beside a mountain wall. Huge flashes of lightning interweaved around his entire body as he easily hacked off half of the mountain cliff. It was a truly a sight to behold.

“So strange. Ordinary people are unable to notice anything, but the more powerful the individual who gazes upon that direction, the faster their heart would beat. This willow tree truly isn’t simple.” The Lightning Clan head did not act rashly. His voice was like rolling thunder, and it shook the forest around him. All the ancient beasts quickly left the vicinity.

After four hours, water vapors drifted around the area above the ancient forest’s rivers. A low muffled roar could be heard, and it sounded as if a vicious Flood Dragon descended into the world. All of a sudden, mist and fog rushed towards the heavens as a silhouette emerged.

In the middle of the mist, its figure was very indistinct. Only a pair of bright and fiery eyes could be seen. It penetrated the mist, and its appearance was soul-crushing. From a distance, it overlooked Stone Village and lightly said “Is it this the Guardian Spirit that killed many of our clan’s experts?”

After two days, a golden whirlwind passed through the ancient forest, terrifying many of the native vicious birds and fierce beasts into fleeing. The region was suddenly put in a deathly silence.

A tall and dignified elder stood atop high ground and gazed toward Stone Village as he said to himself “An encounter with a lightning strike, and was still able to gain rebirth from its destruction. This willow must be truly terrifying!”

A golden Wolf God stood beside him. It wasn’t tall and only five meters long, and was far from the size of other wolves within the mountains. However, it was discharging a terrifying aura. Its body and its eyes flashed in gold. Symbols were vaguely visible, and it was extremely terrifying.

Their arrival wasn’t slow, after all, they were the strongest experts within their respective tribes. They lingered around outside of Stone Village as they carefully surveyed the area in preparation for the great storm!

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