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Chapter 11 – Ancestral Inheritance

Chapter 11 – Ancestral Inheritance

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Outside the village, that seemingly metallic vicious bird was also shaken, and suddenly raised its head. Its eyes shot out lightning-like beams and vigilantly stared towards the altar.

The egg brushed by the tender green willow branch shined in a thousand splendid colors and was surrounded by a dense aura of light. In an instant, it looked like a divine object, bright, sparkly, and extremely shocking.

On the eggshell, the spots radiated light like small suns and emitted a strong burning sensation, as if an exuberant life force became more prominent. Furthermore, there were many mysterious patterns that appeared near the spots, and they looked like awe-inspiring divine serpents. The whole scene appeared as if a vermilion bird was bathing in fire.

That egg changed indescribably, and the mysterious patterns inter-weaved. After a short while, the entire egg was covered in a gorgeous pattern. Godly splendor flowed in all four directions.

“The life force in this egg just became many times more powerful, the ancient devil bird’s mark is recovering a lot in this particular offspring. If this egg hatches, the offspring’s strength will definitely far surpass the Green Scaled Eagle.” Chief Shi Yunfeng said shockingly.

This egg was a bit special, as it could potentially inherit many of the ancient devil bird’s imprint fragments. An ancestral inheritance phenomenon was taking place, and its bloodline would definitely be of an extremely high quality, far surpassing its parents’.

The scene of the old willow tree branch lightly brushing the egg caused people to be mind-blown! Did the willow tree find the egg special or was it due to some other mysterious force that caused the egg to mutate?

The entire village was shocked, and after looking at that splendid and shining egg, their eyes shone brightly. This was a rare war-bird, and its potential was limitless.

Outside the village, the Green Scaled Eagle covered in glistening scales perched on top of the huge rock. Both of its eyes staring intently, and didn’t dare to believe what was happening either.

It really wanted to rush into village to get a better look, but after seeing the old willow tree, it instinctively kept away and stayed outside to cry.

That lovely and jade-like willow branch no longer moved after displaying its lifelike movement of brushing the egg.

Clearly, its wasn’t that interested, it just merely brushed the egg.

The villagers all reveled, and only calmed down after a long while.

“Chief, do we keep this egg?” asked Shi Linhu. Right now, the villagers were all moved and full of passion. This was a magical and precious egg, and it would be a shame to let such an opportunity go.“

“Don’t you see the vicious bird outside the village? If we keep the egg, it will go crazy.” Shi Yunfeng frowned.

The old willow tree was very mysterious and powerful, constantly protecting the village and obstructing ferocious beasts from destroying the village. Stone Village was its domain, but it was only defending. It would never even move outside the village, let alone voluntarily attack something.

That Green Scaled Eagle didn’t dare enter, but it only needed to block the village exit to make Stone Village’s people feel tormented. After all, the villagers still needed to go hunt in the mountain range.

“Forget it, let’s return this egg to that big furry bird.” An elder said.

The villagers were all disappointed but there was no other way. The Green Scaled Eagle was too powerful. It was this region’s apex predator. If creatures that lived in the depth of the mountain range didn’t come out, it could definitely be considered the overlord.

A villager, careful and prudent, used the two ancestral artifacts as protection to deliver the three eggs to the village entrance. He laid it on the grass before quickly returning.

Right now, that mutated egg’s burning aura and radiance already dissipated and was no longer dazzling; however, the newly formed mysterious patterns never faded away, differentiating itself from the other two eggs and making it seem as if two different species of birds laid the eggs.

The Green Scaled Eagle flapped its wings, and let loose a violent gust of wind and threw itself over in an instant. Both wings spread, and suddenly protected all three eggs. Afterwards, it stared intently at that striped, lustrous, sparkling, special egg.

After letting out a long hiss, this vicious bird seemed extremely excited. Its voice cracked the skies, trembled the fields and forests and left leaves fluttering wildly in the air.

After a long while, it raised its head and left a strange look in its eyes, its fearful radiance had long vanished and stared at the old willow tree in the village but didn’t dare take half a step inside the village.

“Hurry up and leave with your eggs already.” A few adults shouted, as if chasing away an epidemic.

