Perfect World

Chapter 23 – To Behead and Kill

Chapter 23 – To Behead and Kill

At sundown, the lights within the mountains and forests began to fade away, making the surroundings seemingly serene. In this darkness, pairs of eyes watched attentively. The smell of blood wafted through the air, drawing the attention of a few fierce beasts. Fortunately, this was the outer region without too many fearsome and vicious beasts.


A tiger-striped bug scuttled over, and the patterns on its body made it resemble a big silkworm dyed in a strange color. It was five to six meters long and had the head of a tiger, sinister and fierce. This big bug smelled the True Blood of an Archaic Descendent and wanted a bite of the Suan Ni’s precious body.


The little guy tossed out an iron spear, directly penetrating the bug’s head. With a scream, blood splashed out, and the Tiger-Striped Bug rolled on the ground. Not long after, its life ended.

Soundlessly, a Flying Python as thick as a water bucket pounced over from the precipice of a boulder. It spread both its wings, and a fishy smell spread through the air. When it almost neared, it opened up its huge bloodied mouth to take a bite.


Facing this violent large snake, the little guy did not dare to act carelessly. He directly activated the silver moon and whipped it like a rainbow, cutting the snake directly into two halves. Blood sprayed everywhere like rain.

This all happened in just a few short moments, and Shi Hao had already killed six or seven monsters. He kept close to the Green Scaled Eagle and guarded its body. However, if this continued, vicious beasts from the heart of the mountain range would soon take notice.

“Wolf Village’s people will be here soon, don’t tell me that Grandpa Chief did not hear the eagle’s cries?” The little guy started to worry. He could escape, but he would never leave behind the Green Scaled Eagle.

Wild birds soared into the sky, and the little guy suddenly raised his head. Right now, there was a torrential downpour of iron arrows concentrated straight at his body.

Murderous intent filled the air. The trees in the forest were all twisted and broken into pieces, and the densely packed blanket of iron arrows shot towards them. Even if it was a huge Dragon Horned Elephant blocking their way, it would still be shot full of holes until it turned into a sieve.

The little guy exhaled and loudly shouted. From between his nose and mouth, he spouted out a stream of concentrated air. His entire body was shining, causing symbols to interweave. A silver moon like a knife blocked the front, and clanking sounds rang out.

Iron arrows unceasingly fell and arrowheads continuously broke. They piled densely on the ground, emitting an astonishingly cold metallic luster.

“People of Wolf Village, don’t force me!” The little guy’s eyes reddened because a few iron arrows landed on the Green Scaled Eagle’s wounds.

The iron arrows that were like howling winds and torrential rains finally stopped. In all directions, over a hundred people appeared. They had him surrounded from afar and stared at the Suan Ni and the precious scarlet horn, anxiously breathing.

Even though they had never seen one before, if one lived in these desolate lands long enough, they would how precious the True Blood of an Archaic Descendant was. It was simply invaluable and priceless.

“Little child, this Suan Ni’s body is a valuable treasure. You can’t guard it by yourself, so be obedient and just leave. We won’t make things difficult for you.” An elder said in an amiable manner.

The little guy was immediately angry. They went through hell and back to be able to obtain the precious body of the Suan Ni, and soon they would have brought it back to Stone Village. To be killed off halfway by this group of people who wanted to snatch away these Archaic Descendant corpses, how could they resign themselves to such a choice?

He clenched his tender white fists and said “You guys are going too far!”

“Child, life is always like this. We are fighting in this desolate land. If we’re not a bit cruel to others, then we’re being cruel to ourselves.” The Wolf Village elder let out a long sigh. “Just hurry up and leave.”

The little guy started at him without saying a single word, and waited for reinforcements to come from Stone Village.

“Wu, truly shocking, this is actually a real Green Scaled Eagle. At first I thought this was a spotted unicorn bird. Unexpectedly, this overlord in the sky would submit itself to Stone Village, amazing!” The Wolf Village elder was not just saying empty words. His amazement came from his heart “Pity… it’s poisoned so we need to kill it.”

Shi Hao heard what he said and held back his tears. He could also see that the Green Scaled Eagle’s circumstances were far from reassuring.

Seeing his expressions, the Wolf Village elder squinted and said, “Truly a pity, otherwise it’d be a match for our Guardian Spirit. Let’s just send it on its way and release it from its suffering.”

“You dare?!” The little guy’s eyebrows stood up and clenched his fist, blocking in front of the Green Scaled Eagle.

“Hehe…”The Wolf Village elder lightly laughed. “Looks like you’re really a good child with a kindhearted temperament that is unable to let this vicious bird go.”

After saying this, the expression in his eyes became cold. He waved his hands and said, “Release the arrows, kill this Green Scaled Eagle first!”

The Wolf Village’s people were startled, but they did not hesitate. Listening to the command, arrows like rain, whizzed by non-stop towards the Green Scaled Eagle’s wounds.

