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Chapter 25 – The Wolf Village’s Guardian Spirit

Chapter 25 – The Wolf Village’s Guardian Spirit

“You want to kill the Guardian Spirit, you dare to think that way?!” Bei Liqing’s expression was gloomy. The genius, Bei Feng, was already a cripple, and their treasured artifact had been stolen. This was a massive setback to the Wolf Village.

“If it dares to come, we dare to kill!” Shi Yunfeng was stern and grave, he was truly angry.

The sky had already blackened a long time ago. The mountain forest had become cold and serene as the smell of blood lingered in everyone’s noses.

“Wuwu…” Everywhere, beasts were howling. A cold aura filled the air and made everyone’s hair stiffen. It seemed like there were evil spirits crying and howling; it was terrifying.


Seeing the Wolf Villagers rushing towards him, the little guy kicked Bei Feng into the air with one leg, making him fly straight in front of the Stone Villagers.

“Although he’s now handicapped, leaving him will eventually bring another disaster. End this matter with one strike!” Er Meng’s father said. He was extremely vicious. Without uttering another word, he spun his great swords in his hand. Pu! He chopped Bei Feng’s head straight off, causing his blood to spout several feet into the air.

“Ahhh, my son!” Bei Liqing shouted. He placed his hand in front of his chest, hurting so much that he coughed out a mouthful of blood. That was his grandson, and in the end, he was beheaded just like that right in front of his face.

“We spared him once earlier. For things to have ended this way, you only have yourselves to blame,” Shi Linghu said indifferently.

Shi Feijai grabbed the bloody head with his palm and threw it over saying, “Bury it back home.”

“Guardian Spirit, come faster!” Bei Liqing’s hair was disheveled and his face swelled up with blood and then became ashen. His expression was intimidating and no longer as easy-going as before.

The people of Stone Village gathered and prepared to guard against that Guardian Spirit at a moment’s notice. They feared that it would suddenly appear and start its onslaught. The people of Wolf Village retreated to the side. This time, their losses were too great, so they were on alert until the arrival of their Guardian Spirit.

The dense forest was completely black, the roars of beasts repeatedly echoed through. However, there were no formidable creatures rushing towards them.

The people from Stone Village surrounding the Green Scaled Eagle to protect it. Chief Shi Yunfeng tried all his methods and spread all the medicine he used on a daily basis everywhere and finally he gave a dose of the Archaic Descendant’s blood extracted from that horn that was red as jade.


A cold arrow shot through the air. Its accuracy was impeccable, targeting only the eyes of the Green Scaled Eagle. The cold light was astonishing, and this arrow was probably shot by a fierce person that was able to lift five or six thousand jin with his arms. It was truly terrifying. The people of Wolf Village feared that the recovery of the Green Scaled Eagle would most likely end in a disaster for them, so they started to execute any measures to disturb and kill.


Shi Linghu spun the broadsword in his hand and chopped the arrow shaft in half, knocking it away. Chi! The iron arrow was embedded into a mountain boulder, emitting strings of sparks.


The little guy raised his eyebrows and rushed forwards. Today, the Wolf Village wanted to kill them and the Green Scaled Eagle. He bitterly hated this group of people. A silver moon swept across like a bright whip, passing straight through.

Like a stellar river from the highest level of heaven, the silver-disked moon glided forward like white waves passing through the ocean, buzzing, rumbling, and shaking the entire mountain region.

Pu, pu!

On the other side, blood-curdling screams could be heard. Right away, four or five people staggered backwards as fresh blood sprayed outwards. Their wounds were intimidating, and soon after, another three or four arms fell off, causing the expressions of their owners to pale. They were all in such pain that they started sweating profusely.

The little guy’s movements were quick, leaping like a little Pi Xiu. He used his hands to smoothly stroke that crystalline, snow white beast tooth bracelet. Symbols flashed and he lightly scoffed.

Xiu! Xiu!

The beast tooth bracelet released splendid rays of light. Each beast tooth was adorned with beautiful and eye dazzling mysterious patterns. They separated from the beast bracelet and flew forward.

A gorgeous shower of light rained down, but its murderous powers were shockingly powerful, causing people to be unable to react. Beast teeth like white gems penetrated many people’s bodies.

One flower of blood after another blossomed. Their bones were shattered as the people of Wolf Village wailed in fear, unable to protect themselves from the treasured artifacts’ killing blows.

“What’s happening, Guardian Spirit? You should be here by now! Why aren’t you appearing yet? Come quick and rescue our clansmen!” Bei Liqing shouted in fear, his heart full of dread. If this continued, everyone from the Wolf Village would be forced to hand everything over.


That resplendent, treasured artifact was several folds stronger in the little guy’s hands than it was in Bei Feng’s hands, as he understood the Bone Text and how to operate it. The strength of the treasured artifact was now on a completely different level.

