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Chapter 10 – Ancestral Artifact

Chapter 10 – Ancestral Artifact

This was an ancient item condensed from the precious remains of ancient and powerful vicious beasts, and the bone texts grasped by the humans were precisely developed from these rare and precious bones, and it was the root of the mysterious power.

The arm of the vicious beast fused with the arm of Shi Linhu’s, causing a bright light to be emitted.

As a result of this, his power increased sharply, and his body which was previously two meters unexpectedly raised to three meters. He became quite a big stronger, and his entire body was surrounded by slips of lightning like light beams. His blood qi was astonishing.

Although the Green Scaled Eagle was terrified of the air released by that beast bone, deep within, it was unwilling to resign. The black bird beak that was similar to a curved blade assembled a bright luster, the symbol became more and more powerful, and it was getting ready to attack.

This type of mysterious power was accumulating at the bird’s beak, and it became increasingly brighter, causing all the other birds and animals at the mountain to shake with fear.

“Feijiao, you come as well!” Chief Shi Yunfeng ordered another strong male villager to use the second Ancestral Artifact.

Shi Feijiao was exceptionally strong, and he threw the big wolf-toothed club from his hand using his mysterious power. His chest suddenly lit up with the light from the bone text, and the light flickered as though they were shining stars. He quickly retrieved an old and bloodstained beast hide from his bosom and fiercely pressed it onto his chest.


A fierce aura spread out, terrifying all the nearby living animals as if an archaic beast descended nearby, and even the Green Scaled Eagle in the air became terrified. It once again halted its dive and displayed a hint of nervousness from within its eyes.

Shi Feijiao’s chest flickered with light, and that old piece of ancient beast hide fused into his chest, becoming a part of his skin. Emitted a formidable life force, and started to release a bright radiance before a mysterious symbol finally appeared.

A faintly discernible beast head appeared from that symbol as if trying to free itself from that symbol.

Another face seemed to have appeared on Shi Feijiao’s chest. With the Ancient beast hide embedded in his flesh, the text slowly started to take shape and a figure of a vicious beast appeared.

An majestic force pressured and engulfed the entire mountain forest, stunning many people!

This was precisely the Stone Village’s other ancestral artifact, a piece of ancient beast hide. It wasn’t clear which era this beast hide was from, but it was still evidently shed from the body of an Archaic beast and was also able to form a rare and powerful text.

The bone text that mankind possessed was mostly copied from the precious bones of vicious beasts, but it didn’t mean that all vicious beasts had their mysterious powers embedded into their bones. Some had it embedded on their skin, and there were even some in their heart.

The light on Shi Fei Jiao’s body grew more and more radiant, making him look like he was ablaze and resplendent all over. From his chest, a beast howled like thunder, causing the entire mountain forest to shake and create landslides.

This wasn’t an ordinary bone text that mankind simply copied and later developed, but rather an original source of precious beast hide. It was extremely powerful.

An ordinary village couldn’t possible have this, let alone having two ancestral artifacts. It was quite evident that there was a period of time when Stone Village was quite great.

Shi Linghu and Shi Feijiao stood shoulder to shoulder and looked towards the sky at the vicious bird before releasing all the strength of the ancestral artifact. A violent stream of air blasted towards the sky.

The bushes and brambles nearby were all blown away in front of their eyes.

The cold eyes of the Green Scaled Eagle was bewildered. It did not dare approach any closer and appeared to be frozen in fear. Both parties faced each other, and there was a short period of serenity.

“Ao, the village head arrived, uncle Linghu came to save us!” A few children poked their head out from within the deep cave and began to cheer.

“Let’s go, village head and uncle came to take us home.”

Within the stone cave, children came running out like a swarm of bees and ran towards the adults. Even now, Shi Ling Hu and Shi Fei Jiao relied on the ancestral artifacts to provide support as the children and adults quickly came together.

“Children, nothing bad happened, right?” A bunch of adults came rushing, and came and held their own children, and rotated them around for inspection fearing any injuries that might have occurred.

“It’s nothing, we’re all good, and there are only a few scratches on some of us.” The children responded.

“It’s good that nothing happened.” The eager adults finally calmed down, and immediately with their palms, spanked all their kids’ bottoms.

“OWW!! It HURTS!! Why are you hurting us? Didn’t you just care about us? Why did your face change so fast?” The children screamed.

A strong man said: “This is this and that is that. Since you’re not hurt, then there must be punishment. You guys didn’t even grow any hair yet and you dare to provoke a demon bird. If I don’t spank your butts rotten, then I can’t be considered your father!”

The hostile Green Scaled Eagle was in mid-air as it revealed a hint of ominous aura. However, it never dove down, and rather vigilantly staying there without taking any immediate action.

Village chief Shi Yunfeng shouted, “Let’s hurry up and leave. Linghu and Feijiao’s understanding of the bone text isn’t too profound and can’t use the ancestral artifacts to their full effect. Let’s take advantage of the current situation and return.” He himself secretly had a disease and was not suitable for big battles.

All the children were found and nothing unexpected happened to anyone; this is the best news. A group of adults held large clubs and armed their huge gigantic bows while carefully returning to the village with their children in the middle.

“WOW! Uncle Linghu you’re so awesome, all these years Grandpa Chief always experimented on you guys, and unexpectedly obtained such wonderful results. You’re geniuses. ”

“It’s true! And also, Uncle Feijiao, what kind of weapons are you using? Why haven’t we seen this before? Is it because you have to understand the bone text to be able to use it? Uncle, you guys are so majestic and powerful.”

On the path of retreat, the kids ignored the vicious bird in mid-air. Taking advantage and flattering the adults in fear of being further reprimanded upon returning.

