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Chapter 24 – Precious Artifact

Chapter 24 – Precious Artifact

While sparkling, the snow white beast tooth turned into specks of light. The lights’ godly splendor spilled out as it charged forward like meteors streaking across the blue heavens, splendid and beautiful. However, it was emitting a terrifying aura.

A disk-shaped silver moon rose up, and as if it was suspended over a clear and gleaming sea, it emitted a peaceful yet auspicious feeling. Suddenly, an ear-splitting dang sound broke through this tranquility.

Bei Feng and the little guy were currently having a showdown. One person used a precious artifact, while the other used his precious techniques. Splendid light drizzled like rain, and the clanking noises never stopped, shaking the entire mountain.

There were a total of forty-two specks of light dancing around in the air. They condensed together to become a meteor shower, and were unfathomably dazzling. However, it was an incredible killing weapon nonetheless.

With wu sounds, they whistled past the grass, grinding it into fine powder. The six to seven meter long boulders were punctured with holes, and were unable to stop them.

The little guy had an unwavering expression. He was nearing the limit of his capabilities. He brought out another two silver moons; one to protect his body and the other to counter and charge forward with killing intent. Clank, Clank, the specks of light violently collided.

This was like a battle of the gods, bright and resplendent. It didn’t matter whether it was the silver moon or the rain of light, they all sprinkled their godly splendor, illuminating the surroundings. Light, as red as sunset, scattered in every direction and streaks of auspicious vapors gushed out.

After colliding a total of ten times, one of the silver moons shattered. The little guy condensed another one to maintain two at all times to block those drizzling specks of light that were fluctuating and attacking wildly from all directions.


A slight tremble was heard, and those specks of light reversed their directions before flying back to reform the beast toothed bracelet on Bei Feng’s wrist. Little grains of white, lustering gems dazzled beautifully in front of the people’s eyes.

This precious artifact really made people tremble in fear. Killing people while hardly being visible made it impossible to guard against. Looking at this exquisitely made artifact, one could not discern that this was actually an incredibly murderous weapon.

“You’re not using a precious artifact, you’re… you’re using the strength of Bone Texts?!” Bei Feng was incredibly bewildered and changed his complexion for the very first time. This little child was able grasp a hold of that type of mysterious power, and was truly terrifying.

“What?!” Far away, the people of Wolf Village were all flabbergasted. Each of them stared at the little guy with shock and terror, as if they saw a freak of nature.

“Bei Feng, kill him, we cannot let him live!” Wolf Village Chief, Bei Liqing ordered.

“Little guy, pay attention, that’s a precious artifact bestowed to them by their sacrificial Guardian Spirit. As long as it’s alive, they can use their artifact without understanding Bone Texts. Anyone given the artifact can use it immediately.” Shi Yunfeng warned while speeding up the Green Scaled Eagle’s detoxification process; the symbols shined on his arms and palms as he applied medicine over several of its wounds.

“I will not let you go this time!” In the span of just one day, the little guy experienced many things. His expression was compelling as he clenched his little fists and spoke with a firm and decisive tone.

“This small child understood how to operate the Bone Text’s mysterious power and attained such depth in understanding. Even in those larger tribes, this must be considered a genius as well.” Bei Feng kept a cool head while keeping his emotion cold. He formed an indifferent smile and said, “Too bad, you will not be living for long.”

With a weng sound, that beast tooth bracelet flew and dispersed once more. They formed specks of light and charged towards the little guy.

This time, the specks of light formed into a monster with the shape of a wolf and pounced forward. It opened up its brilliant, fierce, and huge mouth as it swallowed the little guy.


The silver moon rotated and cut towards that vicious beast. As it whistled through the air, it emitted a divine and peaceful moonlight. The two forces collided and sparks flew in all directions.

“Such a powerful precious technique, it is truly able to match up to a precious artifact, simply astonishing. This child is extremely young and unexpectedly so powerful. His capabilities could probably overwhelm those geniuses from larger clans. We can’t spare him,” Wolf Village’s chief exclaimed with even more resolution in eliminating Shi Hao. Hatred had already been bred, and a benevolent relationship was no longer possible. Only after completely killing this child could they be at peace.


Flames rushed towards the heavens, and that beast took form. The light scattered into different parts, and a sharp claw, bloody mouth, copper head, and iron back all dispersed. They were all comprised of specks of light as they moved towards the little guy.

This precious artifact was made from forty-two vicious beasts. They can combine and scatter, and there were many ways to utilize it to attack, making it unblockable.

Right now the little guy could activate two disk of silver moons. He was struggling with fatigue as he fought against the opponent’s formidable precious artifact bestowed from their Guardian Spirits’ precious bones.

“Let’s see how you block this!” Bei Feng lightly scoffed and chanted the secret incantation taught by their Guardian Spirit. The beast tooth transformed into a weapon and the claws and beast head were all extremely lifelike.


The silver moon struck against the sharp claws and bloody beak, creating an intense collision. Soon after, the silver disk-like moon was suddenly smashed to pieces, resulting in a cloud of silver sheen splashed outward as light specks were blown away.

Far away, Bei Feng was shocked and took a few steps back. This was because the little guy used this rare moment to charge towards him with the intention of killing him first.

The rain of light combined together before rapidly flying backwards and protecting the front of Bei Feng’s body. His expression was calm and undisturbed. “If you’re so fast, can you be faster than a precious artifact?”

