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Chapter 29 – Relationships Spread Far and Wide

Chapter 29 – Relationships Spread Far and Wide

“Eternally respected, the first to arrive. Stolen powers, relationships spread far and wide.” 1 The chief spoke in a low voice as he looked towards the endless desolate lands while thinking about the ancient times.

“Grandpa chief, what does this mean, I don’t understand.” The little guy was very studious. His black jewel like eyes blinked, shining with a radiance of thirst.

Shi Yunfeng rubbed his head and said “In the far distant past, mankind had just started their legacy. They first built a tree in the middle of everything and then spread their roots outwards.”

The chief slowly explained from the start to reconcile the little guy’s doubts and told him everything he knew to make him yearn for it from the bottom of his heart. This was equivalent to “path of growth”.

Shi Yunfeng wasn’t actually too strong, but as a result of his instructive nature, he naturally said these things. Right now Shi Hao’s eyes showed precisely reflected this “path of growth”

“The true state of society naturally spread, and everyone had their own souls. A few intelligent species, especially their representatives, were taken care of extremely well by the heavens, gifting them a reincarnated body.”

“Grandpa chief, are you talking about those Ancient Symbols branded onto the bodies of Archaic Descendants in the form of imprints?” The little guy was quick-witted.

“You’re so smart.” The chief smiled and praised him.

“The ancient natives noticed this. During their barbaric battles with beasts, they slowly began to get the hang of the rules of heaven and earth. Through the remains of powerful creatures, they gradually understood a few simple divine abilities.

Consequently, the Bone Text was slowly developed like this. Mankind borrowed their powers and began to fumble around with the powers that dictated heaven and earth. Finally, from their weak state, they took small steps and eventually prospered.

“Unfortunately, the head seniors of the humans were still few and pitiful. The Archaic Beasts were too powerful. If one appeared, it only needed a wave of its hand to eliminate a few super large clans.”

Relatively speaking, mankind was still weak. Many other races were far more powerful as if they were Deities.

In fact, the ancient natives had a firm conviction and often prayed and sacrificed to these divine deities.

“Grandpa Chief, be a little more detailed.” The little guy was really thirsty for knowledge, wanting to learn more about those formidable and divine vicious beasts of the past.

“I only know so much, grandpa has only traveled 80000 li. Although this sounds like a lot, even the region we live in has several 80000 li at least. You need to travel at least several million Li before you reach the end of the world.

Shi Yunfeng spoke softly. The places he had been to weren’t few, but they were only a corner of an entire world. It was pointless to ask him about the mysteriousness of the outside end of the world, as those other huge worlds were entirely outside the realm of his comprehension.

“Learning a hundred thousand techniques is still inferior to walking a hundred thousand li. If you’re strong enough, you should explore the outer world by yourself. Grandpa is old, so I don’t have this opportunity and strength anymore.” Shi Yunfeng sighed.

“Grandpa, I know you’re suffering from internal injuries. In the future, I will promise that I’ll bring you the mythical Precious Heaven and Earth Medicines to cure your illness and bring you along to see the entire world.” The little guy said.

Shi Yunfeng showed a bit of agony, but he was also very happy. All his wrinkles scattered and he smiled “As long as you’re safe and grow up without a hitch, grandpa will be relieved of everything.”

In the past, he suffered from a strange internal injury and he needed a special medicine to cure it. However, even those huge clans with population of over several million might not have it available. Everything was easier said than done.

“Aowu, grandpa chief is lecturing again, quickly let’s come and listen.” A group of children clamored and shouted. Right now, they were all different from before, and the children no longer complained. They all had a greater desire for strength, and every time Shi Yunfeng would teach about the Bone Text, a group of children would all rush over to listen attentively.

Now, a few children already had already shown some initial signs of symbols on their body. Without a doubt, they would be able to tread upon this path in the future. They were determined to be stronger than their parents.

“You bunch of naughty monkeys, hurry up and sit down.” The chief smiled.

A light wind blew over. On a big, thick, and charred black willow tree, a single tender branch as sparkly as gems swung back and forth in the wind. A group of children circled around the elder’s body to listen to his lectures underneath the tree.

“To grasp the Bone Text is just like picking up a broadsword or arming a bow. But if you put these weapons down? Then your cultivated fundamentals still required you to have a strong body.

A few children were confused and another few had flashes of sudden insight.

“Bone Text is only a form, only a method. To truly make that power become yours is the true path. Otherwise, everything you learn is just duckweed. The only real way is to make yourself stronger.

“How do we achieve this?”

“You need to make the Bone Text become a part of your body, and your flesh and bones must become like those creatures blessed by the heavens in order to become one with the heaven and earth. Otherwise, an imitation will only be an imitation in the end, and it will be difficult to display genuine power.

The chief explained according to his ideas. The Bone Text was like your flesh and your hair. To truly make that power yours, you must make it a part of your body, and only then would it be considered true power.

“Chief, teach us quick.”

“Be patient, take your time.” Shi Yunfeng said.

