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Chapter 12 – Mysterious Bone Scripture

Chapter 12 – Mysterious Bone Scripture

The villagers could no longer contain their happiness and laughter. This was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise. No one could have thought that the Green Scaled Eagle would deliver them a fierce beast. These types of vicious birds were all intelligent and wise.

In the following days, the Green Scaled Eagle unceasingly presented them with fierce beasts. From flying pythons to gigantic elephants, all kinds of fierce beasts from the mountain range were delivered.

After only a month, the three little tykes fattened up like balloons. They were almost two meters long, and their food consumption was also extremely shocking, increasing day by day.

“The eldest is called Da Peng, the second is called Xiao Qing, the youngest, Zi Yun1.” These were the three names given to them by the children.

Needless to say, these three Green Scaled Eagle were all very intelligent, extraordinarily magical, and they all excelled at understanding human nature. No matter what was said to them, they would understand; the only difference was that they simply couldn’t speak the language of humans.

Especially the youngest, Zi Yun, as it was the most intelligent. At the same time, it was also particularly powerful. After just reaching one meter long, it decided to flap its wings and run out the village. It came back after shredding a few tiger wolves, leaving the villagers stupefied.

“Little Zi, come quick.” Shi Hao ran in front. Zi Yun eagerly chased from behind. This made all the other children very envious. This mystical sparrow was extra amiable towards the little guy.

“Chirp, Chirp!” Zi Yun ran towards the front, using a scaly wing to help the little guy massage his back. It’s very hard to associate this with the behavior of a vicious Green Scaled Eagle.

“What a suck-up, isn’t it just because the little guy is teaching you Bone Text?!” A group of kids angrily pouted.

The little guy took another approach, and insisted on teaching the three Green Scaled Eagles the Bone Text researched by humans. This mutated Zi Yun was actually very enthusiastic in learning; it was smarter than humans and gradually became increasingly close.


The little guy raised his arms, and the symbols on them lit up. Both arms were covered densely in a net-like pattern, and they were brilliant and resplendent. After pointing in a direction, a small scarlet sparrow flew toward a large tree trunk and instantly burned it.

Pa, Pa!

Zi Yun used both wings to clap, letting out a Pa sound, as if it was applauding. A pair of large vivid eyes blinked, incessantly chirping and expressing his excitement.

“Wa, this little bird is so refined. Only a month old, and it knows this much already. Much stronger than a month old human. ” A group of kids shouted.

Kengchi kengchi. The other two Green Scaled Eagles Da Peng and Xiao Qing also ran close, head-butting the little guy. Wise vicious beasts thirsted for power much more than humans, especially after learning that these Bone Texts could help accelerate their growth.

In these past few days, the little guy Shi Hao also gained a lot. Because the Green Scaled Eagles were a descendent of the Archaic beasts, their bodies naturally contained tons of precious bones and shockingly powerful mysterious symbols. He was constantly observing them.

These ancient and precious bones gave birth to powerful and mysterious patterns exclusive to one type of species. The stronger the archaic descendants were, the stronger their desire to hoard the power of their own mysterious symbols became as well. Otherwise, others would use all their strength to try and gain these powers. These three hatchlings were special, and they were raised by the villagers, so they were much rarer than primitive mysterious symbols. Their symbols far surpassed that of an ordinary human-researched bone text, and to not spread out the secret, they were only called treasured symbols.

It’s possible that these types of mysterious symbols were comparable to a strong man-made bone scripture, but all creatures with natural-born mysterious symbols were extraordinary.

Stone Village’s two ancestral artifacts were both made from the carcasses of two super high-leveled archaic descendants. Only after undergoing some polishing and smelting did they become the treasures they are now.

During this period, Shi Hao always hung out with the three hatchlings and was able to break through a few barriers. Chief Shi Yunfeng was also very happy that they were always together.

Especially Zi Yun, as he underwent the phenomenon of Ancestral Inheritance. Even if it only inherited a small part of the original Archaic devil bird’s imprint, it was still extremely terrifying and had an astonishing amount of prospect. The mysterious symbols in its body would definitely be worthy enough to be called a “Mysterious Bone Scripture.”

If this news got out, this would definitely arouse the other tribes’ temptations.

At dawn, a red sun rose from within the fog, and a soft and comforting light spread out. The mist in the mountains began to develop a red hue as it flowed ever so slowly.

The air was very fresh, and dewdrops tumbled along the grass and vines. A group of robust males were planning to once again leave Stone Village to go hunting.

“Uncle, you have to be careful in the mountains.” The little guy Shi Hao was leading the three hatchlings in making noise as he eagerly ran to send them off. He raised his little face that had two bright eyes, and sent his regards to them one by one. He went to bed early and rose up early as well.

The group of male at the prime of their lives laughed heartily. They came towards him and pinched his little face that was blushing like a big apple before heading off towards the mountains with big steps.

“Little Zi let me see again, what exactly is happening with the mysterious symbols forming within your body. I still don’t really understand.”

After the event, the little guy extended his white and tender hands and intimately embraced Zi Yun’s neck. It made it rather relaxed, exposing the treasured bone’s imprints so that he could easily look around.

“Chirp, Chirp….” Da Peng was a bit discontent, and so it scooted over while head-butted his palm.

