Perfect World

Chapter 26 – Defeat

Chapter 26 – Defeat

The mountains shook; Dragon Horned Elephants, Flame Rhinoceros, Tiger Cubs, Kuis and Hous gathered as they charged towards them. Many towering trees were knocked over as if the mountains were met with a huge flood of darkness, pressing downwards.

Messy leaves flew in the air and huge boulders tumbled downwards. The entire region’s earth shook and mountains trembled; It was a terrifying scene to behold.


The people of Wolf Village were the first to suffer from this wave due to the direction they were in. In the blink of an eye, over ten people were knocked several meters into the air by huge beasts before getting trampled upon. Their bones broke and they became meat paste.

Tens of huge wolves turned around and escaped immediately. The Wolf Villagers sitting upright on the back of them turned pale. The people who just died were relatives that they had known for a long time. In a blink of an eye, they became separated forever.

“Get ready!” Shi Yunfeng loudly shouted.

The huge beasts arrived as if they were a flood, charging towards Shi Yunfeng and the others, pulling huge trees up by their roots and snapping them in half. There was not much resistance against their advance.


Shi Linghu shouted. He took out a rather dull beast bone. Symbols flashed on his left arm that bone artifact perfectly merged with his arm, creating an immense surge of light. The beast bone blended with his blood and bones, becoming one; the two were indistinguishable.

A loud hong sound echoed throughout the area as if an Archaic Descendent resurrected. A vicious aura that shook that heavens appeared, shaking the entire region of the mountains as if an earthquake was occurring.

All the huge beasts were scared stiff; their bodies trembled as if they were facing a King of Ten Thousand Beasts and did not dare to offend it. They rapidly halted and took a detour instead.

Wuu… In the air, that wolf was crying out loudly like the howl of a malicious spirit. Its voice intimidated everyone. It was currently directing the huge beasts to attack and eradicate everyone from Stone Village.


Shi Linghu shouted loudly. The densely packed, resplendent, and mysterious patterns on his left arm flashed, before finally becoming the runes of an Ancient Beast King’s ancient imprints. A gateway opened and a tremendous vicious beast appeared.


An oppressive roar shook the entire mountain region. Shi Linghu’s body, all of a sudden, grew rapidly and bursted out of his clothes. He was standing in place with his three meter tall bronze colored body.

He smashed his fist forward, and with a rumbling sound, a huge beast released its wretched scream in place before its body exploded. Blood and flesh flew everywhere as broken bones splashed out in all four direction. The scene reeked of fresh blood.

The most important thing was that an extremely overbearing Beast King aura was covering the sky and the earth, oppressing these huge beasts in place. These beasts trembled and didn’t dare to advance another step.


The eyes of the old wolf changed its expression in mid-air. It was frightening, avaricious and even craftier. It figured out where the confidence of the Stone Village originated from. This fact made it feel boundless threat, but it definitely would not give up. The Suan Ni’s precious body was too important for it; it enabled itself to be reborn!

The old wolf started its attacks, but it did not charge towards Shi Linghu. It was in fact aiming directly for the other people of Stone Village. It was cunning and cruel, and its intention was to force Shi Linghu to use his precious artifact for defense and tire him out.


Shi Linghu’s three meter tall body released an explosive strength. His tendons swelled, and the rays of light on his left arm flourished. He exploded towards the sky, and with a buzzing noise, a silhouette of a fierce beast appeared. It charged forward like a hurricane rising towards the heavens, causing all the surrounding vegetation to shrivel up and die.

The old wolf was shocked and rapidly dodged. The symbols in its mouth flashed before condensing into a red light light and gushing out. Hong! It collided with that indistinct vicious beast.

Shi Linghu staggered a bit and blood spilled out of his mouth. Ancestral artifacts were incredibly shocking, but he did not possess a strong knowledge of the Bone Text, making him unable to handle the power only be able to activate a part of its strength.

But even so, the strength was enough to astonish anybody. Clashing with the body of the old wolf, the red light was blocked. It showed its shocked expression, and became even more intense.

Right now, it was not just the Suan Ni, the precious Scarlet Horn and the other stuff that attracted it. Even this Ancestral Artifact became something it wanted to acquire. A pair of wolf eyes flickered with cold and vicious rays of light. With a howl, huge wolves from all directions appeared once again after hearing its commands and aided with its attacks.

The situation had become critical. This old wolf never approached and always watched from afar. It was in the air as it conducted its cowardly killing spree.

“Crippled old wolf, do you have the guts to come down?” Shi Linghu pointed.

As a Guardian Spirit, it would usually make clans in this desolate land shiver with fear. However currently, it was holding back without a hint of anger. Its pupils still showed its cold expression and was never impatient.

