Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 987 - Someone's going to die

Chapter 987: Someone’s going to die

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“Oh my god…”

Gong Xu’s pupils dilated. It was over. His beautiful face. Isn’t this too shameless? The first punch is directed at my face!

At that moment, a promise surfaced in Gong Xu’s mind. He said he would be responsible for his flower-like beauty. If his face was ruined, Ye-ge definitely wouldn’t want him anymore…

The moment Zhang Wei made the first move, excitement flashed through Jiaojiao’s eyes and she let out a cute snicker…

“Gong Xu!!!” Ye Mu Fan shouted loudly.

Luo Chen’s expression instantly changed. Everyone appeared panicked and was afraid.

If this punch connected, their movie wouldn’t be able to finish…

Right when Zhang Wei’s fist was half a palm away from Gong Xu, the sound of flesh colliding reverberated in the next second.

The little girl’s small open palm could be seen stopping Zhang Wei’s fist in midair…

How… how could that be…

Zhang Wei’s sardonic smile, which was still plastered on his face, stiffened as he stared at his own fist which wouldn’t budge.


How can this girl be so strong?

Zhang Wei wasn’t even able to react to the following “BANG” when he was suddenly dragged by his own hand and thrown away like a kite. His whole body flew and he hit a column hard. He was like a broken doll as he slid down to the ground…

“Huff–” Zhang Wei suddenly puked blood out.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at the little loli in the maid uniform who could throw such a burly man. This was practically a scene from a SFX film.

Gong Xu’s mouth formed an O-shape while Ye Mu Fan rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

“Cough cough cough cough…”

It was only when Zhang Wei coughed weakly before his lackeys finally reacted and hurriedly rushed over to Zhang Wei’s side.


“Boss, are you okay?!”

F***k! What kind of situation is this?! A little housemaid actually sent our boss flying with one move!

Everyone stared at the little girl with shock on their faces. Never had they imagined that a little girl could be so terrifying…

Zhang Wei held his chest, his expression darkening to the extreme. How… how could… I be beaten by a little girl?

How could I suffer such humiliation…

“Caputre… capture that damn brat for me! Everyone go!”

Even if she could fight, she was only one person!

“F***k! This b****h! Everyone together!”

All the lackeys arrogantly shouted and rushed towards Jiaojiao.

“Shua–” The man with the flower tattoo sent a punch towards the little loli.

The little loli lightly reached out and grabbed his elbow. In the next second…

“Ah ah ah…”

The filming location was filled with sounds of bones breaking and one of the columns even collapsed.

Ye Mu Fan watched as one person got beaten up after the other. At first, he was surprised but now, it was beginning to turn into fear…

Gong Xu was becoming even more afraid as he watched. “D… Damn… This little girl… No… Boss… Don’t fight… Don’t fight anymore… That’s enough! If you keep beating them up, someone’s going to die!”

The other party was incapable of hearing anything. In her current state, her eyes were red with excitement. She was like a horror film character that gave people goosebumps.

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