The little guy did not answer and conducted his attack. Two disk-shaped silver moons rose up, and chopped towards his opponent.

At this time, the forty-two beast teeth levitated, emitting resplendent rays of light as they linked up with one another before forming a piece of armor that draped over Bei Feng’s body.

The silver moon unceasingly chopped, but couldn’t break through Bei Feng’s body. Those forty-two linked beast teeth had constructed an incomparably hard and resplendent armor of light.

At the same time, some of the beast teeth were even more awe-inspiring, forming daggers, arrows, and other weapons. These light-formed weapons all shot towards the little guy.

Dang! Dang!

The silver moon dimmed, and the little guy was knocked backwards.

“In this desolate wasteland, I am considered a genius. But then you came into existence. Now, it doesn’t really matter. Child, I’ll send you towards heaven to end your short and sad life.” Bei Feng’s expression was overbearing as he advanced forwards.

Relying on his precious artifact to protect his own body. He did not fear those two disked silver moons. One beast tooth after another emitted light as they formed arrows, daggers and other weapons before flying towards the little guy’s body.

This was the only time Bei Feng killed someone. Ever since his childhood, he was regarded as an unprecedented genius. His nature was tough and tenacious. Right now, to kill a child, he did not have a shred of guilt; instead he had a grim laughter.


The little guy lightly scoffed. He was never a person that felt discouraged. Although the precious artifact was strong, he had nothing to fear and still activated his ancestral precious technique.

With a boom, two disk shaped silver moons collided together and glaring rays of light exploded outwards. Faint devil bird cries could be heard as they echoed through the air like raging waves striking the shore, causing rubble to fly high into the clouds, shaking a person to the core.

The silver moon exploded into pieces as two fuzzy silhouettes flew out and combined together. This scene was somewhat surreal as they formed into the shape of a devil bird. It spread its wings and struck the air as they charged towards Bei Feng.


Like a precious hammer striking downwards, Bei Feng immediately spewed out blood. The precious artifact on his body immediately dimmed by quite a bit. The forty-two beast teeth armour dispersed and fell from his body.

Bei Feng turned pale with fright, and others were shaken as well. This was was a precious artifact bestowed to them by their Guardian Spirit. To their dismay, it was broken by just a small child.

At a crucial moment, the little guy made another breakthrough in his comprehension of his precious technique. Using this rare opportunity, he leaped high in the sky and aimed his little feet towards Bei Feng’s face.


Although his stature was small, his strength was incredibly shocking. With one leap, he jumped several meters into the air. He dropped down and heavily stepped on Bei Feng’s face; this was a really terrifying action.

With a light ka sound, Bei Feng’s left cheek was deformed. His bones were broken, his distorted face was in pain and his eyes could not help but shed a few tears. He released a wolf’s howl.


The little guy stepped on his face with one foot, and the other towards his chest with the same astonishing force. His sternum creaked, and immediately afterwards, the sound of snapping bones spread through the air.

Bei Feng before this day already had many bones broken by the people of Stone Village and had not even fully recover from it yet. At this moment, his whole body flew sideways while spouting out blood, making his condition much worse.

The little guy had kicked him in the face, and trampled with his other leg on his chest. He then immediately followed and landed together with Bei Feng.

Bei Feng’s painful cry didn’t resemble a human’s because the little guy stepped on him as he fell. Half his face was flattened and the right side of his chest was completely broken; blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

All of this was too fast. No one could have thought that the little guy was so sharp. At a crucial time, activating a formidable precious technique to break apart a precious artifact bestowed by their Guardian Spirit. This strength was truly heaven-opposing.


“Quickly seize the precious artifact!”

Wolf Village’s chief, Bei Liqing and the hunting squad captain, Bei Shan both loudly yelled.

The little guy brandished his hand and a silver moon rotated before bringing the beast tooth bracelet towards himself.

This bracelet was truly beautiful. Forty-two beast teeth, all as lustrous as pearls, flickering with sparkling light. It was splendid and dazzling, yet it contained a powerful and bizarre strength.

The little guy felt it with his hands and then immediately wore it on his wrist. After seeing this, the people of Wolf Village were all shocked and angered. This was an important clan treasure, and it was stolen just like that by the little guy.

Bei Feng screamed under the strength of the little guy’s feet as it was destroying half his body. After seeing this and being made angry, they all rushed forward.

As a response, the little guy powerfully stamped his feet on Bei Feng’s body, breaking over 50 percent of the bones in Bei Feng’s body. Afterwards, the little guy did not even turn his head around and without batting another look, he used a silver moon and chopped down. The sound of liquid flowed, and a bloody light splashed out as both of Bei Feng’s arms and legs were severed.

“Aoo…” Bei Feng howled like a wild animal, painfully screaming and crying. This genius was completely finished. Although he was not dead right now, being alive was more painful than death.

“Guardian Spirit, why haven’t you arrived yet? I beg you, come quickly!” The Wolf Village chief’s expression was completely ashen.

In the middle of the mountain forest, wuwu sound echoed through as if a terrifying creature was approaching. The entire heaven and earth was suddenly filled with a cold killing intent.

“Linghu, Feijiao, are you two ready? Those f*ckers! If the Wolf Village Guardian Spirit dares to show itself, kill it!” Shi Yunfeng shouted.

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