It was incredibly strong, able to destroy a village on a whim. Now it was being prudent, making people feel helpless.

In every direction, huge wolves howled and unceasingly mounted their sneak attacks. The villagers were in extreme danger, growing wearier by the second.


The old wolf made its move. Runes flashed and its little front claws flashed with a splendid reddish-gold light. Its ancestral treasured symbols condensed and charged down with a boom. Anybody could clearly see a huge claw filling the air quickly approaching.

Everyone from Stone Village was frightened. This was an experience with an Ancestral Imprint that formed into a golden claw. It rushed out from its corporeal body, aiming to kill everyone

“You crippled old wolf, go die!” Shi Linghu shouted while nearing complete exhaustion. He urged himself to use the strength of Bone Text again. He lifted up his resonating left arm, and an Ancestral Rune flashed and another vicious beast appeared. He condensed quite a few runes to form a beast that resembled a Hou as it left the runes; its vicious might reached the heavens.

“Roar!” An earth-shaking roar was heard. It collided with the gold colored claw. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled, illuminating the night sky. It was truly a sight to behold.

The gold-colored claw was unable to descend any further. It streaked across the air, and with a snapping sound, a faraway mountain boulder snapped in half. Rumblings were heard as boulders tumbled down.

Everyone was dumbstruck. This old wolf was too terrifying.

Shi Linghu panted loudly as he had difficulty bearing his own weight. The Ancestral Artifact was too powerful, and he had difficulty getting up again.


The old wolf howled, and stirred up a group of wolves to charge forward with all their might. At the same time, those huge beasts began to move as well. Seeing Shi Linghu in a disadvantageous position, they started listening to the commands of the old wolf again.

The situation was extremely critical. The lives of everyone from Stone Village were on a knife’s edge; they could be cut off at any time.

Now, the old wolf calmed down, confident in his estimation of Stone Village’s strength. It was no longer bewildered and began to dive down unrestrained as it started to launch its attacks.


The little guy made his move and activated his beast tooth bracelet. The Treasured Artifact emitted light, and every grain was as bright as a star as it rose into the heavens to penetrate the old wolf’s body.

This was the first time the wolf became angry. These were its own fallen teeth that were refined in every way possible. It was its own exclusive Treasured Artifact, but now it was in the hands of a child.

It ferociously charged down and incited a chant to forcefully take back those crystalline snow-white beast teeth.

Suddenly, the little guy’s entire body dazzled. Bone Text twisted around him like cobwebs, illuminating his entire body. He quickly applied a bloodstained piece of ancient beast skin to his stomach.

There, constellations flashed. The beast skin mixed together with the flesh and blood in his chest and was absorbed into his body. A terrifying aura was emitted like a hurricane engulfing the heavens and the earth.

Long howls fell incessantly on everyone’s ears. Many huge beasts were shocked into trembling, and many more even kneeled down.

The beast skin became a part of the little guy’s flesh, becoming a pattern of an ancient symbol, and his little body began to dazzle and spark like an ignited flame. A power that overflowed to the heavens filled the air, sending shock and awe into every direction.

This was Stone Village’s second Ancestral Artifact. It was originally used by Shi Feijiao, but the little guy’s understanding of the Bone Text was as deep as the night and was secretly given to him, enabling him to become a murderous weapon.

A barbaric beast roar sounded, trembling the desolate wasteland. Near the little guy’s chest, runes transformed into a gateway. A terrifying vicious beast that resembled a Bi’an 1

rushed out, charging straight for the descending wolf.

The old wolf was shocked. This was all too sudden; to dodge it was already impossible. It only waved its claws and a huge gold colored claw took form before pressing down once again.

With a snapping sound as if the entire mountain broke down, the gold colored claw disintegrated. That vague Archaic Descendant wrapped its arms around the wolf’s body, and with all of his killing intent, it released a blood-curdling screech into the heavens.

The cunning and crafty old wolf’s two meter long body was almost snapped right into two pieces and it had a tough time trying to escape. However, it was still struck by a claw on its back. With a snapping sound, that crippled leg was instantly twisted into a complete deformation.

The little guy when using the Ancestral Artifact was on a whole different level than when Shi Linghu and Shi Feijiao used it. The strength was upgraded by a huge amount, but he was unable to activate the full might of the Ancestral Artifact.

Evidently, Stone Village had a glorious past. These two Ancestral Artifacts should not be exposed; otherwise, it might incite the greed of larger clans to bring about calamities.

The old wolf became furious and rushed towards the sky, spiraling high into the air. Not only was it unable to take back its own Treasured Artifact, it also suffered excruciating injuries. Considering its extreme craftiness, it had never suffered such a tragedy before. It could not tolerate this at all.