The little guy’s eyes were completely red and spared no effort to resist. He took out that disk-like silver moon and swept the iron arrows away in all four directions, guarding the Archaic Devil Bird Descendant.

However, the Green Scaled Eagle’s body was too large. There were quite a few wounds that were impossible to block effectively. The little guy shuffled back and forth while moving the silver moon to block. He was so tired that sweat flowed profusely.

So far, the people of Wolf Village all clearly saw that their chief, Bei Liqing was using this vicious bird to hold this child in place. Sooner or later, he’ll grow weary and would decide to resort to a simpler method to kill.

“Chief didn’t you just say you wanted to let this child go?”

“I was only scared of him running away, and wasn’t serious. Only after knowing that he cares so much can we deal with him. With a potential this large, if this child grows up, what will happen then… Naturally, we have to kill him with all our might right now.

The dense, iron arrows flashed with a cold light and created whooshing sounds as they passed by. Each one of them was extremely thick with huge force behind it. The eight or nine huge trees in front of the Green Scaled Eagle were all broken apart.

The little guy was coping with his fatigue. He gritted his teeth and activated two silver disked silver moons, but it was still hard to protect the Green Scaled Eagle.


The iron arrows penetrated into the wounds and brought with it a huge chunk of meat, causing great pain to the Archaic Devil Bird Descendant. Its body lightly shook as its eyes held anger and grief. Right now, it could not budge at all; otherwise, on an ordinary day, how could these people even dare to approach it.

Dang, dang…

The arrows were as dense as rain, and the little guy blocked with all his effort. But it still wasn’t enough, and the Green Scaled Eagle had already been pierced by twenty arrows on its wounds. All of them deeply entered within its body and blood gushed out.

“Aunt Green Scaled Eagle!” The little guy was grieving. With a sobbing tone, he had tears welling up in his eyes. He was nearing his limit.


An iron arrow penetrated a branch and almost tacitly penetrated the little guy’s heart. He reacted extremely quickly and instantly sidestepped. However, it still struck the muscles in his little arm and blood sprayed out.

“Aiya!” The little guy painfully screamed. This was the first time in his life that he suffered such a heavy arrow wound.

Not far away, Wolf Village hunting squad’s captain, Bei Shan, sneered. It was precisely his arrow that pierced the little guy’s arm. His complexion was pale since not too long ago as his belly was cut open by the silver moon. He armed his bow once again and hid inside a brush to start a new round of ruthless killing. He did not care about the Green Scaled Eagle, and only aimed for the little guy’s heart or throat.

The little guy was hurting so much that his little face whitened. He tore off a strip of his small clothing to bind his wound. Symbols also circulated on his body to stop his wounds from bleeding even more.

In these moments, the Green Scaled Eagle suffered another ten arrow shots. His wounds were almost shot rotten. The little guy was weeping because he couldn’t repeatedly guard it. He shouted, “I’ll stake my life against you guys!”

He rapidly dashed forward and activated two disked silver moons. No matter what, he needed to kill those people who were unceasingly shooting those iron arrows.

Living in this huge desolate land, the Wolf Village’s arrow techniques were shockingly powerful. Over a hundred people simultaneously aimed in the same direction, and all the arrows were concentrated as they flew together, making it seem as if a huge iron hammer was striking at the little guy’s body. Even though he used the silver moon to block in front of him, he still spurted out blood and was blown away.

“Shoot him dead!”

The Wolf Village chief, Bei Liqing’s eyes were cold and he lost his smile a long time ago. He ordered everyone to fire their arrows straight at the airborne little guy.


The little guy shouted loudly. Two disked silver moons rotated around his body. Clink Clank, the sheet of arrows all snapped. The broken arrowheads all piled up, emitting their ice cold light.

However, his little legs suffered another shot. Fresh blood dyed his legs red. He let out a soft and immature voice and tried to resist. He looked back at the Green Scaled Eagle on the ground and hurriedly staggered forward, rushing towards the group from the Wolf Village.

The silver moons were dazzling, and like blades, the two disks shot out. Blood splashed everywhere as he frantically killed and beheaded. Seventeen or eighteen Wolf Villagers collapsed during the bloodbath, causing an alarming array of chaos.

“Continue to shoot that Green Scaled Eagle to death. Don’t be lenient this time, nail it down!” The chief of the Wolf Village, Bei Liqing commanded.

Wuwu…. Ear-splitting whistles came through and a sheet of iron arrows flew towards the Green Scaled Eagle. The situation was now extremely dire.

The little guy’s large eyes were thoroughly red. Tears already dripped all over his little face. He felt completely powerless. If he did not go back to help, the Green Scaled Eagle would most likely die. However, if he turned around, he would walk back into the difficult situation and would tire out sooner or later and be shot dead.

“You guys… are all evil people!” This was the lament of an innocent child.

