Perfect World

Chapter 27 – The Curtain Drops

Chapter 27 – The Curtain Drops

Under the night sky, the vicious wolf was covered in golden runes from head to toe. Its fur was flowing with a bright luster. A pair of eyeballs flashed with an ominous glint and its entire body blossomed with a jewel-like splendor. However, right now it was in a horrified state.

That alluring, emerald, green, and tender branch stretched closer and made it so it couldn’t help but howl out. The old wolf’s eyes were brimming with fear. Both its wings flapped, and thunder interweaved with lightning as it charged towards the heavens with the intention of escaping.

This tyrannical vicious wolf did not have a shred of thought to resist. It only wanted to quickly leave this place. Every hair on its fur exploded upright anxiously as if it was a stray dog.

The vicious wolf broke through the sky and continued further. However, when it was on the verge of disappearing into the middle of the night, the willow tree emitted a gentle light like a divine chain. It rushed toward the heavens and quickly overtook the wolf.


The old wolf cried out in alarm; every hair on its body stood erect. It did everything it could to flap its wings. Gold colored runes interweaved, and it rapidly reached as high as it could, but everything was futile.

That gentle willow branch with brilliant lights and vibrant colors had a dense foggy light rising out of it. The green buds pierced through the vicious wolf from its front all the way to the back and a flower of blood splashed outwards.

Wuwu… The old wolf struggled. Its eyes were filled with dread and fear and let out a heart tearing, lung-splitting howl to shake the entire mountain and ravine.

Everyone from Stone Village there were dumbstruck. They knew that the old willow tree was very mysterious and was not exactly the same as ordinary Guardian Spirits, but they truly couldn’t have known it was this shocking.

This was the first time they had seen this. The formidable Guardian Spirit of the Wolf Village had its body penetrated without any ability to resist. This disparity was far greater than anyone could have imagined.

Where did this willow tree come from? It made many people start questioning. Chief Shi Yunfeng’s heart trembled. In his younger days, he once saw the old willow tree bathe in an ocean of thunder and lightning. It was an unexpectedly scary scene.

The lush, green willow branch lightly trembled. Red light blazed, and the Wolf Village’s Guardian Spirit let out its wretched howls as its body started to rapidly shrivel and disintegrate. Its fur and bones started to age rapidly and crack like rotten wood. Finally, it dropped down from the night sky.

A small drop of gold-colored liquid condensed and dripped onto the tender branch to be absorbed. Green light started circulating vibrantly. The willow branch then retreated back to the village.

A night wind swept past. On the tree charred black by lightning, a willow branch emitted a gentle light, enveloping the entire Stone Village in a white haze, peaceful and tranquil just like a painting.

Everyone from Stone Village was stupefied and they were not able to utter a word for a long time. This was the first time that the old willow tree displayed its terrifying firepower in front of them. Even if it only had one branch, it was still able to kill the old wolf.

Formerly, it was continuously emitting tranquil rays of light at night time to protect the village. It never took the initiative to attack anything outside the village, but it made an exception for today.

“The old wolf died just like this?!”

Many of them felt as if everything was surreal. They expended so much energy to battle the vicious wolf and even fought on the brink of death. In the end, the Wolf Village’s Guardian Spirit was directly penetrated by the tender green branch of a willow.

From start to finish, the disparity was huge, and was much different from what they had imagined.

“Back to the village!”

The villagers were trembling with excitement as they averted this crisis. They lifted up the Suan Ni’s precious body and raised the precious scarlet horn before taking large strides towards the village.

“Quickly tend to the wounded!” Shi Yunfeng anxiously shouted.

This time, Stone Village’s loss was not negligible. Many people suffered serious injuries, and a few of them even lost their limbs, destined to become a cripple for life. Some even lost their lives.

Living in this middle of this desolate land was just this cruel. Every day, they battled with ferocious beasts. Injuries and death were plenty, but slaughter between humans were rarely seen.

“Linghu, Feijiao, you two bring the Ancestral Artifacts and go massacre those people from the Wolf Village. Don’t leave a single one of them alive!”

Shi Yunfeng was very decisive. He settled down the wound and then immediately gave this murderous command to kill those people from Wolf Village. They knew Stone Village’s secret of the Ancestral Artifacts, and to avoid the information from leaking out and causing a disaster, they had to be eliminated.

The little guy had an entire day’s worth of adventure. He fought with other vicious beasts to obtain the Suan Ni’s precious body and fought in close-quarters with the people of Wolf Village. He suffered a few arrow wounds, and afterwards had a huge fight with the vicious wolf. He was exhausted a long time ago.

However, he still welcomed a fight and wanted to participate in this excursion. Shi Yunfeng hesitated slightly and finally nodded his head in agreement. A jade cannot make something out of itself. Only after experiencing a baptism of fire and blood could the little guy grow up.

This was destined to be a sleepless night. Shi Linghu and Shi Feijiao carried their Ancestral Artifacts and brought their clansmen to relentlessly exterminate those men from the Wolf Village.

Blood splashed, lives were taken, and the night froze. Mountains were dyed in blood, beasts grieved, and the atmosphere was somber and chill.

In the cruel desolate lands, lives were as common as grass. Many healthy males died in the mouths of vicious beasts, and death rates were extremely high. However today, both their clans had a massacre.

The Wolf Village this time sent out a hundred and twenty three individuals. Half of them died in the flood of beasts and the majority of survivors were severely injured. When they noticed that their Guardian Spirit died, their morale was extremely low and they almost collapsed.

After that, it was simply a one-sided search and kill. Everyone from Stone Village checked the head count. They kept on chasing and killing, not leaving a single one of them behind.