“Da Peng stop that, I’ll examine your mysterious symbols afterwards, Xiao Qing I’ll help you catch a fish later as well. Don’t disturb us right now.” The little guy embraced their necks in a similar fashion to appease them.

In reality, the three hatchlings were a head taller than Shi Hao right now. Whether it was the past or present, he was always the little guy in the village.

“WOW, so this is how it works, it’s so complicated similar to constellations.” The little guy looked at the mysterious symbols that appeared on the surface of Zi Yun’s treasured bone. His eyes were wide open and he finally understood much more.

“Chirp chirp!”

Da Peng and Xiao Qing were also quite curious and looked at the mysterious symbols on their brother’s body. Their eyes never blinked, and it was almost like they wanted to memorize and work hard to digest all the information in their head.

“Da Peng, Xiao Qing, let me look at your treasured symbols.” The little guy turned around and put his attention on the other two Green Scaled Eagle.

He unceasingly felt about while making contact with their treasured bones. Sparkling light emerged and mysterious symbols formed, and even their scales were adorned in a splendid fashion.

The little guy pondered deeply, perfecting what he acquired over many days and then shut his eyes and muttered: “So it’s like this, complicated mysterious patterns interweaved like so. Evolving and shining, the mysterious strength would emerge forth…..”


The little guy’s left hand lit up a bit, and a glistening crescent moon rushed out and rapidly flew towards the distance. It snapped a towering tree right in half, and the tree fell to the floor, rumbling and filling the air with dust.

“Wa! The little guy, he succeeded. He succeeded in studying the Green Scaled Eagle’s innate skills. That’s their treasured symbol right there, so strong!” Not far away, a group of kids saw and were instantly alarmed.

“Stop talking!” The chief appeared. Naturally all this commotion made him appear, and had to shut all the kids up so that they did not disturb Shi Hao who had gained a sudden insight and was currently pondering.

“Little Zi, let me see again. I pretty much understood the imprints from Da Peng and Xiao Qing.” Shi Hao held Zi Yun’s neck, eyes bright as if he suddenly understood so much more.

Zi Yun let out a long chirp and his revealed his brilliant splendor on his body appearing divine. Although it was still young, it already gave off an atmosphere that was high and mighty, moving the hearts of the villagers.

Mysterious and complicated, the ever-changing mysterious symbols on the surface made its purple scales appear sparkling and translucent. It was extremely magnificent!

The little guy’s eyes shined brightly, and as if they were shining jewels, he stared at the treasured symbols. After a long while, he raised an arm. A burning light was moving on his arm and rushed into his palm before shooting out.


That light shot out like an unsheathed sword and made a metallic sound. A divine and bright disked moon flew out. It was embedded in a huge 56 meter tall boulder as it spun in place. Kacha! That huge boulder was instantly cut in half.

The cut was smooth, and after a rumble, the top half of the boulder weighing over a thousand jin fell to the floor. Rubble flew up and dust rose.

In the distance, the group of people who were watching became petrified. How strong was this power? A bright disk-like moon was able to chop straight through a boulder that was as hard as metal, completely startling everyone.

“Such an incredibly strong mysterious symbol! This purple hatchling indeed inherited the archaic devil bird’s imprint fragments, once again proving that fact.” Chief Shi Yunfeng emotionally said. “The little guy really is formidable. After only a month, he was unexpectedly able to feel out this ancient treasured symbols’ secrets, how shockingly talented”

Zi Yun, Da Peng and Xiao Qing were all surprised. They were all young, and still couldn’t activate their innate symbols’ strength yet. They were all excited after seeing the result.

“Grandpa chief, I think I understand.” The little guy’s eyes lit up and happily yelled out.

Shi Yunfeng quickly came over, complimenting and said: “The primitive symbols you just used, it absolutely could be called ‘Mysterious Bone Scripture’. It is extremely rare and powerful beyond belief. Don’t use it unless you absolutely have to.”

The little guy blinked his big eyes before scratching his head and asking, “How strong can it be? It’s not even perfect yet, I feel like a tree and a palace should appear on that disk-like moon, but I can’t do that yet.”

“At the very least, right now you should be as strong as your uncle Linghu and Feijiao, ‘Mysterious Bone Scripture’ was a treasure that all tribes absolutely desired.” The chief solemnly said.

The little guy acknowledged it and consciously nodded, and then giggled innocently. Today, he trained relentlessly and was a step closer to perfection. Even the chief was in admiration, unable to be of any help.

At sundown, the horizon was doused in red, and the group of hunters returned. There weren’t that much prey and there were also people being carried home.

“What’s going on, what happened?” The villagers rushed out nervously.

“Relax, no one lost their life, but Pi Hou’s father suffered heavy injuries. He was shot near the liver by an arrow. ” Shi Linghu showed an ugly face.

“How’d this happen?” A few elders appeared and inquired.

“It was caused by the Wolf Village ten li 2 out. We haven’t seen a trace of them in half a year. We don’t know the reason why, but they came into our hunting area and fought over our prey and almost shot Pi Hou’s father dead.”

1. The literal definitions of the names are Big Peng (Chinese Mythical Creature), Little Green and Violet Cloud.

2. 1 Li = 500 meters, 1 Jin = 500 grams.

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