“Bei Liqing, you piece of shameless dog shit. You scheme like this against a child, are you still a person?!” A loud shout echoed through.

At the same time, arrows as dense as locusts and flying spears like meteors all densely dropped down. Blood-curdling screams came from the direction where the Wolf Villagers were.

The reinforcements from Stone Village lead by the chief Shi Yunfeng finally arrived. Shi Linghu, Shi Feijiao and the others also came and were all furious as they fired arrows with their killing intent non-stop.

Chirp Chirp…..

Da Peng, Xiao Qing and Zi Yun fluttered their wings and quickly closed the distance. Although they could not really fly, their speed was still extremely quick. They pounced towards the Green Scaled Eagle and were all saddened.

The three hatchlings all threw themselves onto a wound and used their own bodies to block the arrows. Wailing non-stop, they rubbed their heads against their mother’s body, and they cried and wept as blood flowed.

The iron arrows from the Wolf Village whistled over and knocked on their scales with a clanking noise. However, they were still young, and their scales were not that hard yet and bloodstains started to appear.

“You sons of b*tches from the Wolf Village, go to hell!” Shi Linghu angrily roared.

“Counterattack, but do not kill those three hatchlings. Bring them back alive, those birds will one day belong to the Guardian Spirit” The Wolf Village’s chief’s eyes shone red hot. He stared at those three hatchlings, and wanted to grab them right away.

A bloody battle started and spears danced through the air as broadswords beheading one after another. Both sides charged right at each other in intense close combat.

“Grandpa Chief!” The little guy loudly shouted.

A group of adults saw that one of the little guy’s arms as well as one of his legs were penetrated by an iron arrow. Fresh blood flowed, making them all feel sorry. This incited their anger and killing intent.

“Don’t be scared, child!”

“There is nothing wrong with me, grandpa chief quickly save aunt Green Scaled Eagle.” The little guy wiped away a bunch of his tears, then loudly shouted and charged towards the people of Wolf Village. The silver moon flew about, and blood blossomed in the air. Seven or eight people let out blood-curdling screams as severed arms flew out horizontally, covering the entire area in blood.

“Bei Liqing, you’re just a lone wolf. Don’t tell me you are going to break the rules in this desolate land. We don’t bother each other in our survival and neighboring villages will not do battle. What do you want to do?” Chief Shi Yunfeng angrily shouted.

Naturally, although he was saying this, he already gave his command. This time, they definitely won’t be as kind and would kill them all without pardon, fighting to the end.

“Don’t blame me, the Suan Ni’s precious body and the Mythic Flaming Devil Bull’s horn are all priceless treasures. Whose heart wouldn’t jump out at this? Also our clan’s Guardian Spirit will be making a breakthrough soon and needs large amounts of true blood.

“What, their Guardian Spirit is making a breakthrough?” Shi Yunfeng was shocked and his eyes went half blind as symbols faintly appeared on one arm. He made a rapid movement, took out his jade pot and poured out his medicine to help the Green Scaled Eagle detoxify.

The little guy’s eyes were completely red from killing. At this time, there wasn’t anyone from the Wolf Village around him. The ground was covered in severed arms, and there were roughly twenty individuals hacked apart by the silver moon.

Suddenly, a sheet of splendid light rushed over from a bunch of shrubs, enveloping the little guy. Pu pu sound echoed through, and six or seven people from Stone Village were penetrated as fell into their own pools of blood, painfully rolling back and forth.


Although the little guy used his silver moon to block, his shoulders were still scraped. A streak of terrifying blood appeared as his blood spewed everywhere.

“Precious Artifact!” Some people cried out in alarm.

A youth with a pale complexion like a wolf kept hiding in the middle of the vegetation. He was waiting for the perfect moment to try killing the little guy. One of the light rays practically pierced his throat.

It was actually Bei Feng, who was defeated by Shi Hao not long ago and had his bones broken by the people of Stone Village. That genius didn’t even fully recover, yet but he was still calm as kept his gloomy and cold expression.

“You’re not the only ones with Precious Artifacts, I have one too.” Bei Feng did not even take a glimpse at those would were rolling around in the middle of their own blood. Hearing them yelling, he appeared indifferent and cold.

After that shower of light, it wrapped around his wrists and formed a beast tooth bracelet. Each tooth was a sparkling snow white, truly beautiful.

He did not understand the bone text yet he knew how to use precious artifacts. How could this be? It made people astonished.

“Elder Uncle!” The little guy was getting anxious, and supported those middle-aged men who were penetrated by the specks of light. Their injuries were extremely severe; their innards were all torn apart and they could die at any moment.


Bei Feng flicked his wrist and a rain of light flew out splendidly and beautifully, once again passing through the air like a meteor shower. Its killing power was extremely shocking.

“I detest myself for being too kind-hearted. I let you off last time. This time, I truly will not forgive you!” The little guy’s little face was full of determination and resolution.

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