In reality, using symbols takes one’s own life force. When the little guy was using his precious techniques, his consumption was tremendous. Continuously using such powerful techniques would harm one’s own body, weakening them overall.

Strictly speaking, it is not a bad thing to learn the bone text if they don’t succeed. If they do manage to learn it and they end up using it a lot during some special circumstance, it would gravely harm the body.

After hearing the chief explain, the children’s expressions all paled.

“Don’t be scared, just pay attention to it. As long as you’re not risking your life and limb to continuously use ancient precious techniques, then you’ll be fine. You guys aren’t like the little guy who grasped the obscure precious techniques. Also, even if you do lose a little bit of life force, you can always recover it later.

Not only the Bone Texts of Stone Village was like this, even the huge clans of the outside world were the same. To be somewhat successful, one must always be like this initially. To learn it, one must all experience this incident.

“The little guy’s already had a deep understanding of the Bone Text and we can learn from him about how he became like that.”

To actually gain understanding, and also after attaining certain levels of understanding, one’s cultivation practices have to change. The chief carried over a few bone books, and imparted to the little guy those last few symbols.

After this, the chief lectured every day and taught these children. He taught each of them differently according to what their strengths were.

Evidently, the little guy was a level above everyone else. Even if you put him in a huge clan in the outside world, his innate gifts would still leave people dumbstruck.

These days, the little guy was intoxicated. Every day he would listen attentively and study the bone book. A smile always hung on his little face and his eyes were almost becoming the shape of crescent moons.

At the beginning, one must use their own life and blood to cultivate the Bone Text to make them stronger. Only when the power truly takes shape and their understanding proceeded even more could they can reverse the flow of the power.

“To become one with the symbols, to change it into a multi colored splendor and to transform it into divine light, each of them must be like an everlasting furnace within every inch of your flesh. Refining of heavenly and earthly powers, drawing divine life force into body to completely transform your flesh and soul.”

This was the path that the little guy would undertake. He had already built a sturdy foundation that shocked everyone. His symbols had taken form a long time ago, and undergoing this transformation would not expend a great deal of effort from him.

After only a few days, the little had some extraordinary results.

After using his Precious Technique again, every inch of his blood and flesh emitted light. The symbols were vaguely visible like precious furnaces unceasingly supplying him with power.

This outcome left Shi Yunfeng stupefied. He knew that the little guy had a shocking powerful innate talent, but he was surprised once again.

This was but a few days, yet little Shi Hao had already succeeded in reversing the flow. If it was an ordinary person, it would have taken him several years. Even geniuses required several months.

“I predicted you would need two months, but after seeing this pace, you might only need one month, or perhaps even only twenty days.

Little Shi Hao’s performance was too stunning. A group of elders and children laughed to their heart’s content. Even Shi Linghu and Shi Feijiao and the others adults also cracked a smile, revealing their snow-white teeth and laughed non-stop.

“Maybe he could compare to an Archaic Vicious Beast’s offspring. Our Stone Village might be able to develop a person who could combat true Archaic Hou or a pure-blooded Pi Xiu.

“This was a child bestowed to us by the heavens. Naturally he would be extraordinary.”

Everyone was extremely happy and had a scrumptious banquet to celebrate on the same day. They had all kinds of different creature’s meat. The fragrance filled the air in the village, making people drool with desire.

“Don’t be too pleased with yourselves. At the ends of the earth, there are large super clans that are powerful beyond belief. In those advanced and prosperous territories, there has to be some heaven-defying geniuses.” The chief warned.

Naturally, whether it was praises or warning. No one said anything in front of the children, fearing the growth of the little guy would suffer.

During the next few days, Shi Hao advanced at a breakneck pace. Every inch of his flesh and blood were releasing sparkling light, becoming more and more like a god. Those symbols were transforming and recombining to thoroughly transform his entire body.

Shi Yunfeng was very excited and happy. If he kept continuing like this, perhaps he would not even need twenty days; in just half a month, he might succeed. At that time, he could undertake his baptism.

“Grandpa chief, what path would I take in the future?”

“The road is very long. Right now you are in the “Blood Transformation” period. You are a long way off in your walk on the path of self-discovery. Genuine experts would be reborn with divine bones and develop their own ancient imprints to utilize their own exclusive Ancient Precious Technique.

“It really makes people look forward to such things!” The little guy’s eyes were bright and grasped his own little fists.

Shi Yunfeng said “The ancient natives had already walked far along this road. This road is extremely long. When you are powerful enough, you could journey outside this piece of desolate land to take a look. There are things that I can’t teach you that you’ll have to experience for yourself in the outside world.”

When he talked about such things, chief Shi Yunfeng’s expression would shift. He touched around a shining white bone on his chest, and his entire body shivered.

“Eternally respected, the first to arrive. Stolen powers, relationships spread far and wide,” the little guy chanted, and gaped into the boundless desolate land. His gaze seemed to penetrate the endless mountain ranges and view a different heaven and earth filled with unlimited possibilities.

1. This paragraph gave us headaches to translate, so just think of it as something profound.

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