The people of Wolf Village fell apart. Even if they hadn’t heard the chief’s order to retreat, they still would not have loitered around any further. They all fled for their lives, as their Guardian Spirit still hadn’t arrived yet.

“Little guy, do not chase!” Chief Shi Yunfeng was afraid of an unexpected accident.

“Ya, this beast tooth bracelet’s strength is truly formidable.” Shi Hao lackadaisically scratched his head. He was surprised as well. Forty-two small beast teeth flew back and once more transformed into a bracelet of white gems wrapped around his wrist.

“Let’s quickly leave as well, the Wolf Village’s Guardian Spirit is innately doubtful. I said we would kill it, and so perhaps it restrained itself and did not show up.” Shi Yunfeng muttered.

The chief was merely bluffing. It had achieved a great effect, leaving the people of Stone Village speechless.

Around a hundred people moved one after the other to lift up the Green Scaled Eagle, tend to the injured and carry the mortally wounded before they could quickly flee. They all grew up in this desolate wasteland. If they still had even one breath left, perhaps they could be saved. This group of people was following Shi Linghu’s lead.

Another group was in Shi Feijiao’s squad. They were in charge of carrying and protecting the Suan Ni, the precious Scarlet Horn, and the Demonic Ape’s arm. All of them were excited yet nervous at the same time. These were genuine pieces of priceless treasures.

On the mountain floor where shrubs grew and ancient trees reached towards the heavens, a group of people moved quickly despite suffering many setbacks.

Wuwu… A gloomy whistle sounded, rising and setting, echoing in all directions.

Their distance from Stone Village was gradually lessening, so much so that they almost arrived. However, in this mountain forest surrounded by darkness, one pair of dark green eyes after another appeared like will-o’-wisps.

“Heavens, such a large wolf!”

The people of Stone Village were shocked; they were surrounded. A group of huge, dark-backed and white bellied wolves appeared. Each one was as large as a house. They opened their huge, bloodied mouths, revealing their half a foot long snow-white teeth as well as their scarlet colored tongues, making them seem incomparably sinister.

There were not just one or two, but in fact over forty to fifty of them. A group of savage huge beasts surrounded them, much more threatening than the Wolf Village.

“Damn, the Guardian Spirit of Wolf Village is crafty as expected. It went so far as to gather up this huge group of mutated huge wolves.

There were many wolves, and each were as large as a huge elephant. On normal days, even one would be considered a rare sight. This time, forty to fifty had arrived; it was simply a disaster.

In the dark midst of the mountain forest, those pairs of sinister and cold dark green eyes were all as large as little bowls. Their vicious auras were extremely overbearing, unable to determine just how many fierce beasts they had hunted down in the past.

Awoo… The wolves’ howls echoed through like sudden claps of thunder. A huge silhouette pounced forward and blood-curdling screams sounded from the rear of the Stone Village.

One villager was bleeding from losing half his body. An arm was torn off by the shoulder by the claws of a huge wolf, creating a fatal injury.


At this crucial moment, Shi Linghu threw forward an iron lance, penetrating the huge wolf’s skin, causing blood to drip from this injury. This only redirected its bloodlust, allowing that villager to temporarily avoid being torn apart.

A wolf as large as a huge elephant was too terrifying. If there were only a few, it was still possible to deal with them. However, forty to fifty of them came all at once. This was not something a hundred or so people could deal with.


The huge wolves let out long howls. Leaves withered in the mountains and were shook off from the vibrations. Vicious auras surged like waves.


Two more blood-curdling screams were heard from two different directions. Several huge wolves executed their attacks at the same time. With those claws as sharp as spear points, one swipe could cause trees to tumble down. Despite them being grouped tightly together, two villagers were still gutted, revealing their flowing intestines.

“Quickly, reform!” Shi Feijiao loudly ordered.

The mountain and forests were dark and gloomy. These huge wolves were ferocious and powerful. They had absolute superiority yet they still did not directly attack, relying on flanking and guerrilla warfare.

This time, over 10 huge wolves simultaneously moved out and attacked the villagers from the darkness.


The little guy made his move and raised his wrist. Symbols interweaved, and in front of his body, those forty-two crystalline beast teeth appeared, emitting a magnificent light.

Pu! Pu!

The foremost huge wolves had their skull pierced from their eyes, and fresh blood spilt out. They let of wretched screams and immediately fell to floor, tumbling.

Even these huge creatures could not block the treasured artifact. They were simply target practice, and if they did not suffer fatal injuries, they were dead.

“You evil wolves, back off!” The little guy shouted.

He activated two disk-shaped silver moons and leapt forward. With two pu sounds, he sliced two of the stronger and larger wolves in half from in between the eyebrows all the way to their legs. Fresh blood spouted out.

The remaining huge wolves all became cautious and no longer dared to rashly attack.

“If we are truly at our wit’s end, we should use an Ancestral Artifact and hide the other one. At a crucial moment, we can surprise attack that Guardian Spirit. If it knew about everything, it will be more on guard,” Shi Yunfeng muttered.