The vicious wolf had died. Those huge wolves threw those from the Wolf Village off and returned to the mountains. There were even some huge wolves that became hostile, and right away chewed many people from Wolf Village to death.

“Vicious old bastard, where are you going?”

Shi Linghu loudly shouted and armed his huge bow. An iron arrow flew outwards with a cold glint, illuminating the forest. Pu, the arrow was embedded into Bei Liqing’s back. The thick arrowhead ran through his body, and blood blossomed.

“Hate!” The chief of the Wolf Village angrily yelled.

“Old man, you went too far with your evil deeds. I’ll end your life as soon as possible” Shi Feijiao then spun his broadsword then swung in a beheading motion. Pu, a bloodied head flew several meters outwards and landed on the floor.

Bei Liqing died. All the survivors from the Wolf Village paled and trembled with fright. They all fled for their lives.


A cold arrow shot out accurately towards the back of the little guy’s head. If it hit the target, naturally it would pierce right through.

Shi Hao heard the sound of the cold gust of wind and rapidly dodged. He then suddenly turned his body and stared towards towards that part of the forest. His pupils shot out with flaming fury and shouted “You again!”

In the middle of some shrubs laid a strong man. However, he had already been exposed. His height was a towering 2.34 meters. His muscles were formidably strong. Flashing in a bronze metallic light, it was the hunting squad captain of the Wolf Village — Bei Shan.

When the little guy started fighting with the people of Wolf Village, his first arrow wound was inflicted by Bei Shan. That time, he hid in the darkness and with one arrow after another, he shot through Shi Hao’s arm. A lot of blood splashed out and now he attempted it again.


Shi Hao raised his hands, and the bracelet of beast teeth flew out like a string of gleaming white divine chains as it emitted its glorious splendor. With a kacha sound, Bei Shan’s huge bow twisted into pieces.

The vicious wolf had already died so this Treasured Artifact no longer had any connection with him. The little guy had perfect control over it and was doing whatever he wished. The brilliant crystalline beast teeth broke through every obstacle with its enormous power.

Bei Shan armed his broadsword and rushed towards the little guy. A cold and threatening light flashed through the forest. A shocking man with arm strength of around five or six thousand jin used both his arms to revolve his broadsword to slash downwards like lightning.

The little guy’s fingertips flashed with symbols. The brilliant star-like beast teeth had completely tangled up the dazzling broadsword. With a kacha sound, the teeth snapped it into pieces of scrap iron. This was the power of the Treasured Artifact.

Pu, pu…..

42 gentle crystalline beast teeth scattered outwards and transformed into a divine spear as arrows of light and other weapons collided into Bei Shan’s internal organs. Blood spilt outwards and his arms, and legs were all broken instantly. The two meter tall body full of grandeur dropped to the ground, causing a rumble.

The specks of light gathered together and transformed back into the brilliant, vibrant beast teeth bracelet before wrapping itself around Shi Hao’s wrist

“Little guy, kill him!” Shi Linghu took large strides and came over and solemnly said.

Shi Feijiao also carried his bloodied broadsword over and said “How can a boy living in these desolate lands not take others’ lives. Although you are still young, your strength has already surpassed ours. If you never kill another person, eventually you will pay bitterly.”

“I know….” Little Shi Hao blinked and his long eyelashes trembled. His face showed a complicated expression: nervous, suffering, struggle, firm all combined into one.

“Child, I did not think I would truly be done in by you. Too bad my one arrow only tore through your little arm and not your throat.” Bei Shan grinned and exposed a mouthful of terrifying, snow-white teeth.

The little Shi Hao shut his eyes and thought about his uncle being shot through in the chest by an arrow. His eyes fiercely opened, and chopped down with the broadsword in his hands. PU, a head tumbled down, spraying out tons of blood.

“Uncle Linghu, I’m tired.” The little guy threw away his broadsword and said wearily.

He had just went through a whole day of intense combat. He continuously using his silver moon, faced enemies after enemies that grew increasingly fearsome, there were vicious beasts, ruthless people, and a vicious legendary wolf. Injured with a few arrows, he was tired out a long time ago. After saying his last words, he shut his eyes.

“Just sleep then.” Shi Linghu carried him on his back.

When Shi Hao woke up again, the night had already passed. His wounds were all treated and getting better. As far as chasing and killing everyone from the Wolf Village was concerned, that ended as well; all of them were cleanly beheaded. This time, Stone Village’s iron was struck with blood. They were ruthless with their executions and did not leave a single one of them alive. Over a hundred heads were piled together and some took the initiative to fed some to beasts.


Suddenly, in the heart of the desolate lands, a flaming light that overflowed into the heavens exploded out. This magnificent blaze was unparalleled. A world-shaking birdcall pierced the heavens!

The flaming scarlet light was extremely magnificent and it was burning so fiercely that the sky looked like it was on fire. A little scarlet bird flew across the sky, and it divine powers were extremely shocking.

A wenglong sounded, and in that thick layer of clouds, an earth-shattering huge golden claw stretched out and captured the little scarlet bird with is unparalleled might.


The little red bird shifted horizontally and rapidly avoided it. That huge hairy golden claw crushed a mountain ridge with a single strike and rubble flew into the air, terrifying beyond belief.

“Ya, that’s the little red bird I saw before!” The little guy was shocked with his eyes wide open. He saw this shocking scene immediately upon waking up.

“What happened in the end, could it be that the terrifying battle from two years ago hasn’t ended? Could the tyrannical Archaic Descendent still be guarding its treasures in the mountains and they are currently fighting over it?!” Shi Yunfeng was also stupefied.


The gold claw descended downwards again. Its demonic powers were unmatched and it scattered blazing scarlet light everywhere. It was impossible to imagine just how large its actual body was, since just its claw was already in the clouds.

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