“Less smooth-talking, turn around and you’ll be cut!” Pihou’s father eyes widened.

The Green Scaled Eagle followed on the entire way back until it saw the old willow tree near the village and it didn’t dare continue further. It circled them in mid-air and cried out angrily.

Everyone finally let out a sigh of relief. After being followed by the tyrannical descendant of a Archaic devil bird, their hearts were always tight because if they messed up even a little bit, many people would have died.

“This time we used the ancestral artifacts, hopefully, this doesn’t result in some complications.” The village chief said.

“It’s okay chief, who would pass through this wild and mountainous region? No one could have saw that.” Shi Linghu said.

“Hopefully it’s as you say, the stuff we inherited from our ancestors had been gathering dust for a long time. It would be great if no unforeseeable incidents arrived because of this.” Shi Yunfeng said lightly.

The anticipated bloodbath did not occur, and they safely returned to the village. The devil bird’s descendant was still in mid-air, crying out sharply enough to split rocks.

After entering the village, everyone started jumping around, and the women rushed forward and immediately embraced their own children. After receiving the news not long along, they couldn’t stop feeling apprehensive and the men immediately started finding planks, preparing to beat up these naughty rascals.

“You little brat, who told you to go cause trouble, stand there now!”

“Dad stop hitting me! I know I’m wrong!”

A group of children hurriedly scampered, and finally all escaped to the chief’s yard, and begged for his help to not let their parents punish them.

After arriving at the chief’s yard, the group of children were all angry with envy. The little guy didn’t receive any punishment at all. Instead, they discovered he was holding up a small bowl of milk and drinking out of it with a small wooden spoon.

“Wa, little guy, you’re drinking milk again. You’re three and half now.” A bigger kid said.

Yiya! The little guy was majorly embarrassed as he held his little bowl, and hid it away from the eyes of the bigger kids with his delicate white hands. His was flushed red and his eyelashes were trembling and said: “You’re just seeing things. I’m… actually… drinking water.”

“Haha!” The group of children exploded in laughter.

“We’re all being beaten up, how come you on the other hand have milk to drink?” Pi Hou inquisitively asked.

“It’s because I told Grandpa Chief a story and he thought it was good so he didn’t blame me at all. ” The little guy’s big eyes slowly shifted.

“What story?‘

“The story of Little Red.”

“Who’s Little Red?”

“Little Red is the the baby scarlet sparrow, I told you guys.” The little guy was clearly unhappy.

The group of kids rolled their eyes, hissing, “If the chief actually believed that then he’s naive, the Vermilion Bird was a myth even in the ancient times, how there there possibly be one right now, and even chased by you!”

“Wu, two years ago, there was an unknown Mountain Treasure that appeared in the depth of the mountain region. It drew in many tyrannical ancient species, causing an unimaginable battle. A scarlet flame swept across the sky, and we could see the faintly discernible traces of a ten day fire even from our village.” The chief came and said.

”Clearly, a fire beast hides in the depth of the mountain region, but it shouldn’t be a mythical vermilion bird since it’s not very realistic.” At this moment, Shi Linghu arrived as well.

“Two years ago, that battle was extremely frightening, yet we truly didn’t know what kind of gigantic and ancient beasts had arrived. One day late at night, I saw a towering man-like figure carrying a black stick, and with one step, it crossed a mountain ridge, but I didn’t clearly see its face.” Shi Feijiao sighed. ‘Til this day he’s still horrified by the scene.

The adults arrived. The group of children’s faces suddenly turned bitter, as the adults were here to pick them up after chasing them all the way to the chief’s place.

“Chief, we found a nest full of the Green Scaled Eagle’s eggs and took them so that we can raise archaic devil birds, perhaps in the future they can collaborate and protect our village. ”

“Right, in the future, our Stone Village could have flying war birds. These are three eggs from the descendant of an Archaic Devil Bird!”

The kids were all trying to show off as much as possible for the sake of receiving forgiveness.

“Do you know how much meat a single vicious bird consumes a day? Even for us, food is always a bit lacking, where do we find extra food to raise three huge monsters.”

“Ah!” The children frowned.

“Also, you think we’re done with this fiasco? Look outside the village. ” A village elder sighed.

The children stepped on a tall platform and peering outside the village in astonishment. That terrifying Green Scaled Eagle was perched on top of a huge rock. Its eyes were cold, and its green scales shined brilliantly as it guarded the outskirts of the village without any intent of leaving.

“This type of vicious bird is quite vengeful; you stole its eggs, how could it let such a thing go? In the future even hunting for our village will be difficult.” Shi Feijiao anxiously said.

The children’s faces turned white, knowing they caused a disaster.

“Yiya, let’s just return its eggs, the Green Scaled Eagle is quite pitiable without its eggs.” The little guy winked and quietly said.

“This eagle is really terrifying. If we don’t return its eggs, perhaps it will bother us to no end. Our village will never be at peace. Even if we have ancestral artifacts, it will be difficult to deal with as no one here can truly activate these priceless treasures’ true effects.”

The villagers decided try and deliver the eggs outside. If even that didn’t work out, then they would find another method.

Three big water basins were brought out, and each of them held a jade coloured egg. They were sparkling all over with a beautiful translucent radiance, and the mysterious symbols’ strength filled the air, appearing godlike.

Right when everyone had just left the courtyard and hadn’t even taken many steps, the altar near the chief’s house — that old black willow tree, suddenly trembled. A single branch clad in a divine green aura dipped down, and like a divine chain, it gently brushed the surface of an egg, instantly creating rays of radiating light!

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