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Chapter 28 – Unstable Weather

Chapter 28 – Unstable Weather

Within the heart of the mountains, an intense battle started. It seemed as if everything that was happening came straight out of a legend; the earth-shattering gold claw would destroy a mountain ridge each time it descended.

That little scarlet sparrow was not inferior in any way and melted many mountain peaks as it passed through. Scarlet liquid erupted into the blue heavens like red rivers connecting the heavens and earth. In addition, this was only the repercussions of their battle, as the actual great battle was still taking place high up in the skies!

The little scarlet sparrow was only the size of a palm, and its feathers were alluring and bright red. However, it was incomparably bold and fierce as it dove deep into the clouds to confront the terrifying unknown creature.

Everyone from Stone Village was left with their mouths gaping. Cold air softened their spines as they all knew that some unfathomably formidable Archaic Descendants were near them. With just a wave of its hands, it could eliminate a super large clan. These creatures were just like gods, and after watching, the villagers could only remain speechless.

“Too bad we can’t see it….”

The thousands of clouds were incredibly thick, as if a mysterious force wanted to isolate and prevent them from seeing it. It left them wondering where in the heavens was this battle was actually occurring.

“So it turns out Little Red was actually this powerful?” The little guy held his little chin, blinked his eyes and murmured softly.

After an hour, the heart of the mountain calmed again, but the clouds of fire did not dissipate and still hung around. The horizons were tinted in red, as if it was dyed in divine blood.

“What an eventful series of times. We still don’t know what kind of treasure appeared in the mountains that was worth fighting over for two years. Could it be that there were still no results?” Chief Shi Yunfeng wondered.

“This mountain treasure must truly defy the heavens!” Shi Linghu said.。

There were many strange things in the most inner region of the mountain range. No one in Stone Village had gone that deep inside before, so no one knew just what kind of mountain treasure had actually appeared.

During the following half month, the heart of the mountains were incredibly tranquil. There were never any battles occurring, so people gradually forgot about that hair-raising battle.

However, the regions even further away certainly weren’t calm at all.

These were pieces of rich and fertile land filled with vast and expansive fields, beautiful mountain peaks and flowing rivers.

Scaled Horses like ocean waves galloped in huge herds. Those were squadrons of armored horsemen that covered the earth in their bright and shining armor as they roamed. Their murderous spirit overflowed the heavens while practicing their drills.

On the horizon, there were continuous blocks of buildings as far as the eyes could see. This area was where a huge clan with millions of people flourished.

The experts in this clan were like trees, passing on their generations until now without extinguishing. Geniuses appeared from every city within the clan to guarantee they can flourish to even greater strengths.

Groups of buildings were veiled with golden canopies. A scaled horse charged in and an expert jumped off of it, landing on the ground. He reported in a loud voice “Clan master, there are great events occurring in the south, and rumors have it that a world-shocking mountain treasure has appeared!”

“Didn’t it appear two years ago, how can it still be there?” The sound of an elder echoed through.

“I don’t know why, however, the most formidable creatures were still engaging brutal combat.”

“If you say it like that, then a holy object that shouldn’t be there has probably appeared and no Archaic Descendants has obtained it yet, drawing attention from every direction!” A tall and sturdy elderly man walked out from underneath that golden canopy. His eyes flashed with threads of golden lightning; he was incredibly terrifying.

“Clan master, should we head over? Although our population haven’t yet reached ten million, our strength certainly isn’t below any of the others.” Several experts walked over. Each of them were surrounded by an oppressing aura as if they were reincarnations of vicious beasts.

“Hmm, don’t take any risks. Bring a few young guys and take them on a walk to see the outside world. Don’t take any actions without my command!” The elderly man warned and shot a terrifying glance at everyone.


In the distance, in another huge piece of land.

A huge lake as blue as the ocean was blessed with a beautiful scenery. Islands one after another scattered like stars in the sky. The waves billowed and several children were riding a water dragon. It leaped from the surface of the water into the rolling clouds. Its scales dazzled as it rushed into the sky.

On the island, in front a grand palace, A group of adults pampered them as they watched.

“Don’t be so annoying. We’ll bring you guys on a long journey later to see what an otherworldly genius looks like.”

“Che, all mediocre. Didn’t we see an unfathomable genius last time? Weren’t they still defeated by us? If he didn’t escape on his Flame Unicorn into a blazing cave, then we definitely would have caught him.” A youngster refuted.

At another country, just as far away.

This was a land ruled by its sovereign, and its borders had no boundaries. Their population reached ten million, and one huge city after another were filled with heavy traffic. People came and go, and it was flourishing with life.