Dark green eyes stared from every direction, and the huge wolves surrounded them. One nose after another spouted out white vapor as the vicious killing intent sent chills down people’s spines.

“You guys are definitely going to die. It is your destiny today to be exterminated!” Bei Liqing appeared once again, and his expression was gloomy and cold. His eyes were like a viper as he rode on the back of a huge, silvery-white wolf.

The Wolf Villagers had returned. Many robust men climbed up onto the backs of huge wolves, each armed with bows and arrows. Their eyes were filled with hatred and coldness as they glared at the Stone Villagers.

The people of Stone Village breathed in a breath of cold air. With the help of the huge wolves, the people of Wolf Village became formidable. This was not a power that a village should possess at all.

“Our clan’s Guardian Spirit arrived. None of you can think about living!” The Wolf Village’s hunting squad captain, Bei Shan loudly shouted.

“Isn’t it just an old wolf? It has been alive for so long that I bet even its teeth have begun to fall out. I’m guessing it can’t even walk anymore. What use does it have?” Shi Yunfeng sneered with deliberate contempt.

The Wolf Village’s Guardian spirit was a legendary wolf. Both the Wolf Village’s and Stone Village’s clan names originated by using the Guardian Spirit as a pretext.

Over ten huge wolves bellowed and howled. The vicious aura in this area was flourishing. They could start killing at any moment.

“None of you will live!” Bei Liqing coldly said.

“You’re not scared of breaking the rules of this desolate land and being attacked by every village?” Shi Yunfeng said indifferently.

“After killing you guys and then capturing your women and children, we will just say our villages combined together. If our Guardian Spirit makes a breakthrough, no one would dare question any further.” The Wolf Village hunting squad captain coldly smiled.

Forty or fifty huge wolves tested the waters with their attacks and struck occasionally. Everyone in the Stone Village was defending, while the little guy was in charge of offense. Every time he attacked, he would kill eight huge wolves. Huge wolf bodies fell to the ground, and the forest became saturated with the smell of fresh blood.

After a full two hours, the Guardian Spirit of the Wolf Village still did not show up. Only the huge wolves attacked while Bei Shan and others shot arrows.

A few other people from Stone Village were injured. The sweeping claws of the wolves slashed open their bodies.

“As expected, the wolf was paranoid, and it could not take this much. Ancestral Artifact, break out!” Shi Yunfeng commanded.

Stalling did not benefit them at all, and there was no way to know what that cunning Bei was devising. The earlier they returned to Stone Village, the better. There, they were under the protection of the old willow tree.

“Chief, if we exposed our Ancestral Artifact, will that bring about a lot of trouble?” Shi Feijiao asked.

“Let’s protect our lives first, and then we’ll kill everyone from Wolf Village at the scene. Since they forced our hand by being so heartless, don’t blame our injustice!” Shi Yunfeng coldly said, exposing a terrifying expression that he has never revealed in the past.

They lifted up the Green Scaled Eagle very carefully, protecting it in the center. This was a strong power for their vengeance in the future. Perhaps it could even resist the enemy’s Guardian Spirit.

Everyone quickly scattered, and Shi Linghu took out a beast arm with the intention of activating it. This was precisely an Ancestral Artifact filled with an incomparably formidable strength.

Suddenly, before he could even move, the distant mountains exploded like a flood. Ear-splitting beast howls never stopped and rushed towards where they were.

“A horde of beasts, damn it. That old wolf went to the heart of the mountain and chased a group of huge beasts here to attack. It’s truly too devious!” Shi Yunfeng’s expression changed.

Shi Linghu also shouted loudly, “Damn that savage old wolf, using a flood of beasts to trample us to death. Everyone be on your guard!”

Not only their own side, even the people of Wolf Village changed their mood. Their Guardian Spirit was so fearsome. Even they would suffer from the terrifying stampede. Not everyone mounted on the back of a wolf; half of them were standing on the ground.

“Quick, get on the back of wolves,” Bei Liqing ordered.

However, there wasn’t enough time left. Rumbling noises arrived in front of them. Even these huge wolves were not safe and they fled quickly to hide.


A howl echoed through like the cries of a mountain ghost, unspeakably terrifying. On top the flood of beasts, there was a strange creature flapping both its wings while coming towards them.

It was only two meters long. Its tan skin was glossy all over. However, it looked very old, and a wolf face appeared with several wrinkles. This was a rarely seen legendary wolf; even in countless groups of wolves, it was difficult for one to be born.

Its front legs were short, seemingly impossible for it to walk by itself. Usually it needed to lie on the back of a huge wolf. It’s fortunate that its own blood was extremely powerful allowing it to grow a pair of wings, enabling flight.

Clearly, this old wolf was terrifying. There were faint traces of ancient symbols flashing on its body; it was an extremely tyrannical vicious beast!

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