It angrily howled while spiraling in midair. However, the other huge beasts and the vicious wolves did not dare to attack, and did not listen to its orders right away. They all took notice of the Ancestral Artifact in the little guy’s hands.

The old wolf went wild and spiraled unceasingly and occasionally dived down to attempt an attack. Its speed was quick; thus, it was difficult to predict its path and none of the attacks of the Ancestral Artifacts hit its mark.

“Not good, it wants to expend all of our energy and then kill us. Using the Ancestral Weapon uses too much of our strength.” Shi Yunfeng furrowed his brows.

The little guy blinked towards him and saw a face of happiness

This time, the vicious wolf raided again, nearly tearing apart ten people. That huge golden claw was too terrifying. Its strength was enormous. Luckily it was blocked by Shi Linghu.

Even so, there were still gold colored rays of light that dropped down. It made seven or eight people roll over right away. They appeared badly mangled and were very miserable.


Suddenly, the heavily injured Green Scaled Eagle swiftly opened up its eyes. It flapped both of its wings, creating a huge violent gale and rushed towards the sky. Its half meter long beak released a glaring green light. A disked silver moon appeared and rapidly flew outwards.

The old wolf could never have imagined that this half-dead bird could suddenly revive and become so fierce. It let out its ghastly cries and quickly dodged; however, it was a step too late.

Pu! Blood burst forth. One of its hind legs were smashed to pieces by the green moon. Its mangled flesh splashed across the sky.


At the same time, the Green Scaled Eagle rushed forth, its incomparably sharp large claws stretched forward, and with the same eye-dazzling green light, it captured the wolf. Suddenly, its blood splashed out.

The old wolf was frightened, angry, and tried to do everything in its power to struggle free. It was almost torn apart by the Green Scaled Eagle’s claws, but it regained its freedom. Gold colored runes swirled around its body with the intention of killing this vicious bird.


Suddenly, it was shocked once more. Shi Linghu borrowed the strength of his Ancestral Artifact and threw the little guy into the sky. Shi Hao’s expression was as bright as day. He used the beast skin’s mysterious power to kill this vicious wolf.

A Bi’an rushed forth. Its vicious might terrified the desolate forest. Ten thousand beasts knelt down and hundred birds quaked in fear. The Heaven and Earth all quieted down.


The vicious beast struck the old wolf on its body. Runes interweaved and godly splendor blossomed like two comets colliding; sending out powerful, glaring light all over the night sky.

Huge pieces of blood rained downwards. The old wolf let out its mournful cries; its flesh and body were basically smashed apart. A large part of its lower body disappeared. This was an appalling scene and it did not even dare to look far behind itself.

The Green Scaled Eagle swayed its body and caught the falling little guy. After swaying a bit more, it dropped straight into the middle of forest. With a bang sound, it smashed straight into the ground.

“Quickly, return to the village!” Shi Yunfeng loudly shouted.

This time they won by a fluke. That vicious wolf was careless and was severely injured by the Green Scaled Eagle that suddenly revived. Otherwise, everyone might have died here.

They feared that after the old wolf calmed itself down, it would become furious and turn around to kill them. If that happened, everyone would be in the same danger as before. That vicious beast’s strength was too terrifyingly strong.

Everyone stayed close together and rushed back to Stone Village. They did not dare to stop for even half a breath’s time.

As far as the people of Wolf Village were concerned, their casualties were too heavy for them to continue. When the huge beasts rushed towards them, over half of them became mincemeat.

Right now, it was not time for them to settle their debts. Stone Village did not care about them and rapidly made their escape to avoid further disasters.

However, when Stone Village was in sight, that old wolf that had half its body cut off by the little guy chased behind them. It could not lose the chance to obtain the precious body of the Suan Ni. If it obtained it, not only could it recover its wounds, it could also make another breakthrough.

“Drat, an injured vicious beast is the most terrifying. It wants to fight with its life on the line!” A dark shadow began to creep into the Stone Villagers’ hearts.

They were just one li away from the village, but it felt like there was a heavenly moat around it. The vicious wolf was blocking right in front of them, using all its power to stop their advance.

“Guardian Spirit, please protect your clansmen. Do not be so old-fashioned. Please leave the village and protect us.” A few people prayed.

A large, charred black willow tree with only one tender green branch was emitting one gentle thread of red light after another in this dark night, and a indistinct halo of light enveloped the entire village.

Suddenly, that tender branch moved and transformed into a godly, green-red chain. Unexpectedly, it rushed outwards as quickly as lightning to over one li away.

1. Bi’an

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