The majestic and imposing city walls of a huge metropolis were built by laying hard metal on top of one another. It was as if a black mountain ridge was laid across a flat land, giving people a strong and oppressive feeling.

The imperial palace was quite developed, and it looked as if a heavenly temple descended onto the human world. The interior was furnished with dazzling gold and jade, and the luxuriously ornamented building showed an abundance of wealth and honor.

“The Archaic Descendants fought for two years and they still never backed off?” Inside the grand silver palace, a serene and dignified voice sounded from the tallest throne.

His face was hidden, but his entire body was like a purple sun. His entire person was bathed in its magnificent splendor.

This was his incredibly frightening life force, naturally flowing out like a huge stove. He seemed like a Deity in this glaring purple light, making people feel as though they couldn’t approach and could only hope to look from afar.

In the main hall, an expert kneeled on the ground and did not dare to lift his head, kowtowing there and said “Yes, it’s been going on for two years, it’s suspected that a world-shocking divine object has appeared.

In the silver throne hall, there were a few other people lined up in their seats. One of the youngsters among them stood up and said “Ahh, so unexpected. That piece of barbaric wilderness had this kind of opportunity awaiting there. Perhaps we could obtain it.

“Go find your Grand Uncle and tell him to bring you guys and those children to increase your knowledge of the outside world. However, without my command, no one can take any action. Otherwise, you will be convicted to death without any chance for pardons!”

A dignified voice passed down from the tallest throne. That purple sun continued to tremble, filling the air with its frightening aura and causing the entire main hall to shake.

On another huge piece of land, there were many buildings constructed in a similar fashion, and its population also reached ten million. This was another place ruled by its sovereign. Inside the huge, grand palace, thunder-like rumblings sounded, shaking many armored soldiers to the floor, making them kneel.

That was the sound of a person talking. It was incomparably terrifying and shook the entire palace like exploding thunders in the highest level of heaven.

“Zishan 1 Hou already made his move and sent his heirs out as well. Yunkun, go and bring your younger brothers and head out as well. If you meet up with those geniuses from the Purple Mountain family, beat them up for me.

The thunder-rumbling voice echoed throughout, and inside the throne hall, several streaks of black lightning interweaved, wrapping themselves around a faint, but imposing silhouette. An ocean of thunder was forming in that direction.


Far away, in another valley surrounded by majestic mountains that reached the clouds. On its summit was a land adorned in silver and bound in white. Heavy snow thickly accumulated from the freezing temperature.

However, a huge city was also built here. Situated in the middle of this huge mountain, it looked down upon all living things in all directions.

The population here was few, but this was still a shockingly ancient clan with frightening inheritances from its ancestors. A lord ruled on this land once upon a time.

“A holy object actually appeared in that piece of barren and desolate forest, simply inconceivable.” An elder spoke.”

“It’s been continuing for two years, and the Archaic Descendants still haven’t left. It’s worth investigating to finally understanding what is over there; however, we can assume that there would be a lot of other people thinking the same thing.

“Zi Shanhou and Lei2 Hou, these two old rivals, will certainly plan a confrontation between their heirs. Bring our young geniuses and go over to see the world.

“Grandfather, we all want to go.” A few beautiful young maidens tread through the snow, each as beautiful as a little elf. Their eyes were sharp and their charming faces were as bright as gems. Their shiny black hair fluttered in the wind as two youth followed closely from behind.

“Alright, go. When the time is right, go and see how strong those other geniuses are.” An elder smiled.

This piece of land was quite bustling. The commotion within the depth of the desolate wasteland spread far and wide, drawing the attention of a few super large clans.

Inside Stone Village, chief Shi Yunfeng was currently talking to the little guy.

“Your innate gifts are very good. You’re so young yet your knowledge of the Bone Text is so incredibly shocking. From today onward, I’ll lead you towards your next step in your transformation.

“Is it different from what I studied before?” The little guy asked in a daze.

“Bone Texts are born from mankind observing and imitating the ancient imprints of other species to activate mysterious patterns. This means that it is simply a trick, and the final result must come from within yourself.” Shi Yunfeng said.

“Grandpa chief, explain it to me slowly.” The little guy’s desire to learn was very strong. Right now, his eyes were bright and clear.

“En, take this time to concentrate and study hard, and then I’ll prepare your true blood baptism with the precious body of the Suan Ni, the precious scarlet horn and the Demonic Ape arm early. Otherwise if you leave those things out for too long, the divine powers of their true blood will depreciate. We won’t wait for you to become five years old anymore. Hopefully you can bear through it!”

1. Zi Shan means Purple Mountain.

2. Lei means thunder

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