However, beyond all expectation, the Green Scaled Eagle spread its wings, and after flapping furiously, released a violent gust of wind that pushed the three eggs back into the village towards the willow tree.

“What, it doesn’t want them, it’s giving them to us?” Everyone stood there in stupor. What was going on? Strange things were happening one after the other.

“It saw a mutated egg covered in dense mysterious symbols, in the future the offspring will far surpass it. It wants to offer it to us as a sacrifice and wants us to raise it.” Chief Shi Yunfeng said.

“It had these sort of thoughts?” A group of people were amazed.

“Don’t forget, this is a vicious bird that condensed mysterious symbols within its body, and it possesses an overflowing mysterious power within its bones. Its wisdom should not be lower than that of a human’s.” The old chief spoke.

The more formidable and unique the vicious bird was, the more wisdom it would possess. Legend has it that there were some Archaic beings with intelligence that were vastly superior to a human’s. They overlooked various tribes as if they were deities.

The village chief loudly inquired whether or not it really wanted to leave its descendants here. That Green Scaled Eagle actually nodded its head in response, and with its gaze flickering, it looked towards those three eggs before once again glancing at that old willow tree.


After creating a violent gale, the Green Scaled Eagle spread both its wings that spanned roughly fifteen or sixteen meters and rushed into the air. In the blink of an eye, It disappeared into the clouds.

Everyone was stupefied; it left just like this? There were three sparkling and translucent eggs left on the ground, and no one had expected that things would end up this way.

“Uncle Linhu, what should we do now?” Er Meng asked.

“What to do? This situation was caused by you kids, so you little brats need to take responsibility!” Shi Linhu scowled.

“Ah, no! Save us!” The group of kids began to miserably shriek.

The three eggs were beside the great willow tree altar. Some people were assigned to protect them and to quietly wait until the birds hatched. After all, these were the eggs of a powerful vicious bird, and they were extremely precious.

After roughly a dozen days, a clear kacha sound rang out, and a crack appeared on one of the eggs. The jade colored shell split open, and from inside tumbled out a little guy covered in green flashing scales.

Following that, another egg also began to crack open, and what struggled out was a similarly another little guy. It stuck its head out and looked around, eyes bright while examining its surroundings.

The third egg was extremely special, and when the egg began to crack open, rays of multicolored light shot in all directions. Afterwards, a chirp rang out, and the solid egg was suddenly completely smashed open into fine powder, and the hatchling possessed a divine splendor.

A young hatchling appeared, and its body did not have any green scales, but rather purple scales. Light sparkled all around its body, as if a ball of fire was currently burning. It was quite a bit more mystical and mysterious than its two brothers.

After a long while, the purple ball of light dissipated, this spiritually astonishing hatchling was shrouded in brilliant purple scales, vivacious large eyes as if they could speak, curiously looked at everyone. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this was an extraordinary bird.

“They hatched!” A group of children cheered, ran home, and took some meat to feed the three new hatchlings.

Suddenly, a long bird cry sounded. A huge vicious bird dove down from above the clouds, rapidly approaching Stone Village and casting a large shadow.

“Yi, it disappeared for half a month, and now the Green Scaled Eagle returned once again! Is it going to break its promise and take back its children?” Some villagers cried out in surprise.

“Wrong, what’s that?” People were shocked showed amazement in with their eyes.

Hong! Dust flew up into the air, the Green Scaled Hawk loosened its claws, and a colossal monster smashed into the ground creating a huge crater. Earth, smoke and dust all flew outwards.

This was a huge Dragon Horned Elephant, 67 meters long and 56 meters tall. The pair of dragon horns gave off a splendid light, and the extremely heavy body easily snapped the ancient trees that reached into the skies. It had been dead for a while already, and its huge skull already had several claw marks embedded into them. Blood was rushing out; it must have been killed almost instantly.

“Green Scaled Eagle what do you want us to do? Is it actually to feed the three hatchlings? You really are like a human, full of mighty wisdom!” The villagers gasped in admiration.

After a short cry, a violent wind erupted and roiled up the huge branches and leaves. The Green Scaled Eagle once again soared towards the heavens.

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